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New Atomic Rooster Tribute Nuclear Bird “Tyrannical Megalomaniac” Now Available!

For Immediate Release

New Atomic Rooster Tribute Nuclear Bird “Tyrannical Megalomaniac” Now Available!

Nuclear Bird was inspired by the 70’s band, Atomic Rooster which was led by extraordinary keyboardist Vincent Crane who is also known for his signature organ work on The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s “FIRE.” Tyrannical Megalomaniac was Vincent Crane’s nickname.

Drummer/songwriter, Mark Murdock was influenced by Atomic Rooster and other early 70’s progressive-psychedelic bands from England, recently composed a batch of original songs with the intent of capturing Atomic Rooster’s spirit musically, but also telling an interpretation of the band’s story.

Mark invited Atomic Rooster drummer, Ric Parnell to the recordings. “Ric gave the music that authentic Atomic Rooster feel with his exceptional drumming on five of the eight songs. Thrilled to have him on board,” says Mark. Ric shared some of those interesting stories of the band which were incorporated into the lyrics. Also, lyricist/music reviewer, Dmitry M. Epstein contributed on a few of the songs.

“There was also an attempt to invite other former Atomic Rooster cast onboard; Peter French, Steve Bolten, Carl Palmer, Arthur Brown and Preston Heyman to participate but unfortunately could not participate for various reasons – scheduling, conflict of interest and lack of studio access, to name a few. “Perhaps I’ll try knocking on their door on the next Nuclear Bird works,’’ laughs Mark.

Vocalist Tim Pepper not only captured a flowing vocal on the songs but did the concept cover art of a Quetzalcothus (dinosaur bird) playing a Hammond organ with a nuclear power plant burning in the background. Thus, the title Nuclear Bird, not to be confused with Brand X’s “Nuclear Burn.” Speaking of which, former guitarist John Goodsall played on two of Mark’s Cymbalic Encounters works.

Additional musicians who contributed to the tracks are guitarist, Ken Hall who played with Mark in Phoenix, Arizona from the 70’s who captured an authentic 70’s era guitar and Broadway drummer, Jon Berger who guested on drums for two songs.

Nuclear Bird “Tyrannical Megalomaniac” Track List:
1. Exposition of Fools
2. Tyrannical Megalomaniac
3. Addicted to the Water
4. Fascination with the Afterlife
5. The Revolving Door
6. The Harvester of Organs
7. Haunted Chords
8. Locked in a Graveyard

Music and Lyrics by Mark Murdock
*Lyrics on songs 6 & 8 by Dmitry M. Epstein

Mark Murdock – organ and drums
Ric Parnell – drums and percussion on songs 1, 2, 3,  7 and 8
Tim Pepper – vocal
Ken Hall – guitar
Jon Berger – drums on songs 6 & 8 *Ric Parnell- percussion on song 6

All compositions by Mark Murdock
Produced by Mark Murdock
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Murdock
Recorded at Off-Shore Studios, Tokyo and various remote locations
Artwork by Tim Pepper

Available as digital download:

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Blues-Rock Guitarist Chantel McGregor Releases “The Shed Sessions Volume 1 & 2”

For Immediate Release

Blues-Rock Guitarist Chantel McGregor Releases “The Shed Sessions Volume 1 & 2”

Critically acclaimed Blues-rock guitarist Chantel McGregor is releasing 2 new albums titled “The Shed Sessions Volume 1 & 2.” The first volume (acoustic) has been available for a few weeks and the second volume (electric) will be released August 2nd and is now available for pre-order.

March 2020, the world changed and the everyday things that we normally did became a dream, the world went into lockdown, the pause button on life was hit, and we stayed at home.

So, I was sat there one night in my shed thinking to myself ‘what can I do to make lockdown seem a little bit brighter?’ After a while it came to me,  ‘why not do a live stream so that I could stay in touch and connect with my lovely fans, they could connect with each other, and we all have a little bit of fun and music during a pretty gloomy time?’

