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Deko Entertainment Releases Second 2Trax Sessions Single and Lyric Video For “Smile” Featuring The Uptown Horns (Rolling Stones, James Brown, Robert Plant)

For Immediate Release

Deko Entertainment Releases Second 2Trax Sessions Single and Lyric Video For “Smile” Featuring The Uptown Horns (Rolling Stones, James Brown, Robert Plant)

Featuring members of Angel, Great White, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Others!

Stockton, NJ – Some of the best music comes when accomplished musicians combine their talents in an effort to create something new and different. At Deko’s 2Trax Studio that is exactly what is happening. Starting in December 2022, a combination of Deko artists and special guests got together under the title 2Trax Sessions. First up was the song “Columbia,” which is a shout-out to a blue-collar street in New Jersey. For each artist involved, we find out it reminds them of their own small pieces of Americana. Columbia Avenue is a place many of us can relate to, and as the song says, it’s often too short a road.

View “Columbia” video here:

Next up is “Smile,” a get up and move, soul infused song featuring the combined talents of vocalist Joe Cerisano (Trans-Siberian Orchestra); backing vocalist Lisa Gee (independent artist); guitarists Frank Perrego (2Trax Sessions musician) and Tony Cardenas-Montana (Great White); organist Doug Friedman (2Trax Sessions musician); keyboardist Charlie Calv (Angel); drummer/percussionist Dave Anthony (Dennis DeYoung); bassist Eric Plotkin (2Trax Sessions musician); the Uptown Horns (Rolling Stones, Robert Plant, James Brown). Deko president and 2Trax Studio owner Bruce Pucciarello elaborates, “Driving home from my twentieth Tower of Power concert and the groove for this hit me. I wrote the music, smiling, enjoying the rhythms, so the lyrics worked off the feeling I was having. This team of artists takes this song to heights I never anticipated. I hope this version spreads the same smile that inspired me to write it. Smile!”

Listen here:
View lyric video here:

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Composer, Pianist Leah Waybright To Release New Album “Dreamed” Featuring Members of Happy The Man, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Steely Dan

For Immediate Release

Composer, Pianist Leah Waybright To Release New Album “Dreamed” Featuring Members of Happy The Man, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Steely Dan

LEAH WAYBRIGHT is a life-long Composer, Pianist, Recording Artist, Teacher, Floral Artist, Wildflower Preservationist, and Dreamer. The common thread that connects these many professions is her role as a Storyteller. Hundreds of lectures and the wide variety of special floral programs she has presented for Garden Clubs and Civic Groups are the most obvious examples of her Storytelling.

However, her ability to tell a compelling story is not limited to words. Despite the instrumental nature of her music, her unique approach to composition and instrumentation means that each vignette reveals an unfolding and ever-evolving story rich with meaning. As a steward of the Earth, Leah’s creativity and mindset benefitted from the pauses in older projects, and the development of new projects, but throughout she consistently creates new music through improvisation and then hones it with a nurturing process similar to the way she cultivates her beloved plants and wildflowers.

Her newest CD, “Dreamed” will be released by Invasion Merch on July 17, 2023 and is the culmination of years of compositional crafting. In some ways it picks up the floral storytelling narrative where “Beauty Gone Wild” left off, and is a compositional masterpiece. Leah’s musical DNA is immediately noticeable in the melodies and the rhythms, but are even more elegant, captivating, and mysterious. What consistently leaps out of the speakers is the luscious sound of the grand piano, as there is more of a focus on her piano with “Dreamed.” Leah commands this fine instrument and presents each composition with confidence and verve.
Somehow without using a single word, she pulls the listener into her private world where a story for each dreamy piece unfolds like a new plant in spring.

Leah has always been an active dreamer, both in a literal sense as well as in a more figurative sense. Her dreams have a huge influence on her, and she sees power and wisdom in exploring dreams. After experiencing a vivid dream she often incorporates elements of that dream into a piece of music.

Says Leah, “My DREAMED collection is gathered from a wide arc of experience and time travelled. This ‘new’ music is captured from the first song I ever crafted, to pieces invoked by powerful moments and turning points in my life. There are vintage songs from the past as well as imaginings through to my most recent compositions. Each piece emerges for me as special and meaningful.”

