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Claire Hamill Releases Her New Solo Album, “A Pocket Full of Love Songs”, Which She Wrote and Recorded in and Around Lockdown – OUT NOW!

For Immediate Release

Claire Hamill Releases Her New Solo Album, “A Pocket Full of Love Songs”, Which She Wrote and Recorded in and Around Lockdown – OUT NOW!

Claire Hamill is celebrating over 50 years in the music industry and she’s best known for her hit “Baseball Blues”, her work with Wishbone Ash and for writing Eva Cassidy’s hit “You Take My Breath Away”.

Claire Hamill released her much-loved debut album “One House Left Standing” on Chris Blackwell’s Island label in 1971 and worked with John Martyn, Steve Howe from Yes and a host of others as she developed her folk roots into new age music and beyond.

“A Pocketful of Love Songs” was written during lockdown and features songs from the heart on all aspects of love and life.

Claire Hamill said of the release: “There’s never been a better time to fall in love than now. I’m exploring the boundaries of my imagination and bringing together my thoughts and feelings in song form, to make sense of my life and my decisions. Maybe they’ll reflect some of yours too.”

The album is available from all good retailers and via the below links:
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King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson At 50” Documentary By Toby Amies Blu-Ray/DVD Set Available November 18th

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King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson At 50” Documentary By Toby Amies Blu-Ray/DVD Set Available November 18th

Also available as Limited Edition 8 disc boxed set from 2nd December

Described by Variety magazine as “really about as good as rock documentaries get,” the long-awaited, official King Crimson documentary by Toby Amies will be released in physical form on Nov 18th as a 2 Disc Blu-Ray/DVD set. An 8 Disc boxed set containing 2 Blu-Rays, 2 DVDs and 4 CDs will follow on December 2nd.

The 8 Disc boxed set includes the full King Crimson film, an early edited version of the film, a live concert from the 50th anniversary tour and a unique camera-only performance, plus a plethora of additional footage. 8 discs packaged in 4 miniature gatefold sleeves, with a 48-page booklet housed in a rigid outer case. Booklet includes notes from film director Toby Amies, David Singleton and Robert Fripp. Also includes the music from the original soundtrack and more, over 4 CDs, many tracks previously unreleased and/or new to CD.

The 2 Disc Blu-Ray/DVD set includes the full documentary film, an early edited version of the film, the final performance of the classic “Starless” from the band’s final ever concert in Tokyo, Japan in December 2021 and four trailers/shorts.

King Crimson has been described as popular but never populist. Just as King Crimson has been, for more than half a century, an atypical rock band, this film is a refreshingly atypical music documentary.

Toby Amies’ film about one of rock music’s most enduring, but simultaneously elusive, bands, “In The Court of the Crimson King – King Crimson at 50” provides a unique insight into the working process of a complex touring band, interspersed with contributions from previous band members to provide a contextual backdrop to the band’s past, as the most recent (2014-2021) line-up tours the world just before and during its 50th anniversary.

As King Crimson producer and band manager, David Singleton observed of the film: “All of life is here, not just music, and certainly not just rock. It has rightly been described as going beyond King Crimson into a ‘universal, inspirational study of what it is to work or dream to work as an artist.’”

While director Toby Amies writes of the experience: “In the Court of the Crimson King is not a film that wants to tell the audience what to think, rather it presents several different points of view about the creative process and what it means to be in this most unusual band; leaving the audience with a sense of both how complicated it all is, but also just how incredibly rewarding the King Crimson experience is both for the musicians and its fans.”

Robert Fripp announced that King Crimson had “moved from sound to silence” on social media after their final date in Japan in December 2021, making this release all the more poignant as a unique record of the band’s longest lasting line-up with tantalizing glimpses of the band’s history.