At the time, I didn’t know that it would become a weekly thing, but the first session was so much fun that I thought I’ll do another one the following week, and then the week after that, and it became a weekly gig, ‘The Shed Sessions’!

5pm every Saturday was the hour every week where I could perform my music, have a bit of banter and catch up with friends on the live stream. An hour of music and humour to remind everyone that one day things will be fun again and live music will still be there!

A lot of people asked if I would record an album of the sessions, so I started thinking about what to record. There were so many songs to choose from!

At the start of lockdown, I was living in the North of England, so the sessions were just acoustic guitar and vocals, but when the government said you could move around more freely, I moved to the South of England and started collaborating with Jamie Brooks on keyboards, which meant that I could feature my electric guitar and a bit more improvisation. Because lockdown was still restricting studios being open, both albums were recorded at home, using a wardrobe as a vocal booth and then sent off to Wayne Proctor to mix and master.

The two albums are incredibly different, so it seemed appropriate to do two albums, one acoustic and one electric; ‘Volumes One and Two.’”

Chantel McGregor – July 2021

Chantel McGregor has been performing live gigs since the age of 12, schooled at a music college and achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Popular Music. Along with her current band members, Colin Sutton on bass and Thom Gardner on drums, they form an awesome power trio playing an eclectic mix of blues based tunes, composed by Chantel, ranging from traditional blues numbers complimented perfectly by the purity of her singing voice, to a much more raunchy blues rock style. And boy, can that girl play guitar! With several complicated solos she proved that she can shred with the best of them as her and her guitar became one.

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Jon Anderson with the Paul Green Rock Academy – HEART OF THE SUNRISE new promo video

Jon Anderson with the Paul Green Rock Academy – HEART OF THE SUNRISE new promo video:

PFM/Aqua Fragile Vocal Legend Bernardo Lanzetti Releases Solo Album “Horizontal Rain”

For Immediate Release

PFM/Aqua Fragile Vocal Legend Bernardo Lanzetti Releases Solo Album “Horizontal Rain”

Featuring Tony Levin, David Cross, David Jackson, Derek Sherinian, Tony Franklin, Jonathan Mover and others!

Conceived and recorded over a few years with outstanding musicians and special guests, Bernardo Lanzettiʼs new work is presented as a collection of musical episodes that sail from Progressive Rock to Vanguard, making port of call at Modern Opera, Art Rock, Rock & Soul and Classix 2 B.

Eight songs in English, two lyrics written by friend Peter Jack Marmot, wordsmith and coach manager between London and Marbella, plus an Italian text for the song “Ero un num Ero”, built on an elementary and random numerical progression as if to point out that the so-called “inspiration”, at times, can only be a fairy tale to deceive the unwary listener.

Without exaggerating or forcibly imposing his vocal range exceeding three octaves, the vocalist makes available the complete range of his voice, including the one processed by his Glovox device and those written for a choir that, in “Different”, move on articulated bars, always different in their division and imperceptibly delusional succession.

In the album, passion, detached nostalgia, fury and irony unfold track after track with a mix of sounds that are as unpredictable as they are effective: David Jackson’s baritone sax replacing the double bass in “Lanzhaiku” or Tony Levin’s unmistakable stick in “Heck Jack”. The pressing guitars of Marco Colombo in “Genial” where not even Andalusia is neglected or those of Andrea Cervetto, excitingly painful in the desperate appeal of “Walk Away”, which finds Tony Franklinʼs precise fretless bass and, in contrast, the hectic synth of Derek Sherinian and the poignant violin of David Cross. Alternating solid and frantic episodes, Jonathan Moverʼs drumming stands out on four strong selected tracks.

With more than 120 songs already published to his credit, Bernardo also celebrates his being an author/composer with this new album where almost everything, including the artwork, is due to his talent and attitude. Including the above mentioned special guests, in all 19 musicians and a choir of 7 from Italy, UK, USA and Spain, numerous sound engineers and the careful and patient work of the producer Dario Mazzoli, make this work precious and unique.