The innovative orchestrations on “Dreamed” reveal numerous, subtle aspects of the melodies. The skillful contributions of the other players support the harmonic and rhythmic content when needed, but at other times they shine via tasty solos. In particular, the guitar work of “Happy the Man” alum Stan Whitaker is stunningly effective, especially on the track “Dreamprints.” As with “Beauty Gone Wild,” Gary Blu, who has worked with Boz Scaggs, Donald Fagen and Steely Dan was the only choice for saxes, flutes, piccolo and clarinet. His flute and piccolo work on “Candlewink” is breathtaking.

Mark Wood, master violinist and Trans-Siberian Orchestra co-founder uses violins of his own design to add bold and exciting swaths of sound. A fierce player, his Paganini-like virtuosity never overwhelms Ms. Waybright’s brilliant compositions. His playing on the somewhat classical-leaning “Sunwise” emphasizes complex interplay between violin, piano, and flute. Leah’s complex, shifting piano work in the piece is slightly evocative of both Erik Satie and Claude Bolling. Similarly, “Happy the Man” bassist Rick Kennell manages to both underpin and accent Leah’s every twist and turn. Rick deftly provides movement and support that reveals the glorious details of Leah’s sonic landscape. Rick also handled the production chores.

This is one of those rare albums that rewards the attentive listener with insights and delights. Play these tracks on your stereo or on your best headphones and let Leah’s dreams unfold around you. When you do, this master Storyteller will transport you to a wild world where anything can happen.

Leah Waybright: Compositions, piano, keyboards and vocal musings
Gary Blu: Saxophones, flutes, clarinet, piccolo
Rick Kennell: Bass, drums, percussion, orchestration
Stanley Whitaker: Guitars on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8
Mark Wood: Violin on “Sunwise”

Here’s what’s been said about Leah Waybright:

Waybright’s compositions are intensely melodic and brilliantly orchestrated, each with its own spirited vision and expressive purpose; even though this is a concept album, any of these pieces could easily stand on its own: zero filler… nothing short of superb, and there is plenty here within to satisfy the tastes of even the most discriminating progressive rock listener. Highly recommended.” – Expose

Smoothly woven orchestral tapestry of melodic and rhythmic cross-currents, though heavier moments reflect hints of old Happy the Man.” – Progression Magazine

A classically trained keyboardist, Waybright is first and foremost a floral artist, and with this album, combines both her passions successfully. The music is reminiscent of Happy the Man; new agey, serene, yet always with a solid, bouncy feel to propel the music along.” – Gnosis

Leah Waybright has a very smooth sounding recording here. The songs are thoroughly addicting. Leah has a wonderful talent to make her keys sing. She is a very creative composer, who can really get to your heart. I’m impressed as this is a work of art and it is a must for any modern jazz, modern age, or easy listening music lover.” – Electronic Musician Magazine

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Canadian Classic Rockers CONEY HATCH Release Brand New Track “IT’S ABOUT A GIRL,” Ready Their First Ever Live Album!

For Immediate Release

Canadian Classic Rockers CONEY HATCH Release Brand New Track “IT’S ABOUT A GIRL,” Ready Their First Ever Live Album!

Los Angeles, CA – It’s been a decade since veteran rockers Coney Hatch, a band renowned as one of Canada’s hardest rocking exports, have released a new studio recording. So the arrival of the band’s brilliant new single “It’s About a Girl” is genuine cause for celebration! Even more so since it comes on the eve of the band’s triumphant return to the stage at the Sweden Rock Festival as well as the announcement about a forthcoming live album, Postcard From Germany, the first in the band’s lengthy career. Fans of the band have been anxiously awaiting an official concert recording of the group, after all it’s the band’s captivating live shows which earned them a place on tours with everyone from Judas Priest to Iron Maiden to Peter Frampton to Cheap Trick and many more back in their ’80s heyday!

Today, however, the band proudly introduces a new studio recording, and like all great rock songs, it’s about a girl. Women have been powerful figures throughout history; we idolize and woo them; we emulate and pursue them. That’s the story behind “It’s About A Girl,” the new single with a soaring melody, a punchy rock track, and an insanely catchy hook. This is what Coney Hatch sounds like in 2023!

