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Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman (Yes) discuss their collaborative album and tour – ‘’

Are there any plans to release a live CD and/or DVD of this tour?

John Anderson: Yes, we have a live CD. [It’s] just part one of the show; the second part will be from this current USA tour.

Rick Wakeman: Jon and I haven’t really discussed this, as the live album from the UK tour has only just been released. Personally, the next thing I’d like to see from Jon and myself is a DVD; one that is put together from a special one-off show in a special venue. I think we could do something very special. I’m sure Jon and I will chat about it on the tour. We chat all the time so the subject is bound to come up as to “what’s next!”

I’ve heard about an Anderson/Wakeman/Rabin collaboration album. Any news or comment on that? Why exactly do you want to do this project with each other?

RW: [I’m] waiting to hear from Trevor at the moment. To be fair, I certainly haven’t chased him, as I’ve been so busy this year (as indeed Jon has and certainly Trevor as well). I really want this to happen; I believe it could be amazing in so many ways. I will certainly play my part in trying to bring this to fruition.

JA: We’ve talked about creating a project; it’s just finding the right time to work together.

How did The Living Tree project come to be? What made you guys want to work together on a project (besides the obvious Yes connection).

JA: We had been touring in 2007 together and had so much fun, so last summer we talked about touring the UK in October of last year. [We] started writing songs to perform on stage together, [and] we eventually wrote enough songs for an album.

RW: Jon and I have talked about doing an album together for years (ever since we wrote “The Meeting” together, to be exact). We never, ever wanted to force the issue, though, as that is a mistake. True composition is inspirational and you can’t just bring that on. Too many albums these days have good sounds and good playing, but [they] lack in substance and compositional material. We didn’t want that to happen, so we were very, very picky about the music we used. A lot [of it] never made it to the recording studio, that’s for sure. We really made it work for me, and I think Jon as well, is the excitement we both had waiting to receive each other’s input as the music went back and forth. Because of the time change, it was not unusual for me to get up in the early hours of the morning to see what Jon had sent through!

How was the material written? How do the songs on The Living Tree differ from your solo work stylistically?

RW: I would go into my studio with my engineer, Erik Jordan, and literally think, “Jon Anderson.” I could see him in the studio and I could hear his voice constantly in my head, and from that, music evolved that I felt pretty confident that Jon would want to add melody, ideas, lyrics, and meaning to. The majority of the time, that’s exactly what the outcome was. We would then send the files to Jon and he would work on them and send them back. Then we’d do more work on our end and send them back again. This ping pong programme continued until each track had reached fulfillment. When I write for me, I think, “me.” I believe true composition can only be achieved if the mindset it correct. Therefore, it is important to think constantly about the goal you are trying to achieve.

JA: Rick would send me MP3s of music and I would sing melodies and lyrics and send them back for his thoughts. He sent this wonderful music, so it came very easy to sing ideas. It’s as though we were in the same studio (well, we are on the same planet). I think using the internet is so great. It was such fun to receive the music.

Will you be playing The Living Tree in its entirety? What about other songs? Can you discuss specific Yes or solo material that will also be included?

JA: We will perform most of the songs from The Living Tree plus Yes classics, including “Awaken.” It’s great to do the songs stripped down, [and] we might play the Paul Simon song “America.” We have a lot of fun on stage; Rick likes his jokes, so it’s a very relaxed evening [full] of fun and good music.

RW: No, but quite a lot of it! It’s a mixture of music that Jon and I have been involved with over the years. Of course, there’s some acoustic Yes stuff with very different arrangements (obviously). But they work very well and are very enjoyable to play.

In terms of that other material, how have the songs been reworked for this new tour?

RW: There are no rules on how to do this. It’s the pair of us in a room, working together and playing together and running through all the possibilities that could work. [We] then choose what we think is best for the song and the concert.

JA: For some reason, both the old and the new songs take on their own life, as though we wrote them all last month.

The press release says, “The duo promise a magical evening of music and humor for all who attend!” What kind of humor can attendees expect?

JA: We talk about how we wrote the songs, and sometimes Rick gets very “blue.” Rick does stand-up in the UK, so you never know what he’s gonna come out with.

RW: Stuff that makes them laugh, hopefully!!! We don’t rehearse what is said between pieces. I tend to interrupt Jon a lot and away we go. Jon has a wonderful sense of humour and the most infections laugh I think I’ve ever heard.

As a duo, you’re being billed as the “’Heart and Soul’ of Prog giants YES.” How do you respond to this assessment? Does it imply that your contributions were more important than the other members’?

JA: No, not really. I think they say that to show how important we were to the band’s creative process.

What do the other members of Yes think about your collaboration? Has there been any response from anyone?

JA:I don’t know what they think; we are not in touch anymore. That’s life.

Well thanks for taking the time to speak with me, guys. I’m a big fan.

RW: Sure, Jordan.

JA: Happy to do it.