Watch the video forHeck Jack”:

(*) Alesia Baltach, Cello on 7// Marco Brioschi, Trumpet on 2// Andrea Cervetto, Gtrs, Bass, Keys, Arranger for 2 and 4// Kim Chandler, Backing Vocals on 1 and 2// Marco Colombo, Gtrs on 5 and 8 // David Cross, Violin on 1// Tony Franklin,  Bass on 1// Pier Gonella, Gtrs on 6// Franco Grandoni, Choir conductor ** on 9 // David Jackson, all Saxophones and Flutes on 3//Bernardo Lanzetti: Lead and Backing Vocals, acoustic Gtr, Harmonica, pre production and programming // Tony Levin, Stick on 2// Dario Mazzoli, Bass on 5// Sara Wilma Milani: backing vocals on 3// Carlo Napolitano: Trombone on 2// Jonathan Mover, Drums on 1, 2, 5 and 8// Alex Polipo, Drums on 4// Giancarlo Porro, sax and horn section arrangements on 2// Derek Sherinian, Keys on 1// Pier Vigolini, Keys on 6. (**) Chorus on “Different”: Luisa Baiocco, Federica Bastianelli, Silvia Metelli, Michelle Rainone, Gabriele Santoni, Teo Tiburzi, Gabriele Serano.

Track List:
01-Walk Away
02-Heck Jack
04-Time Is King
07-Ero un num Ero
08-Horizontal Rain

All music and lyrics by B.Lanzetti except 02 and 05, lyrics by P.J.Marmot.

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iTunes Italy:
iTunes USA:
iTunes UK:

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YES Keyboard Legend Tony Kaye To Release Solo Album “End Of Innocence” – Out September 10, 2021!

For Immediate Release

YES Keyboard Legend Tony Kaye To Release Solo Album “End Of Innocence” – Out September 10, 2021!

20th July 2021: Keyboard legend Tony Kaye announces the release of his debut solo album “End Of Innocence,” on 10th September 2021 on Spirit Of Unicorn Music (distributed via Cherry Red Records) to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Having retired from music in 1996, Kaye was moved, by the events of 11th September 2001, to commit his thoughts and feelings to a heartfelt personal musical interpretation.

“End Of Innocence” is a requiem for those who lost their lives and all those touched by the horrific events of 9/11. Primarily orchestral, “End Of Innocence” is a powerful and emotional suite that is both beautiful and sinister, reflecting the dark forces at work that day. It guides the listener through the day and touches on the response, to reach a hope that peace and calm may prevail.

As did many millions, Kaye watched the horrors of 9/11 unfold on his TV screen. “The next day I unpacked my keyboards for the first time in a long time,” Kaye recalls. “I didn’t know what I was going to do. It was one of those things that happened, inspiration on a musical level.”

The suite begins the night before 9/11 but, as Kaye’s wife Dani Torchia sings an innocent lullaby, menacing storms are gathering. The beautiful “9/11 Overture” was the first piece Kaye composed, the following day. “I had no recording equipment, just an 8-track cassette recorder and some of those recordings became what you hear now.”

Kaye continues to create vivid images of New York City life and a vibrancy around The World Trade Centre (285 Fulton Street) before the terror begins and captures the fears of those on the planes, “Flight 11” depicting the conversations stewardesses had with the tower. The track includes a powerful drum solo by Kaye’s friend Jay Schellen (CIRCA, YES) reflecting the struggles onboard.

Following the collapse of the towers, Dani Torchia sings her lament “Sweetest Dreams” and the album looks at the “Aftermath” and the “Heroes” before focusing on the response. “I wanted it, musically, to be about that day,” Kaye says, “but I felt compelled to extend it to deal with the repercussions of what happened. Musically, it was quite challenging to do the battle scene and then the ‘Hope And Triumph,’ a patriotic anthem and the consequences of war. ‘Ground Zero’ is the hope for the future, the rebuilding.”