Here’s what the press has said about “In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson At 50”:

The film is angular and abrasive, exacting and playful, extremely funny and achingly melancholy.” – THE OBSERVER

“This unflinching portrait of the prog rock band is like an episode of The Office but with huge drum kits, grizzled roadies and rapturous fans” – THE GUARDIAN

“By turns comical and melancholy, it may be the most revealing film about working life in a band since Spinal Tap.” – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“A fascinating look at both a venerable institution, the dynamics of working as a multi-limbed unit that’s ruled by a single iron fist, and what it takes to play this type of music.” – ROLLING STONE

Doc about a Prog-Rock Perfectionist Is Nearly Perfect Itself. About as good as Rock documentaries get.” – VARIETY

Revelatory” – UNCUT

“A compelling insight into the tetchy men of prog rock. Their dedication to music is a joy, the persistence of Toby Amies ranks alongside Nick Broomfield. Even if you go in knowing next to nothing about King Crimson, you will leave feeling like lifelong enthusiasts.” – BBC RADIO SCOTLAND / RADIO TIMES, Siobhan Synnot

“The film ponders mortality, why music matters, and the sacrifices that bringing difficult art to the stage entails.” – THE TIMES

“In The Court of the Crimson King : King Crimson at 50 goes straight into the pantheon of those documentaries which enable us to appreciate the painful truth of what being in bands is actually like…there is no higher echelon.” – MOJO

To pre-order:—film-expanded-set—in-the-court-of-the-crimson-king—king-crimson-at-50-p1954.aspx—film-blu-ray–dvd—in-the-court-of-the-crimson-king—king-crimson-at-50-p1955.aspx

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ALIENS Go Into a DANCE FRENZY as UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP Releases a NEW SINGLE “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC“ on NOVEMBER 18, 2022 – Across the Earth Everywhere!

For Immediate Release

ALIENS Go Into a DANCE FRENZY as UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP Releases a NEW SINGLE “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USICon NOVEMBER 18, 2022 – Across the Earth Everywhere!

The tune is written by and all instruments are played by cosmic musician, UNCLE ROY aka ROY LEONARD HERMAN with the mysterious ARTIE INTELLIGENCE on drums

Europa, a Moon of Jupiter – As the holidays throughout the universe start to kick in, the moods of many worlds become filled with an enormous, high energy, party vibe! Earth is, one of those worlds! Aliens everywhere, connect from galaxy to galaxy, by those emotions through music!  And, every world loves to rock, dance and move to the groove! Therefore, UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP will be releasing to the cosmos, the NEW SINGLE, “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC”!

This tune is an uptempo, high energy, dancey, trancey, throbbing party shaker instrumental! Big, bright, energized keyboard rhythms, surrounded by slick, space funky guitar licks, that intertwine and twist together beautifully. The tight, throbbing pulse of the bass and drums, gives the tune that solid groove that makes you want to get up and have a good time! From the beginning till the end of the tune, you get the feeling of velocity and momentum. “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC” is a fun, very lively and spirited song that would fit sweetly into anyone’s holiday playlist and beyond, no matter what planet you’re on!

“A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC” is the second single to go live for UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP. The first single, “THE ALIEN BOOGIE DUB SHUFFLE” was released at the end of September and is a funk and boogie blend of a pumping rhythm section with tasty guitars and keyboards that bounce and groove all the way through the tune!

The new single can be pre-saved at SPOTIFY prior to the release date at this link:

Here’s what Uncle Roy has to say about the creation of, “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC”: “Holiday greetings, Earthlydians! The universe is filled with music and is starting to jump and jive as the holiday season kicks in! From planet to planet and moon to moon, the parties have already started! Now, I wanted to add a little Earthiness to those parties and decided that a fat groove, surrounded by rave-like keyboards and funky spacey guitars would fit perfectly into a happy, party atmosphere on every world! To come to that decision, I needed to do some listening to some of those musical legends from Earth for inspiration first. I went into the music vault on the spaceship and took out some ancient vinyl to spin on the antique stereo system I have on the spacecraft, alongside all the digital gear I have as well. I grabbed Miles Davis ‘Bitches Brew’ and ‘Jack Johnson’ albums, Michael Jackson’s ’Thriller’ album, the Temptations ‘Cloud Nine’ and ‘Psychedelic Shack’ tunes, Tower of Power ‘What is Hip,’ Average White Band ‘Pick Up the Pieces,’ and Weather Report’s ‘Heavy Weather’ album. Once again, the sounds spread throughout the ship, just the way I like it. After a few light years of listening, I was ready to write! With ease, a little of the elements of these great players and tunes, dripped into the spirit and construction of ‘A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC.’ I added myself into the mix and the song was alive!”

