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Highly Anticipated Second CD Release By David Watt Besley Featuring Former Bon Jovi and Survivor Members Now Available

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Highly Anticipated Second CD Release By David Watt Besley Featuring Former Bon Jovi and Survivor Members Now Available

August 3, 2012 – St. Augustine, FL – One of the breakout CDs of 2012 was the debut release by David Watt Besley titled ‘Believe These Eyes’, which made a believer out of many listeners! Now, the highly anticipated second release by David Watt Besley titled ‘Hopeless Romantic’ is available! Featuring former Bon Jovi member Kurt Johnston and Barry Dunaway (Survivor/Yngwie Malmsteen/Pat Travers) along with Gove Scrivenor (Neal Young/John Prine/Dolly Parton/Hank Williams Jr) and a host of other top Northeast Florida musicians, David has created a unique sound on his new release. If you molded Cat Stevens and John Prine you would come up with David Watt Besley. Freelance writer Richard Wall says, “I really got the Cat Stevens influence, particularly in David’s singing style. But the songs have a newness to them; they are well written, telling his stories from the heart, along with some sterling accents on a solidly enjoyable musical foundation, which suits the material.”

Virginia-born singer/songwriter David Watt Besley currently resides in Saint Augustine, Florida. In the mid-seventies David was part of the band Saucer, who were one of the first US bands looked at by Virgin Records. In the late seventies David played bass and wrote music with the NorthStar Band, one of Washington, DC’s most influential music groups. In the early 1980s David toured with Bob Margolin (Muddy Waters). In 1986 he joined his brother Ed Pickett and formed The Seiners, based out of Jekyll Island, Georgia and toured the southeast. In the early ’90s David joined the group Those Guys (several times voted Saint Augustine’s #1 band). The band also included Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Skynrd) and Banner Thomas (Molly Hatchet). In 2009 he reformed Northstar with his brother Ed and signed a publishing deal with Shadow Mountain Music. In 2010 David put together The Big Lonesome, a group featuring some of David’s favorite local players and writers. During this time he also started a solo career simply called “DAVE”. Even though David loves to get together with Northstar and The Big Lonesome, he has found that his solo career is the most enjoyable – Dave and his music. Which leads to the release of his critically acclaimed 2011 debut CD ‘Believe These Eyes’; a CD that received praise from press and fans alike worldwide. And now, with his sophomore release ‘Hopeless Romantic’, recorded with longtime friend and co-producer Jim Stafford (Eclipse Recording Company), David hopes to bring his music to a larger audience.

“This is a collection of songs I have written over the years that I felt would go together well,” David explains. “Along with the special guest artists, I was real proud to have two of my lifelong friends record tracks on this CD, Chuck Caudill and Jim Miner, guys I played in bands with when I was 13. The covers I did were from two of my favorite writers and were both very big influences on my style of music. I have purposely tried to keep an acoustic feel on this release as I did on ‘Believe These Eyes’ I’m not trying to follow any fads, I am just trying to make good music!” David is currently playing select gigs in support of his latest CD release.

Finally David had this to impart: “Music is my life, it is what makes my world go around. I would like to thank all the fans that are following my music, it helps keep me going!”

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