The artwork for the album has been created by Roger Dean, known for his work with YES and ASIA, powerful imagery reflecting the journey the music takes.

End Of Innocence” Track Listing:
1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Twilight Time
2. 911 Overture
3. NYC Blues
4. Battle Cry
5. 285 Fulton Street
6. Let’s Roll
7. Tug of War
8. Flight 11
9. Towers Fall
10. Sweetest Dreams
11. Aftermath
12. Heroes
13. The Battle
14. Hope and Triumph
15. Homecoming
16. Ground Zero

Produced by Tony Kaye

All tracks composed by Tony Kaye except “Sweetest Dreams” by Dani Torchia.

Tony Kaye, Spirit of Unicorn Music and Cherry Red Records are donating 10% of all profits from “End of Innocence” to The charity supports veterans, defenders and first responders in times of hardship.

About Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye is best known as the original keyboard player with prog legends YES, his Hammond organ giving their groundbreaking “The YES Album” it’s most distinctive sound within the YES catalogue. Following his departure from YES in 1971 Kaye was involved with a number of other bands including David Bowie, Badger, Flash and Badfinger before returning to YES for their greatest commercial success “90125” in 1983. Kaye remained with YES for several albums and tours before retiring from the music business in 1996.

Following the re-awakening of his musical inspiration in 2001, Kaye accepted an invitation from current YES bassist Billy Sherwood to work on projects which led to the formation of CIRCA, in 2007, and has yielded four albums to date.

Tony Kaye – “End of Innocence”
Released on 10th September  through Spirit of Unicorn Music Formats: Standard CD Jewel case

Pre-order here:

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Pop-Rock Duo The Mangoes To Release New EP “Pale Blue Dot” On July 19, 2021

For Immediate Release

Pop-Rock Duo The Mangoes To Release New EP “Pale Blue Dot” On July 19, 2021

Pop-Rock Duo The Mangoes will be releasing their new EP “Pale Blue Dot” on July 19, 2021. The Mangoes was formed by Tim Morse and Bret Bingham in 2014. Conceived as a songwriting collective, their first album “The Mangoes” was well received as a pop-rock, tongue-in-cheek concept album. After a break where Bret and Tim both released solo albums, they have reformed and are about to release a new EP entitled “Pale Blue Dot.”

Says Bret, “In general, the concept of the CD was inspired by the existential musings of Carl Sagan and his observation that ‘The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.’ The extension of this is to look outward, beyond our myopic viewpoints, and realize that each of us is a very small part of something much larger.” Tim continues, “I see the album as a song cycle with ‘Pale Blue Dot’ as the starting and ending point, it is the fulcrum of this music. All of the other songs are vignettes about people and events that take place on the ‘Pale Blue Dot.’”

At the beginning of the pandemic Tim got in touch with Bret about making some music together – not necessarily reviving The Mangoes. For example, they had recently done a cover of the Pink Floyd song “Dogs” (that appeared on Tim Morse’s last album “The Archaeology Project”) and it was just credited to Morse/Bingham. However, Bret sent Tim around ten song ideas and the majority of them seemed to be Mango-y songs, so the duo leaned into that direction. There are a variety of genres on this project, there’s a blues-y gospel feel to “Hypnotized” and a The Band/Dylan vibe of “When the Sky Fell Down.” It isn’t Progressive Rock, but has an Art-Rock flavor like the Alan Parsons Project, The Moody Blues and even a bit of Pink Floyd.

Says Bret, “I had a rough outline for most of the songs. Tim helped me with the initial selection of songs to work on and then was a sounding board, helping to fill in the gaps wherever it was needed. Tim chose the Beatles’ song ‘Free as a Bird’ as a cover. I was very pleased with how the themes of the song and overall feel fit in with the rest of the songs.”

Tim and Bret had recorded The Mangoes eponymous debut album remotely, so they continued this process. It involves a lot of file sharing and emails. But this worked well during the pandemic.