Uncle Roy has also released two EPs in 2019, the progressive rock instrumental EP UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIPS’s “HOW DO WE GET TO EARTH?” and an alternative rock/vocal EP called “SAVE THE UNIVERSE” by UNCLE ROY AND THE BAND FROM ANOTHER PLANET. Both are available on-line and as a CD.

With musical comparisons written within the press reviews about those Ep’s, comparing the sounds to David Bowie and Cheap Trick to King Crimson and Frank Zappa, Uncle Roys Alien Music, certainly touches upon a universe of the different and cool genres of rock music that generations of Earthlings have loved!

UNCLE ROY aka ROY LEONARD HERMAN is from the cosmic city of Brooklyn, which is a borough of New York City, which is a planet, all by itself. All walks of musical life from all across the universe are there. Here is a little story he likes to tell about meeting a musical legend and an originator of what is called ‘rock ‘n’ roll music.’ “On a very, very rainy day, circa 1974, a friend and I took a drive to Chinatown in New York City. You could get the best and the most Chinese food at tiny, family owned restaurants, for only a few dollars. By the time we arrived in the big city the rain was torrential! I drove through the small streets to our destination. I pulled up in front of the restaurant and let my friend out so he could go in and get us a table. He jumped out and I looked around for a parking space. With incredible luck, there was a parking space directly across the street from the restaurant. So, I drove to the corner of the street and made a U-turn, hoping no one would hit me and that I would hit no one as well. The rain was making visibility through the car windshield completely blurry. Well, I made it safely from corner to corner and parked the car right across from the restaurant my friend was waiting at on the small street. I opened the window a little to see out and the rainfall poured in. I quickly closed the window and looked through it. No visibility was capable as the water cascaded down the window. I said, okay. I counted to three and pushed open the door, and closed it quickly. Instantly, I took off running to cross the street. And then, it happened!!! As I hit the middle of the street in full stride, I smashed into another person running across the street from the other direction! It was ‘Chuck Berry!’ I look up at him and he looks at me and we smile and laugh. I yell, ‘Chuck Berry!’ We start to shake hands and he continues to smile! Here I am standing in bucket loads of falling rain, in the middle of a street in NYC with Chuck Berry, a creator and inventor of a style of music that is loved all over the cosmos! Immediately, I say, “Chuck, come and eat with my friend and I!” Chuck looks at me, as we’re still shaking hands and he says, “I can’t. I have my people waiting for me over there.” Chuck points over my shoulder to a restaurant. I said, okay. We then said goodbye and we each ran out of the rain in opposite directions to the restaurants. This took only a few minutes of Earth time but the memory will last forever. This was amazing!”

As the Earth spins and revolves around the Sun over the next few months, UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP is going to release several more singles into the musical universe. So, as always, watch the skies and stay tuned into your favorite places in the galaxy to hear music each day!

The track link will activate on Friday, November 18. The link is:
The Apple/iTunes artist link:
The Apple/iTunes track link:
The track link at Apple/iTunes will be activated on Friday, November 18.


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Indian-influenced Electro-acoustic Alternative Rock Duo THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS Release Their New Album SAN FRANCISCO

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Indian-influenced Electro-acoustic Alternative Rock Duo THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS Release Their New Album SAN FRANCISCO

San Francisco, CATHE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS are an alternative rock duo formed by internationally esteemed professional songwriters Indo-Canadian Raj Ramayya and San Francisco native Brett Boyd. Described as “Indian-influenced electro-acoustic alternative rock,” THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS draw influence from a wide range of iconic rock artists, but it’s their diverse and innovative musical style and their unforgettable songs with poignant lyrics that define and set the band apart. The new THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS album SAN FRANCISCO is available on November 25, Black Friday 2022, and keep an eye out this holiday season for the re-release of their 2005 classic Christmas album Peace, Love, and Xmas!