Stream/download the single:

While the new single premieres today on all digital platforms, it will also be featured on the band’s forthcoming Postcards From Germany, released under EX1 Records and Cleopatra Records under their new collaboration, which Andy Curran, Coney Hatch’s co-lead vocalist and bassist, is as excited about as the fans, saying “We’ve always taken a lot of pride in our live show, so finally releasing a live Coney Hatch record after many decades together is a bucket list check mark for us. We’re equally thrilled that the record includes 2 new studio tracks and to hit the road this summer!”

Postcard From Germany will be available everywhere August 11 on digital and on a special limited edition CD hand-signed by the band!

Order the CD:

1. It’s About A Girl (Studio Recording)
2. Heaven’s On The Other Side (Studio Recording)
3. We Got The Night
4. Stand Up
5. Blown Away
6. Boys Club
7. She’s Gone
8. This Ain’t Love
9. Wrong Side Of Town
10. Girl From Last Night’s Dream
11. Fantasy
12. Fallen Angel
13. Don’t Say Make Me
14. Devil’s Deck
15. Monkey Bars

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“Shine On: A Tribute to Pete Ham” To Be Released June 23 on Y&T Music

For Immediate Release

Shine On: A Tribute to Pete Ham” To Be Released June 23 on Y&T Music

35 track tribute to Badfinger legend Pete Ham

Y&T Music is proud to announce the release of a special tribute album, “Shine On: A Tribute to Pete Ham,” featuring 35 new recordings of songs written by the legendary founding member of the British rock band, Badfinger. All net profits will go to Mental Health America of Southeast Florida, the wonderful organization that is doing very important work in the field of mental health care and suicide prevention. The album will be released on all streaming services on June 23, 2023.

The musicians who’ve come together to salute this lost genius chose the songs they wanted to cover, as Pete Ham, along with the legacy of Badfinger, continues to move and inspire every generation.

“The more I learned about Badfinger,” says longtime Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch, who contributed to three of the Shine On tracks, “the more upset it made me, because they were so rich with promise. It’s not just a cautionary tale – it’s truly heartbreaking.”

As part of the Speaker Wars, with vocalist Jon Christopher Davis, Lynch turns “No Matter What” – Badfinger’s power pop anthem – into a gently swaying, country-rocking declaration of devotion. A second version of the song, with Davis and Indian vocalist Susmita Datta, re-imagines it as a psychedelic Hindustani dream. With ex-Georgia Satellite Dan Baird, Lynch put together The Chefs; the band contributed a raucous rave-up version of “I Can’t Take It,” one of the few full-tilt rave-ups in the Ham catalog. “That stuff was so infectious and fabulous, so obviously good,” Lynch says. “I never saw them live, but at the time when you heard those songs, you knew they were a cut above. The vocals were just so emotional. They weren’t showbiz. ‘Day After Day’ ripped my heart out.” That song, perhaps Pete’s most indelible gift to the world, is interpreted on Shine On by singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne, who masterfully found the emotional core and gave it a searing soulfulness that brings to mind nothing less than the legendary Dusty Springfield.

That sort of inside-out happens time and again on this collection, from the sweet heartbreak of Mary Lou Lord’s bared-nerves take on “Baby Blue” to Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby’s spellbinding “Midnight Caller,” from Melanie’s heartbroken “Without You” (written by Pete with his Badfinger bandmate Tom Evans) to the love-has-no-limits rendition of “We’re For the Dark” by Mary Karlzen.

Each of the artists on “Shine On” – a true labor of love – would agree. We are all the better for however briefly sharing the planet with him.