Says Tim, “Bret and I have a very easy working relationship. We were in a band together before we started The Mangoes and we’ve been friends for years so there is a lot of shorthand between us. Also, there’s an openness about making suggestions regarding the music and arrangements, etc. I wish all recording projects were as smooth!”

Watch The Mangoes’ new video for the song “Pale Blue Dot”:

The Mangoes

Bret Bingham is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His music has appeared on multiple television and cable shows including Access Hollywood, Fox’s Brimstone, E True Hollywood Story and MTV’s Made. Bret’s latest solo album is “The Well Curve” and was released in 2017.

Tim Morse is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He was a member of the Jerry Jennings Band and Parallels (Yes tribute). He has released three albums of original music that were well received in the Progressive Rock community.  Tim’s most recent album is a retrospective entitled “The Archaeology Project.” He is an author and his books “Yesstories” and “Classic Rock Stories” were published by the St. Martin’s Press.

Here’s what the press has said about The Mangoes:

Beatles-esque pop tinged with Prog-rock elements.” –  Anil Parasad, Innerviews

Like Klaatu at times, but also very much like The Beatles.” – Music Street Journal

The Mangoes bring the spirit of 20th century pop-rock alive and well into the 21st century.” – Robert Silverstein,

Refreshing, I would say!” – Music in Belgium

An interesting band with perhaps the most unique sound today.” –

An absolute delight!” – Simon Barrett, blogtalkradio

The nineteen songs are concise pop gems.” –

The Mangoes are actually what happens when you mix progressive rock with the pop sensibilities of The Beatles!” – Exclusive Magazine

In closing Bret has this to impart, “The lesson of the Pale Blue Dot is to preserve and cherish what we’ve got. I think that is a fine message.” Says Tim, “Sagan’s speech talks about how fragile and unique our planet is and how we should be better caretakers of it – I think that is reflected in the songs as well.”

The Mangoes hope to release a new video soon!

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The Poppermost, One-Man “Beat Group” Feat. Joe Kane From Scotland Delivers Beatlesque Power-Poppin’ Folk-Rockin’ Roll On Debut Album “Hits To Spare”

For Immediate Release

The Poppermost, One-Man “Beat Group” Feat. Joe Kane From Scotland Delivers Beatlesque Power-Poppin’ Folk-Rockin’ Roll On Debut Album “Hits To Spare”

Released August 27, 2021 on Think Like A Key Music

With the genuine desire to create a continuation of the FABS early vibe, The Poppermost is the one-man mission of Glasgow multi-instrumentalist Joe Kane – whose attention to detail is impeccable; the structure and arrangements, the playing, the sentimentality is all there along with the in-jokes, creating songs that satisfy your innermost Fab Four desires.

The Poppermost finds Joe in his garage studio playing everything himself. Utilising an array of instruments, microphones and recording techniques, all glued together by bargain basement analogue junk that builds up to the very first Poppermost album, “Hits To Spare.”

Short, sweet and exactly as they used to make ‘em, “Hits To Spare” does exactly what it says on the sleeve. Kicking off with an enthusiastic “1-2-3-4,” the opening track “Egg And Chips,” with its solid back beat-driven Cavern Club stomp and ascending “ah-ah-ah’s” sets the scene for what follows. In just over half an hour, “Hits To Spare” packs in a multitude of double-tracked vocals, three-part harmonies and major sixth endings that’ll leave you giddy and dizzy, dizzy, dizzy Miss Lizzy.

Within these carefully considered grooves there are rockers galore like “Goodnight Georgia Peach” and “Laziest Fella In The Realm.” Then there is the chugging, chiming “Ticket To Ride” inspired “Park And Ride” alongside the romantic balladry of “Get It Down.” Whether it’s the Lennon-like “you wanted the werld and I gave you the werld” here, a woody McCartney bass-line there, a multitude of 12-string chiming George middle eight’s, with everything held in place by a perfect Ringo compressed backbeat, there’s a song for every occasion.

“Ultimately, this album was about making a very fresh, quick and positive pop record, utilising the recording aesthetics and sound of my favourite music,” says Kane, who is currently putting together a live version of the band that’ll be ready to get people twisting and shouting as soon as possible.

