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Superstar Rock Band Intelligent Music Project To Release 7th Album “Unconditioned” Feat. Members of TOTO, Rainbow & Nazareth

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Superstar Rock Band Intelligent Music Project To Release 7th Album “Unconditioned” Feat. Members of TOTO, Rainbow & Nazareth

Featuring Simon Phillips (TOTO, Mike Oldfield, Pete Townshend), Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, MSG), Carl Sentance (Nazareth)

The superstar rock band Intelligent Music Project will release its seventh studio album entitled “Unconditioned” in July – just two months after their biggest adventure, called Eurovision Song Contest.

The legendary Simon Phillips (TOTO, Protocol) returns as percussionist and musical co-producer of the new album, while the lead vocalist on this release will again be one of the most popular names in rock music today: Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, MSG). This will be Romero’s third album with Intelligent Music Project, and for the first time the group has expanded its compositional approach: two of the songs and their arrangements are entirely the work of Ronnie, Biser Ivanov and Ivo Stefanov. For the first time on “Unconditioned,” the band’s lead singer shows off his skills as a lyricist, having penned the words to those two songs. All the other songs and lyrics are once again the creation of Intelligent Music Project’s founder and producer, Dr. Milen Vrabevski.

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the band’s first album, “The Power Of Mind,” the seventh album follows its format and also begins and ends with instrumental tracks written by Dr. Milen Vrabevski in collaboration with Biser Ivanov and Ivo Stefanov.

“‘Unconditioned’ is an album dedicated to unconditional love as a deciding factor in normalizing our modern life. This love has to be focused above all on our children, because they are the future, while we are the ones who need to show them the way and teach them to make bold decisions and to live for the people around them. Only with more such people will the world become a better place” – Dr. Vrabevski about the new album

One hit track from “Unconditioned” is “Intention” – the song the band played as Bulgaria’s representative to Eurovision 2022 in Torino. Besides the Eurovision version, the album will also include the original, longer take, which sticks to Intelligent Music Project’s signature melodic progressive style, as well as a backing track version.

“Intention” was the first single from Intelligent Music Project’s seventh album. At the moment, the song has more than two and a half million views/listens on both YouTube and Spotify. The song raises the question of every individual’s personal, internal battle with outdated models of belief and behavior that hold them back. Starting from the title itself, the author underscores the simple fact that it is never too late to start down the right path – the path of your own personal growth, of dignified existence and of life with a mission. The song calls us to turn away from our ego, selfishness and a consumerist attitude on life and instead to live for the people around us.

Finding the right path, however, often turns into a battle with one’s self, so you need a serious intention to truly make a change!” – Dr. Milen Vrabevski, the author of the music and lyrics of “Intention” notes.

The album’s second single, “New Hero,” came out in early May. The song was accompanied by a striking video that recreated a military atmosphere, where, in sync with the idea behind the album, the main characters were children. In the video’s narrative, it is precisely the children who turn out to be the brave heroes who bring about change.

Effective action in the present, despite difficulties, is the key to progress. It is crucial for us to know that pretty words get us nowhere. It is easy to stand silently and do what you’re told. The harder but only effective thing is for a person to have their own opinion, their own method of resisting injustice, even if this means they often find themselves alone and misunderstood,” Dr. Vrabevski explains.

In addition to Simon Phillips and Ronnie Romero, the album also includes Carl Sentance (Nazareth), Biser Ivanov on guitar, Ivo Stefanov on keyboards, Slavin Slavchev, Lina Nicole, and Borislav Mudolov-Kosatkata on backing vocals; Dimitar Sirakov on bass; Samuel Eftimov on piano

The album will be released on July 27, the day of Ronnie Romero’s wedding to Romanian model and dentist Dr. Corina Minda.