1. Mary Lee Kortes – No More
2. The Chefs – I Can’t Take It
3. Smokin’ Novas – Shine On
4. The Speaker Wars (featuring Susmita Datta) – No Matter What (world version)
5. Sweet Lizzy Project – Perfection
6. The Delevantes – Know One Knows
7. Shelby Lynne – Day After Day
8. Rob Bonfiglio – Lonely You
9. Amanda Green – Name of The Game
10. Fernando Perdomo – Savile Row
11. Mary Lou Lord – Baby Blue
12. Arlan Feiles – Walk Out in the Rain
13. Tobin Sprout – Dear Father
14. Nineteen Hand Horse (Nathalie Archangel) – Blodwyn
15. Electric Piquete – Matted Spam
16. Balsamo Collins Riley – Keep Believing
17. Timothy LaRoque – I’m In Love
18. Mary Karlzen – We’re For The Dark


1. Amy Allison – Apple of My Eye
2. The Speaker Wars – No Matter What (pop version)
3. Albert Castiglia Band (featuring Mandy Marylane) – Piano Red
4. Mic Harrison And The High Score – Meanwhile Back at The Ranch
5. Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby – Midnight Caller
6. Diane Ward – Lay Me Down
7. Dennis Diken – Dennis
8. Melanie – Without You
9. Elsten Torres – Take It All
10. Nelson Bragg – Carry On Till Tomorrow
11. Jim Camacho – They’re Knocking Down Our Home
12. Claudia Hoyser – Midnight Sun
13. The Parlophonics – Song For A Lost Friend
14. Life Boat – Crimson Ship
15. Jolynn Daniel – I Miss You
16. Ken Sharp – Just a Chance
17. Voice in Fashion – Timeless

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Guitar Legend Greg Howe To Tour North America Summer 2023 With Stu Hamm, Joel Taylor and Ernest Tibbs!

For Immediate Release

Guitar Legend Greg Howe To Tour North America Summer 2023 With Stu Hamm, Joel Taylor and Ernest Tibbs!

Guitar legend Greg Howe will be kicking off his 2023 North American Tour “Lost and Found” this summer with iconic bassist Stu Hamm and drummer Joel Taylor! Howe has developed a solid reputation as a technical innovator, particularly for his “hammer-on from nowhere” technique, legato runs, unusual time signatures, and linear tapping approach. His self-titled debut album “Greg Howe” is ranked tenth best shred album of all time by Guitar World Magazine.

In addition to being part of the 2018 GRAMMY® nominated band ‘Protocol IV’ which features Simon Phillips, Ernest Tibbs, and Otmaro Ruiz, Howe has produced, written and arranged ten solo instrumental studio albums along with two collaboration albums with Richie Kotzen of the Winery Dogs. Howe has contributed to a long list of albums/records by other legendary artists such as Dennis Chambers, Victor Wooten, Jason Becker, Billy Sheehan, Marco Minneman, and Eddie Jobson.

Man, I’m so looking forward to taking this amazing line-up on the road this summer to connect with, as well as perform live for all those who’ve enjoyed and supported my music over the years, making possible my ability to maintain a long and blessed career as a recording artist. I’m also excited about a new instructional content based website that’s close to being launch ready as well as an ebook (with downloadable audio examples) focusing on my approach to guitar soloing and music in general.” – Greg Howe

Watch the promotional video:

Greg Howe: guitar
Joel Taylor (Allan Holdsworth, Al DiMeola): drums
Stu Hamm (Vai, Satriani): bass (through NYC)
(after NYC) Ernest Tibbs on bass…


JUL 26 – Triple Door – Seattle, WA
JUL 27 – Guitars Under the Stars 2023 – Lebanon, OR
JUL 28 – Guitars Under the Stars 2023 – Lebanon, OR
JUL 29 – Guitars Under the Stars 2023 – Lebanon, OR
JUL 30 – Alberta Rose Theatre – Portland, OR (special guest Jennifer Batten)
JUL 31 – Wow Hall – Eugene, OR
AUG 01 – The Dip – Redding, CA
AUG 02 – Yoshi’s Oakland – Oakland, CA
AUG 03 – Harlow’s – Sacramento, CA
AUG 04 – The Baked Potato – Los Angeles, CA
AUG 05 – The Baked Potato – Los Angeles, CA
AUG 06 – Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill – Las Vegas, NV
AUG 07 – Breakpoint – San Diego, CA
AUG 08 – MIM – Phoenix, AZ
AUG 09 – Rockhouse Bar & Grill – El Paso, TX
AUG 10 – Come and Take It Live – Austin, TX
AUG 11 – Dosey Doe Big Barn – The Woodlands, TX
AUG 12 – The Sanctuary Music & Events – Mckinney, TX
AUG 13 – City Winery Nashville – Nashville, TN
AUG 14 – The Grey Eagle – Asheville, NC
AUG 16 – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA
AUG 17 – Ardmore Music Hall – Ardmore, PA
AUG 18 – Iridium – New York, NY
AUG 19 – Iridium – New York, NY
AUG 22 – Lovin’ Cup, Rochester, NY
AUG 23 – Brass Monkey – Nepean, Canada
AUG 24 – The Rockpile – Toronto, Canada
AUG 25 – The Token Lounge – Westland, MI
AUG 26 – Reggie’s Music Joint – Chicago, IL
AUG 27 – Mojo’s BoneYard Sports Bar & Grille – Evansville, IN
AUG 28 – Blue Note – Harrison, OH
AUG 31 – Amos Southend – Charlotte, NC