Based out of Glasgow, Scotland, Joe Kane stays a busy man and has a busy track record, having recorded under various aliases such as Dr. Cosmos’ Tape Lab (You Are The Cosmos) and Radiophonic Tuckshop (Last Night From Glasgow) while working with countless artists including the late, great Neil Innes (The Rutles), Joey Molland (Badfinger), Alan White (Plastic Ono Band), BMX Bandits and Ette. He can also be heard kick starting the recent Ex Norwegian & Friends tribute album to Liverpool singer-songwriter Jimmy Campbell, Sing Jimmy Campbell with a fantastic take of his classic Rockin’ Horse track “Yes It Is.”

This latest project, The Poppermost, exists to remind us of a time when the world shook to the giddy monophonic thunk of Merseybeat, to a time of Dansettes and desert boots, when R&B didn’t mean Rhianna and Beyonce and an MP3 was Harold Wilson and a couple of his Westminster mates out on the razz down Carnaby Street.

Watch the video trailer:

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exo-X-xeno Releases Adventurous Second Single, “Reaching for Beyond,” Featuring Craig Maher, Billy Sherwood, Jay Schellen, and Legendary Keyboardist Patrick Moraz

For Immediate Release

exo-X-xeno Releases Adventurous Second Single, “Reaching for Beyond,” Featuring Craig Maher, Billy Sherwood, Jay Schellen, and Legendary Keyboardist Patrick Moraz  

On July 15, 2021, progressive rock project exo-X-xeno launches its anticipated second single filled with fluid proggy riffs and elevated harmonic vocals that break through the stratosphere, called “Reaching for Beyond.” This epic song release, along with a companion conceptual promo video, continues the band’s musical journey with a polychromatic tapestry of celestial rock sounds.

“Being part of the collaborative ‘exo-X-xeno’ project, along with Craig Maher, Billy Sherwood, and Jay Schellen, is an ongoing musically uplifting and inspiring experience for me,” says Moraz.

About exo-X-xeno

The exo-X-xeno band, which launched at the beginning of 2021, pushes the prog rock boundaries of space and time with expansive, melodious vocals and sonic instrumental layering—all accomplished with a star-studded roster of musical greats.

Founded by composer, vocalist and guitarist Craig Maher, exo-X-xeno is a musical constellation consisting of bassist and backing vocalist Billy Sherwood (Yes, Toto and Conspiracy with Chris Squire), drummer Jay Schellen (Hurricane, Yes and Asia), and legendary keyboardist Patrick Moraz (Refugee, Yes and The Moody Blues). The group’s release of several singles this year will be fused into the final conceptual album (designed by Maher), entitled, Luminous Voyage.

The band’s first single, “Onward, Love,” successfully debuted on January 15, 2021 to an enthusiastic global prog rock audience.

About Craig Maher, Founder of exo-X-xeno  

Craig Maher’s musical journey as a composer, guitarist, vocalist, and recording and visual artist is sprinkled with celestial eclecticism. Throughout his 30 years of playing, studying and composing guitar-based music, he released two records, Through the Garden of Temptation, and Propel (2009). He composed the music score for the film Brooklyn Lobster, with Danny Aiello and Jane Curtin (2005). Maher has performed in a plethora of venues spanning from the U.S. to Europe and is looking forward to touring with exo-X-xeno in the near future.

“Craig’s exceptional talent for composing, authoring, guitar playing and singing are at the highest level of an amazing creativity,” says Moraz.

What’s Ahead

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of another exo-X-xeno single entitled, “Vitruvian Man,” featuring the Maher/Schellan/Moraz lineup, to be accompanied by another video launch. The single “Reaching for Beyond” will be available for digital download on the official exo-X-xeno website and on Bandcamp on July 15, 2021, with limited CD printed versions released on Shine-ON Records.

