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Americana Music Artist Sugarman To Release Sophomore Album ‘After The Blackout’

sugarman after the blackout

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Americana Music Artist Sugarman To Release Sophomore Album ‘After The Blackout’

Los Angeles, CA – Americana music artist Sugarman, will be releasing his second album ‘After The Blackout’, a collection of well-crafted songs that reflects Noah Sugarman’s heart and soul from his past and rumination. Sugarman’s debut release on the Unison Music Label in 2009 ‘Art Of Starting A Fire’ received rave reviews from fans and music critics alike. ‘After The Blackout’ is scheduled for release on March 12, 2013 in the US and a heavy touring schedule will begin March 8th that will take Noah and his band throughout markets in the Mid-West, South, and parts of the Eastern territories of the US. A European tour is also in the works to coincide with the Euro release.

Says Sugarman about his new release, “This album is very different from the last. The first album was a great learning experience for me. Great musicians, producing and engineers involved. I wrote the songs, recorded my parts and then really just stepped back, shut up and listened. With this new album, I was able to apply things learned on the last. I produced this one myself. Played most of the instruments as well. For the most part it was me and an engineer bunkered up in a small studio for 5 months. And we brought in Bill Halverson, known for his large catalog of work that includes Clapton, Hendrix, Bad Company, John Hiatt, and tons more, for the final mix. Working with Bill was a great learning experience. He is one of those guys, you could just tell by his calm demeanor that not much shocks him these days.”

A talented, multi-instrumentalist, whose influences range from The Beatles to James Brown, Noah has toured the country coast-to-coast many times, with an array of bands. He’s performed his own music, both acoustic and with a full band; played bass and sang backup for a country act; and played drums for a folk group. In 2007 Sugarman signed with Unison Music, of Los Angeles, and moved to California to focus on his original tunes, prior to hitting the road again for a whirlwind of tour experience. In addition to Sugarman and his solo efforts, Noah has made significant contributions to alt-country/rock outfit 500 Miles To Memphis, touring with them 250 days (2008 through 2010) and playing bass and guitar on their last two albums – ‘Sunshine In A Shot Glass’ and ‘We’ve Built Up To Nothing’.

In support of his new CD release, Sugarman is wrapping up a video for the album’s single “Ladders”. Says Noah “Like the album, I have been highly involved in the making of the video. From rehearsing the dance all the way down to the construction of the elaborate set. After the video is done, I very much look forward to getting back on the road and releasing this album. The road to me is a very important and special place. It’s where I feel the most at home and where I feel I have the most independence. I feel like that’s where I contribute the most to society. Out reaching people through music.”

In closing Sugarman has this to impart, “It’s an honor and a privilege to travel and play music. It would not be possible without people to play for. Really hoping for a big year and the chance to record another album and do it all over again. Here we come!”

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