*Guitarist Sammy Boller is support on selected dates

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Music Legends Strawbs To Release New Album “The Magic Of It All” On July 14, 2023!

For Immediate Release

Music Legends Strawbs To Release New Album “The Magic Of It All” On July 14, 2023!



British music legends Strawbs will be releasing their new album “The Magic Of It All” on July 14th! Recorded in Cape Town, the album features David Cousins, Blue Weaver, and John Ford from classic 1970’s line up joined by some of the finest musicians and singers in South Africa.

Strawbs were high in the charts with “Grave New World” and “Bursting At The Seams” 50 years ago which coincided with a pivotal moment in the struggle for freedom in South Africa, when students and workers launched a new wave of resistance against so-called “resettlement”. The resistance in South Africa identified with Strawbs songs, especially “Part Of The Union”, “Lay Down”, and “New World”.

Recognizing this, South Africa documentary maker, Niel van Deventer, approached David Cousins with the idea of producing a documentary about Strawbs and the band’s influence around the world. Niel wanted to film while new songs were being recorded in a Cape Town studio. David Cousins came up with a bunch of his finest songs; Blue Weaver flew over to produce the sessions and co- write some of the material, while John Ford joined in with his contribution to the songs from New York.

Featuring brand-new songs recorded at the Academy Of Sound Engineering in Cape Town, with engineer Peter Pearlson, who worked with Paul Simon when he was recording South African musicians for the “Graceland” album. The South African musicians on this album include Mauritz Lotz, Schalk Joubert, Kevin Gibson, Byron Abrahams, Simangele Mashazi, Marzia Barry and Luna Paige. Cathryn Craig and Nicole Tee joined the singers from the UK. The documentary “The Magic Of It All” will be released July 14, 2023.


1 Ready (We Are Ready)
2 The Magic of it All
3 All Along the Bay
4 Everybody Means Something to Someone
5 Our World
6 The Time Has Come (for Giving Back)
7 Slack Jaw Alice
8 Paris Nights
9 Wiser Now
10 The Lady of the Night
11 Christmas Ghosts

Strawbs “The Magic Of It All” will be available on CD and vinyl. To pre-order:

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DONOVAN PLANT & THE LEAFS Release New Melodic and Hook-Laden 3-song EP NIGHT FEEL GOOD

For Immediate Release

DONOVAN PLANT & THE LEAFS Release New Melodic and Hook-Laden 3-song EP NIGHT FEEL GOOD

San Francisco, CA – Former San Francisco private detective Donovan Plant spent nearly two decades chasing leads and tailing cheaters before returning to his musical roots in 2011. Since then, he has released two solo records, and now with the band he formed in 2018, DONOVAN PLANT & THE LEAFS are set to release their new 3-song EP NIGHT FEEL GOOD on June 23, 2023! Donovan Plant blends rock, country, and pop with lyrics inspired by the city. Citing influences such as David Bowie, The Cars, and Jackson Brown, Donovan’s keen ear for hooks and melody is on full display with NIGHT FEEL GOOD, recorded inside the world-famous Hyde Street Studios at Dreamrack Studios by producer and engineer Trent Berry.