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Bulgarian Rock Band Intelligent Music Project and Rainbow’s Ronnie Romero Release a Song & Video Dedicated to Families with Reproductive Problems

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Bulgarian Rock Band Intelligent Music Project and Rainbow’s Ronnie Romero Release a Song & Video Dedicated to Families with Reproductive Problems

The Bulgarian supergroup Intelligent Music Project, led by their lead vocalist Ronnie Romero (Rainbow) presented the video for the song “Listen”, which is part of the band’s latest album “The Creation”.

Watch the video for “Listen”:

The “Listen” video is dedicated to families with reproductive problems. The battle with the demographic crisis is one of the causes of the creator of the Intelligent Music Project and author of all the songs of the Project Dr. Milen Vrabevski:

“The battle with the demographic crisis is one of the areas in which I have been purposefully investing for many years. There is a need for active involvement of the state around this problem, but not only that – the progressive reduction of the population is a problem for all of us. With my foundation, we are trying to encourage the birth rate, and assisted reproduction is one way to solve the nation’s demographic problems. With the ‘Listen’ video, we want to give more publicity to this topic, to attract more like-minded people in the fight to have more Bulgarian children.”

Thanks to the financial support of Dr. Milen Vrabevski and his Bulgarian Memory Foundation, 36 children have been born so far. The music video features some of the couples that Vrabevski supports and recreates some of the emotions that families with reproductive problems go through on the way to making their dream of having a child come true.

Intelligent Music Project VI “The Creation” Feat. Ronnie Romero (Rainbow), Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath, Rainbow), John Payne (ex-Asia), Todd Sucherman (Styx), Carl Sentence (Nazareth) and Richard Grisman (River Hounds)

After the great success of the previous album of the band Intelligent Music Project V “Life Motion”, the expectations of the rock fans for the new one are logically high and we dare say that they will be fully justified!

This was said by the creator, producer and author of the music and lyrics of Intelligent Music Project Milen Vrabevski, MD.

“The Creation” is the newest piece of rock art by the Bulgarian businessman, philanthropist and patron of arts. In his own words, this is an album about the creative approaches, a key to success in a meaningful life.

The album showcases the chemistry and the creative style of all five previous albums of the supergroup. The musical diversity and the positive messages of the twelve songs from “The Creation” make it exclusively interesting and attractive to listen. Moreover the 6th album again features well-known, world famous, rock singers – Ronnie Romero (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Vandenberg, Lords of Black), John Payne (ex-Asia) and Carl Sentence (Nazareth).

Watch the promotional video:

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Intelligent Music Project feat. Ronnie Romero of Rainbow Announces Free Online Concert on December 13th

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Intelligent Music Project feat. Ronnie Romero of Rainbow Announces Free Online Concert on December 13th

The Intelligent Music Project, one of the most interesting music bands of recent years in the field of rock music, which has Ronnie Romero (Rainbow) as its front man, will offer a unique online concert to his fans all over the world. The live stream is going to be absolutely free of charge and is going to be broadcasted on December 13th, 6PM Central European Time in the band’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram profile.

The creator, producer and author of the music and the lyrics of Intelligent Music Project Dr. Milen Vrabevski said:

“This concert is a present from us to the people. The good music has healing power and this is what we’re gonna do with this concert – we will remove bad thoughts from people’s heads and give them not only a great hard rock experience but room for reflection, because the positive lyrics of Intelligent Music Project are what distinguishes Intelligent Music Project from all others.”

Тhe superstar of the project Ronnie Romero also commented on the concert:

“We will play some of the best songs of Intelligent Music Project from the last two albums of the band – Sorcery Inside and Life Motion. It’s great to be part of this amazing project. It gives a big opportunity for me to meet different audiences and to bring positive message to all of them. It’s great to work with such an amazing team!”

Watch the promotional video:

Intelligent Music Project is a Bulgarian rock band with exceptional international participation. Over the years, the band’s albums feature some of the most remarkable rock musicians in the world – Simon Phillips (TOTO/Protocol), John Lawton (Uriah Heep, Lucifer’s friend), Joseph Williams (TOTO), John Payne (ex-Asia), Carl Sentence (Nazareth), etc.

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