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CIRCA: Featuring Former YES Members Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood Release New CD ‘And So On’

8/1/2011 – Los Angeles, CA – Prog fans across the globe are buzzing with excitement about the new CD release by CIRCA: featuring former YES members Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood. ‘And So On’ is the 4th release from the innovative progressive rock ensemble and currently available at the band’s official website Along with veteran YES rockers Tony Kaye (keyboards) and Billy Sherwood (guitar, vocals), CIRCA: features Johnny Bruhns on guitar and Ronnie Ciago on drums. “Although the album was not written as a concept record, the songs are somehow tied together and are all symbiotic,” Billy Sherwood explains, “it’s really just an evolution of CIRCA: music. This is our 3rd Studio release.”

The band was formed in 2007 by Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood. The debut self-titled CD, ‘CIRCA:’, also featured YES drummer Alan White and Jimmy Haun on guitar, with guest appearances by Michael Sherwood and Cole Coleman. The album includes two tracks based on material Billy Sherwood co-wrote with Trevor Rabin in 1995. A two-track download-only EP was previously available for a short period in the United States. The band’s debut live show was on August 23, 2007 in San Juan Capistrano, with a set that included an extended instrumental medley of Yes tunes. A DVD of this show was released as ‘CIRCA: Live’ in February 2008. A few North American dates followed in early 2008, with Jay Schellen, a previous collaborator of Sherwood’s and Kaye’s, filling in for White on one date.

In July 2008, Jay Schellen permanently replaced Alan White, who chose to focus on his work in Yes. The new line-up recorded an album ‘CIRCA: HQ’ in the latter half of 2008, and was released on January 14, 2009. Early 2011 saw a band change, with guitarist Johnny Bruhns replacing Jimmy Haun and Ronnie Ciago replacing Jay Schellen, who wanted to focus on work with Asia Featuring John Payne. CIRCA’s next release ‘Overflow’ is a collection of extra bonus material from the first and second recording sessions, available only as a digital download via iTunes. And now in 2011, after years of anticipation from fans of the band around the world, the new CIRCA: CD ‘And So On’ is available! In support of the new CD release, plans to tour are in the works.

“There are plans to get out there and do shows,” says Billy, “we are heading to Mexico to play Mexicali and Ensenada in September and some Southern California dates to follow… it’s early going but we are working hard to get the band on the road.” Stay tuned via CIRCA’s official website for any updates regarding live shows.

“CIRCA: would like to thank all the fans who have followed us from the start, along the way… and now into the future!”

Please visit the online store at and for Billy Sherwood solo works visit where his forthcoming 5th solo CD titled ‘What Was The Question?’ is due out August of 2011.

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR,

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‘Ex-Yes Frontman Jon Anderson Opens Up About Getting Fired’ – Rolling Stone

Ex-Yes Frontman Jon Anderson Opens Up About Getting Fired As the band gets ready to release a new album and go on tour, Anderson is still bitter about how he was treated

*This article was originally posted By ANDY GREENE on JULY 6, 2011 4:40 PM ET @

When Rolling Stone posted the new Yes song “We Can Fly” last month it didn’t just provide fans of the legendary prog band the first glimpse into the band’s new album – it also allowed former lead singer Jon Anderson to check out what his band has done in his absence. “I wasn’t really convinced,” he tells Rolling Stone. “The new singer is singing good, but it sounded a bit dated to me. Also, the production wasn’t as good as I expected. They’ve got a great producer with Trevor Horn, so what the hell are you doing?”

Yes Reunite With ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’ Producer Trevor Horn

Anderson has reason to be bitter. He co-founded the band in 1968 with bassist Chris Squire, and with the exception of 1980’s Drama he sang on every album. In 2008 – after illness kept him off the road for four years – Yes replaced him with Benoit David, an Anderson sound-alike who previously fronted the Yes tribute band Close to the Edge.

Nobody in the band called Anderson to tell him the news – he had to hear it from a friend. “They didn’t tell me anything,” he says. “They were just off and running. But what can you do? I was pissed off in the beginning, but then you say, ‘Oh well, the boys want to go on tour and be rock & rollers. Let them to do it.’ Now people come see me and I’m suddenly 30 years younger!”

Exclusive: Listen to ‘We Can Fly,’ the First Yes Single in 10 Years

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Jon Anderson on Being Booted From Yes: ‘Anger Isn’t There’ –

*Originally posted by Gary Graff, Detroit | July 11, 2011 5:00 EDT

Jon Anderson may no longer be in Yes, but he’s hardly wanting for creative endeavors.

The vocalist, who was bumped out of the band in 2008 after health problems sidelined him from a tour, has just released “Survival & Other Stories,” the first of three planned albums comprised of collaborations with musicians who answered a solicitation on Anderson’s website. Anderson is also working on a couple of “large scale” pieces along with new acoustic versions of Yes songs and an album with former Yes mates Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin.

Yes Guitarist Trevor Rabin Working on First Solo Album in 22 Years

“You open up a Pandora’s box of information, and there’s so much music,” Anderson tells He also adds that he’s feeling “really, really healthy. I’ve never been happier or healthier in my life. I just feel really good about everything I’m doing.” Continue reading

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