Donovan formed DONOVAN PLANT & THE LEAFS in 2018, a group that includes drummer Lliam Hart (Information Society/Wire Train), bassist Mike Henry (Minus One) and lead guitarist Jason Rojek (Sugar Crash). Lliam, Mike, and Jason have been playing live and recording together for decades. When Lliam joined with Donovan for some live shows about ten years ago, he quickly recognized Donovan’s talent for song writing and quietly set about a plan to incorporate his friends Jason and Mike into the band, a plan which worked brilliantly. In a stroke of mis-spelling genius they then named this creation THE LEAFS.

Grow,” the first track on the new NIGHT FEEL GOOD EP, is a song that grew out of the pandemic era, calling on our collective deep-rooted philanthropic beliefs. Aside from the obvious idea that Plants and Leafs both need to grow, the song also attempts to address depression and self-doubt. The group initially planned to record just this single, but the chemistry between producer Trent Berry and the band was so good that they found a way to record two more songs.

Donovan originally wrote the verses to the title track “Night Feel Good” with his childhood friend and former band mate Tony Siligo over 30 years ago. The song speaks to the contrast between night and day, and to a higher power running it all. He redeveloped the song with THE LEAFS, adding a new chorus and sonic direction, and found it was a dream come true to use his brand new Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody on the recording!

Answering the call of deja vu and premonition, the third EP track “White Wolf” came from a shamanic meditation and hypnosis session that Donovan had with his friend and former drummer David R. Walsh (CHT, RMT, Certified Hypnotherapist, Shamanic and Spiritual Counselor). The session revealed his spirit animal, a white wolf named Oshi, and musical inspiration was born. The song includes one of Donovan’s favorite lines, “I’m climbing mountains / Swimming oceans” a perfectly concise summation of how he wants to live his life.

Donovan has previously released two solo EP’s, Be With You (Niteflite Music – Germany) in 2011, which included a video produced by Ricky Kelley, and City Lights (Angel Blossom Records) with producer Scott Mickelson in 2018.  He also had the honor of playing inside San Quentin State Prison as part of its annual Day of Peace celebrations with the non-profit organization Bread & Roses Presents for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017.

A San Francisco Bay Area native and true renaissance man, Donovan Plant was a state champion ice hockey player by age 15 before pursuing a 17-year career as a licensed private investigator. He has also played bass in the band Pleasure Parade, and currently plays bass for Girls With Guns, a group fronted by La-ni Mae Lithman, daughter of the infamous guitarist Snakefinger (Philip Lithman) of The Residents.

DONOVAN PLANT & THE LEAFS plan to go back into the studio with Trent Berry this September and have various Bay Area shows scheduled throughout 2023 in support of NIGHT FEEL GOOD!

Donovan has a very keen ear for hooks, melody, inflection, structure, delivery, and other pop sensibilities, making it so easy to bond with his songs, which wind up being uniquely his own style while keeping a timeless quality.” – Brendan Getzell, Hotel Utah Open Mic

Donovan’s song “The Universe Is A Yes Machine” is an achievement in itself, part real autobiography, part inspiring and uplifting philosophy and all good music, a hit with heart.” – Alan Monasch, Artist, music blogger

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Los Angeles Alt-Rock Band “Make Believe Friends” Release New Single and Video: “HAUNT ME”

For Immediate Release

Los Angeles Alt-Rock Band “Make Believe Friends” Release New Single and Video: “HAUNT ME”

Make Believe Friends drops their latest video and single called “Haunt Me” on Friday, June 9, 2023.  Mindy Milburn and Laura Espinoza are the primary songwriters of Make Believe Friends (aka Lunden Reign), an alt rock band in Los Angeles, California.

Wow! The keyboards (in Haunt Me) are appropriately haunting. (Laura’s) guitar part before the chorus is outstanding and it is great to hear (Enrique’s) wah-wah later on. (Michaela’s) chorus harmonies are strong. With Mindy’s voice and the band, I think it is up there with Evanescence! (Also) The video perfectly matches the song …. (Mindy’s) delivery is emotional and gave me chills.” – Warren Kurtz – Goldmine Music Magazine

Watch video here:

About “Haunt Me” (Lyrics by Mindy Milburn)
“Haunt Me” is about the loss of a loved one too soon, and in the despair of missing that person, how one might ask to be haunted, to be given a sign or an omen that the person on the other side is somehow still with them.