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exo-X-xeno website store:
Bandcamp Page:

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Los Angeles Alt-Rock Band Make Believe Friends Release New Single and Video “The Truth”

For Immediate Release

Los Angeles Alt-Rock Band Make Believe Friends Release New Single and Video “The Truth”

Make Believe Friends drops their latest video and single called “The Truth” on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. Mindy Milburn and Laura Espinoza are joined by the talents and amazing skills of Matt Denis & Noel Jasso and produced by Greg Karas.

Make Believe Friends (aka Lunden Reign), is an all original alt-rock band based out of Los Angeles, California. Laura & Mindy have already released 6 singles to critical acclaim.

“‘The Truth’ is filled with lyrically packed intensity matched with a driving bass beat and offset by a wonderfully melodic chorus, delivered by Mindy in a variety of outfits, which is fun to watch.” – Warren Kurtz – Goldmine (Music Magazine)

Watch video here: (Premieres July 5, 8 p.m. Pacific)

About “The Truth” by Make Believe Friends (Lyrics by Mindy Milburn)

“The Truth” is about the moment you realize you are enough exactly how you are, and the empowerment that it brings to be able to speak your mind, question the world around you and confront difficult situations.  And in return you want the same from others around you- for them to be honest, upfront, their true-selves.

I don’t wanna have to play participate in this game, this charade
but either way there’s no escape
I don’t wanna have to choose or confuse win or lose
I’m my muse and any offer I can refuse

The idea of being comfortable just being ourselves, unentangled from the pressures of modern society gives the opportunity to be as pure and free as the ocean air. It is The Truth.

About the production:

“The Truth” by Make Believe Friends was written by: (lyrics) Mindy Milburn; (music) Gabe Halcovich & Laura Espinoza, Produced by Greg Karas & Laura Espinoza.

“The Truth” lyrics:

I don’t wanna have to rush anymore,
take my time, work my style,
make’em smile like never before
I don’t wanna have to fake
double take, imitate
make no mistake that I’m gonna even the score
I don’t wanna have to play participate in this game this charade
but either way there’s no escape
I don’t wanna have to choose or confuse win or lose
I’m my muse and any offer I can refuse

Na na, na na na na
Na na, na na na na

All I ever wanted to feel
a touch a breeze
something that’s real
all I ever wanted to see
is the truth being handed back to me

I’m not gonna hold my tongue anymore when someone,
Just for fun makes a mess that can’t be undone.
I’m not gonna turn away, make believe it’s ok,
I’ll tell’ em straight, call it out when a spade’s a spade.
I don’t want to turn my trust into lust I might bust a fake is fake,
but I’m good at hiding disgust.  
I don’t wanna make amends play pretend to no end
you’re not my friend and you don’t care about me in the end.

Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na

All I ever wanted to feel
a touch a breeze
something that’s real
all I ever wanted to see
is the truth being handed back to me

Now I know better than ever before,
In life you gotta break down doors
Can’t please’ em all that’s what lessons are for,
Let the truth hurt ’em even more, than your words…

Show me the truth show me the truth?
What is the truth, what is the truth?
Show me the truth….

About Mindy Milburn:
Mindy has a passion for all performing arts- starting out as a ballet dancer and actress, & eventually finding her voice and passion for songwriting and music. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, she has performed in numerous musical theater productions & indie films and was also a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers Dance Team. Mindy made the move to southern California to follow her dream of becoming a recording artist and feels very blessed by the opportunities that have come her way. In addition to singing lead vocals for Make Believe Friends and Lunden Reign, Mindy also performs with a No Doubt and a Madonna tribute band.

About Laura Espinoza:
Laura is a songwriter/guitarist, playwright, and TV producer. Laura recently won a NARAS (Grammy) songwriting contest. She has performed on stage with Luis Maldonado (Train), Terri Nunn (Berlin), Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) & Prescott Niles (The Knack) and started her career with Matt Sorum (Guns n’ Roses). She has recorded at Capitol Records, Hollywood, Abbey Road, UK and is the host of “The Rock Radio Show” on KBU-FM, Malibu. Laura is also the recipient of 3 Emmy Awards.

