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So-Cal Indie Rockers The Grinns Release New Single “Conan O’Brien” From Forthcoming EP “Let’s Go Out”

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So-Cal Indie Rockers The Grinns Release New Single “Conan O’Brien” From Forthcoming EP “Let’s Go Out”

Indie garage band The Grinns will be releasing their new single “Conan O’Brien” on February 24th from their forthcoming EP “Let’s Go Out” (March 18).

Known for their live performances, The Grinns are the best band you’re about to hear about. Emerging out of the bustling indie garage scene of sunny Orange County CA, The Grinns have carved out a unique path for themselves. Initially embracers of styles typical to the surf rock / indie garage scene, The Grinns have always been pop musicians at their very core. Even after diverting in several stylistic directions, their music mentality has remained integral to their function as a group.

Composed of singer Joey Sci-Fi, guitarist Francisco Jorquiera, drummer Frederico Hadyka, and producers/multi-instrumentalists Ramtin Khoee & Mike Perry, The Grinns have no limits when it comes to the music they’ll create…

Whether you’re jumping off a stage, running from the police or sipping tea, this is music handcrafted for your moment, wherever you may be.

Let’s Go Out” EP:

A brash, slow-rolling groove of art-funk swagger. Letting go of your worries, surrendering to the music, letting the good times roll. Feeling on top of the world, feeling like a King/Queen. A party song.

An intense, driving statement-piece, bursting at the seams with jittery disco-pop. Caffeine, coca-cola, & anything else that is derived from the cocoa plant. About feeling so entranced, so enamored & in love with somebody, you don’t know what to do with yourself. If OUR HOUSE OUR RULES is the party, then EEYORE is the party-drug.

Fun, happy & confident. Like going outside & feeling like the coolest person to ever breathe. A road trip with your friends, wind in your hair, smiles-all-around type of way. Although the lyrics for this one are currently under construction, the overall theme involves the feeling of confidence & swagger when putting on new clothes & shopping. The thrift-shopper’s anthem. Feeling so awesome, you feel like Conan O’Brien.

A dark-ish & lowkey jam, pulsating with soft funk & drop-of-a-pin sensation. Sunglasses indoors. Rolled up cigarettes. You need to know the password to get in here, this club is the most exclusive in town. About feeling on-the-fence about a certain affair. Do we stay right here and keep it fun & casual, or do we take this to the next level, gamble it all for something even steamier. I don’t know the answer. That’s why I wrote this song.

In support of their new EP, The Grinns will be playing select tour dates in March.

3/11 – The Roxy – Los Angeles, CA
3/21 – Cornerstone – Berkley, CA
3/23 – Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
3/25 – Valley Bar – Phoenix, AZ
3/26 – Let’s Go Out EP Release Show – Soma – San Diego, CA


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