Taken far too early, stolen from this life too soon
So suddenly left all alone, I’m nothing without you
Don’t leave me, Haunt me
Whisper to me through the trees
Don’t leave me, Haunt me
Whatever you do, don’t go quietly

The idea came to me when I heard of a tragic loss, a young mother dying during childbirth, and how the husband could go on after suffering such a tremendous loss like this. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, what he would be feeling and how do you cope. It just seemed so impossible to me, but somehow, when tragedy strikes, the world does keep moving on. So this song is an expression of what someone in that situation might be wishing and praying for at all costs- a glimpse of a memory in a dream, a whisper through the trees, a phone that rings suspiciously or sudden static on a screen. Any potential sign to grasp onto to feel comforted that that loved one is still somehow present and nearby, and to never want to let them go.

About the production:
“Haunt Me” was written by Mindy Milburn (lyrics); music by Laura Espinoza & Enrique Garcia and produced by Bernie Godwin. They are joined by Michaela Metivier, Logan Miles Nix, Chris Eisenberg and Loris Eisaeian.

Haunt Me” lyrics:
We had only just begun, you should be here with me
I stare at your photo for hours, will you set me free?

Taken far too early, stolen from this life too soon
So suddenly left all alone, I’m nothing without you

Don’t leave me, haunt me
Whisper to me through the trees
Don’t leave me, haunt me
Whatever you do, don’t go quietly
Show me that your still here
Be the static on the screen
Fill me with light when I’ve gone dark
The curious phone that rings

Don’t leave me, haunt me
Whisper to me, through the trees
Don’t leave me, haunt me
Whatever you do, don’t go quietly.

So stay with me always
Hold on forever lock and key
So stay with me always
Hold on forever, never let me be…

They tell me time will heal
That my shattered world will mend
Her towering tree grows strongest
Against a storm’s relentless wind

Don’t leave me, haunt me
Whisper to me, through the trees
Don’t leave me, haunt me
Whatever you do, don’t go quietly

Don’t leave me, haunt me
I believe you’re here with me
Don’t leave me, haunt me
Whatever you do, don’t go quietly

About Mindy Milburn:
Mindy has a passion for all performing arts- starting out as a ballet dancer and actress, & eventually finding her voice and passion for songwriting and music. She is also the lead vocalist for the Blondie Tribute Band “Heart of Blonde”. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, she has performed in numerous musical theater productions & indie films and was also a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers Dance Team. Mindy made the move to southern California to follow her dream of becoming a recording artist and feels very blessed by the opportunities that have come her way.

About Laura Espinoza:
Laura is a songwriter/guitarist, playwright, and TV producer. She has performed on stage with Luis Maldonado (Train), Terri Nunn (Berlin), Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) & Prescott Niles (The Knack) and started her career with Matt Sorum (Guns n’ Roses). She has recorded at Capitol Records, Hollywood, Abbey Road, UK and is the host of “The Rock Radio Show” on KBU-FM, Malibu. Laura is also the recipient of 3 Emmy Awards.

Make Believe Friends headlines the legendary VIPER ROOM, Hollywood on Saturday, June 24, 2023. Tickets available at:

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Instagram: @Makebelievefriendsband

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Club Nouveau’s Greatest Hits Album “The Collection” To Be Released on Vinyl June 2, 2023!

For Immediate Release

Club Nouveau’s Greatest Hits Album “The Collection” To Be Released on Vinyl June 2, 2023!

Studio City, CA – Lightyear Entertainment announces the release of Club Nouveau’s “The Collection” on Vinyl for the first time, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the album’s Compact Disc/Digital release in 1998.

The LP contains the band’s biggest hit song “Rumors” and its worldwide hit of the Bill Withers song, “Lean On Me.”

Rumors alone generates about 2 million streams a month,” said Arnie Holland, CEO of Lightyear. “That kind of fan base 25 years after this album’s initial release deserves a vinyl.”

Along with such acts as Sly & The Family Stone, Con Funk Shun, En Vogue, MC Hammer, and Tony! Toni! Tone!, Club Nouveau have made an indelible mark on the Bay Area’s rich urban music scene. Since forming in 1986, Club Nouveau have sold well over ten million units, toured extensively, charted eleven Billboard hit singles, and won numerous awards. Their music has resurfaced in numerous rap hits which have sampled its infectious melodies.