The band performs LIVE at The Mint, Los Angeles, July 10, 2021
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Italian Composer, Multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Erra Releases New Single & Video “Previous Tape”

For Immediate Release

Italian Composer, Multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Erra Releases New Single & Video “Previous Tape”

Taken from the forthcoming new album Departure Tapes released on Kscope on July 2, 2021

With his new album Departure Tapes released July 2nd on Kscope, UK based Italian composer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Giancarlo Erra has revealed the 3rd single and video for “Previous Tape”. He comments, “Whatever music I write, whether for a soundtrack or for a rock band, for me, songwriting and melody are always something that must be there (I grew up listening to Beatles so I can’t escape that!). At the same time I’m not a big fan of solos, but I’m obsessed with vocals, even if synthesised. I own a couple of synths dedicated almost exclusively to that.

So on ‘Previous Tape’, I used a Seaboard (keyboard/synth) because it allows me to play instruments and sounds without quantised pitch, like a vocal (or a theremin), while at the same time with a dynamically controlled expression of other parameters, exactly like I would while I sing.”


The new studio album Departure Tapes, the follow up to 2019’s Ends I-VII, consists of 6 contemplative recordings, written while travelling between the UK and Italy and reflect the extremely difficult year Giancarlo experienced due to the death of his estranged father. Erra comments “In 2019 my first solo album was just being released, and I already had the view that I wanted to be more experimental with the second one, but no precise idea how at that point. Then my father suddenly got ill with cancer, and everything changed. I found myself taking care of this man, someone who I have been distanced from for so long.  During this time both of us came to terms with many things. I wanted to get closure, but a positive one, for him and for me.

Creatively it was an interesting period for me – writing this album without realising I was actually writing it, as it is so intrinsically linked to one of the hardest and yet more healing parts of my life. The end result is the most experimental, and at the times, the darkest material I have ever written, without compromise or set plan. It contains all the elements of my music in a very unconscious free flowing way.

Departure Tapes sees Erra using a wide mix of analogue synths and digital plugins though he is keen to highlight the unsung hero of many of his albums, “The 1979 monophonic Korg MS10, deserves a mention because this synth has a wicked filter, a squelching and screaming one that can really do some unique stuff once you use it with the modular part of the synth. In Departure Tapes and in possibly all of my albums, any bass synth part is performed on the MS10, and I believe is the one sound I use it for most of the times. Once you manually tune down the synth and then you tune and move the filter at resonant peak around the notes you need, this thing is able to make not just walls shaking bass sounds, but also ones that contain enough upper medium frequencies to cut through the mix: I would be lost without this little gem.”

Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and the more electronic / ambient recordings of Brian Eno may offer a reference point by which to enter Erra’s world, but the depth within his recordings is truly original.

Departure Tapes track listing
1. Dawn Tape [06:15]
2. Previous Tape [01:48]
3. 169th Tape [02:51]
4. Unwound Tape [08:24]
5. Departure Tape [16:51] WATCH VIDEO
6. A Blues For My Father [07:31] WATCH VIDEO

Departure Tapes will be released on the following formats and is available to pre-order HERE (
• A gatefold LP on oxblood coloured 180g vinyl
• 2-disc CD/DVD with the DVD-A/V including high resolution stereo & 5.1 mix:
DVD-V: stereo 24/48 LPCM lossless mixes, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, DTS 96/24 5.1 Surround and DVD-A: 5.1 Surround 24/48 LPCM lossless mixes
• Digitally (with digital pre-orders receiving the single “Departure Tape” as an instant download from 22nd April)

(photography by Caroline Traitler )

Album Listening Party!

Giancarlo will be hosting an album listening party on Tuesday 6th July at 1:30 PM EST (6:30pm BST) on his YouTube channel. He will be listening to the album live and answering your questions.

2 viewers will be in with a chance of winning a free signed copy of Departure Tapes in any format.

See you there!

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