This unique eight song Club Nouveau LP collection chronicles the successes of the Bay Area group throughout its various lineup changes from the short-lived predecessor, Timex Social Club and its number one hit single “Rumors,” through such proven hits as the 1987 # 1 pop chart single “Lean On Me” plus such slept on potential hits as 1992’s “I like Your Way.” Also included in “The Collection” are three 1998 Club Nouveau tracks; “Keep Using Me,” “What Kind Of Love (Secret Rendezvous),” and “Why (You Wanna Make Me Cry).”

Since forming 37 years ago Club Nouveau has gone through various lineup changes but the group’s two consistent figures have been writer/singer/ producer & entrepreneur Jay King and singer/songwriter Valerie Watson. “Looking back, Club Nouveau was a dream come true. It’s been an incredible artistic experience,” said Valerie Watson from her LA home.

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Lightyear Entertainment, a distributor of independent films and music, was founded in 1987.

Pink Floyd “The Dark Side Of The Moon – A Visual History By Glenn Povey” Super Deluxe Edition Box Set Now Available For Pre-order

For Immediate Release

Pink Floyd “The Dark Side Of The Moon – A Visual History By Glenn Povey” Super Deluxe Edition Box Set Now Available For Pre-order

Released Jun 16, 2023

“The Dark Side Of The Moon” will always remain Pink Floyd’s greatest achievement. A landmark album in every respect and housed in one of the most iconic album sleeves of all time.

Statistics for its sales – 50 million worldwide and counting – and chart history – 15 consecutive years on the Billboard 200 – are mind-boggling. As the album enjoys its 50th anniversary year it still shows little sign of waning in its popularity as new generations of music lovers discover its wonders.

Its release in March 1973 saw the album go straight to No.1 in the US and No.2 in the UK. Previous albums had been a hit and miss affair, a series of tracks both with lyrics as well as instrumental, but “The Dark Side Of The Moon” presented a more literal concept, a continuous piece woven with tracks dealing with the pressures of life, birth, death, war, mental illness and inequality to name a few. This clearly struck a chord.

Similarly, their live shows had built a steady cult following too, which had seen their new album previewed live as a work in progress since January 1972. However, it was with the release of the single “Money” to FM radio in North America that it suddenly propelled the band into the sphere of stadium touring.

Consequently, their live shows began to take on another dimension, becoming a multi-media extravaganza with inflatable props, pyrotechnics on a massive scale and a giant circular projection screen featuring specially made live action and animation films.

Pink Floyd had finally arrived in grand style and with it followed a slew of highly regarded conceptual albums and live shows that are remembered as nothing short of spectacular.

As author Glenn Povey explains, “Pink Floyd were a unique phenomenon. They broke the mould both in terms of recording technique but also stage presentation and created a mystique that set them apart. My ongoing research into their history has spawned many books but here I have collated all of their performance and recording history surrounding this remarkable album.”

Inside this box of delights you will find the complete recording history of the “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, documentation of all the live performances of the album by the band, previously unpublished photos and illustrations as well as facsimile memorabilia including photos, programs, handbills and passes.

This super deluxe box contains:

• Signed and Numbered certificate by the one of the world leading Floyd authorities and author Glenn Povey

• Reproduction of very rare and interesting; memorabilia, photos, posters from the era

• A CD of interviews with the band recorded in the day.

The first one is from 1972, where the band discusses being on the road, the “Live at Pompeii” film, the band are very relaxed and laughing. Richard Wright says at one point, “We understand each other very well. We are very tolerant of each other”. Nick Mason says, “We are all from the British aristocracy with the exception of David Gilmour….”

This band interview is a rare gem, from a band which seldom gave interviews. It’s sure to raise an eyebrow or two looking back from 2023.

The longer interview is over 30 mins long with Richard Wright, where he discusses touring and looking back at “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, the band’s inner workings on how they write and play together, solo albums, along with living in the English countryside.

This CD of interviews, along with all the memorabilia and legendary Floyd historian Glenn Povey’s commentary makes this limited-edition super deluxe box set, the perfect companion to the official “The Dark Side of the Moon” set.

A must for all serious collectors of Pink Floyd.

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