Brett and Raj met each other by chance in Tokyo in 1995, crossing paths when they were both young traveling artists exploring different cultures with a shared vision of creating music that has a positive impact on the world. As unknowns and outsiders to Japan they attracted a multi-ethnic group of Japanese misfits and expatriates from around the globe who didn’t fit into the usual scene, steadily gathering an assortment of unlikely friends and collaborators in the clubs and pubs of Tokyo. The new THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS album SAN FRANCISCO is a return to form for the group, who relocated to the US following the release of their 2010 album Four Corners of a Tiny Planet. Even though they have their roots and origins in Tokyo and still feel the pull of that city, the new album is called SAN FRANCISCO because this city is now their center. For them San Francisco is an iconic image representing a sort of promised land, a place of rebirth and renewal, a beacon of hope even as things may seem broken or desperate, all of which comes through thematically on the album.

There has always been a “multi-ethnic” theme in the production of their music, and on SAN FRANCISCO, recorded and mixed at Strawberry Hill Music studios in Northern California (, THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS worked with musicians and engineers from Brazil, China, and Korea. The album’s closing track includes a Japanese sitar-player and was recorded in their apartment in Tokyo back in the day, adding a cool nostalgic bonus to the release and bringing it all full circle. San Francisco and Tokyo have a strong connection to each other, which THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS showcase in their music and in the upcoming video for their new track “I Will Always Be There.” The video is being animated by Giezelle Bernal, who also did the album art in the same style that highlights the strong connection between the two sister-cities that mean so much to THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS.

Brett and Raj began writing and recording songs again for SAN FRANCISCO around 2019 before the start of the pandemic, and the album is dedicated to two friends that passed as a result of that tragedy. The first is “Thai Tom” who the duo met on a boat with their guitars on the way to a gig on a Thai island and discovered that he and Brett had the exact same birthday and year. Thai Tom brought them to a local temple to commemorate their fortuitous meeting, and they all became so close that Thai Tom eventually officiated the wedding of Raj and his wife. The album is also dedicated to Raj’s brother-in-law, who sadly passed during the pandemic, and also coincidentally shared the exact same birthday and year with Raj.

As THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS, Raj and Brett have developed a devout fan base through relentless touring in support of major acts such as Coldplay, Indigo Girls, and Matt Nathanson, as well as song placements in MTV reality programs including Real Life Stories, Two-A-Days, and Parental Control. THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS have had sponsorship from Heineken and Starbucks and have developed their American fan base from live appearances on leading local radio stations KFOG and Alice@97.3, West Coast Live, Amnesty International’s Rock for Human Rights, NPR’s “All Songs Considered,” NARAS “Grammy Showcases,” and had their music featured in The Gap’s 40th anniversary marketing campaign.

As first-call composers, Raj Ramayya and Brett Boyd have contributed music and songs to leading Japanese film and anime productions such as cult-classics Cowboy Bebop and Wolf’s Rain, Toyota and Asahi Beer TV commercials, the Biohazard video game, and other recording artists, including punk rock legends Hi Standard and Ken Yokoyama, and iTunes chart toppers Studio Apartment and Captain Funk. Together Raj and Brett launched Strawberry Hill Music, specializing in music production, publishing, and promotion, and embodying their underdog do-it-yourself mentality of the 90s.

Raj and Brett have spent most of the last decade prioritizing their families, raising their children while pursuing various other successful musical endeavors, but THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS retain a loyal international fan base, due in large part to Raj and Brett’s multilingual ability to connect cross-culturally with fans throughout the world. Brett Boyd says of their formative years, “I will always credit Raj’s natural talent to be welcoming and inclusive to everyone and to attract so many different kinds of people. We performed everywhere we could, and we were sometimes surrounded by outcasts in the underbelly of Tokyo, but everyone was beautiful, and Raj and I found ways to befriend artistic collaborators and fans who are dear people in our lives to this day.”

The new THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS album SAN FRANCISCO is available on November 25, Black Friday 2022, and keep an eye out this holiday season for the re-release of their 2005 classic Christmas album Peace, Love, and Xmas!

To order or stream the new THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS album SAN FRANCISCO please visit:

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Classic Rock Legends Wishbone Ash’s “Live Dates Live 50th” US Tour February/March 2023

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Classic Rock Legends Wishbone Ash’s “Live Dates Live 50th” US Tour February/March 2023

Celebrating an iconic best seller!

Formed in 1969 in England, Wishbone Ash are one of the most influential guitar bands in rock history. Equally inspired by British folk, American jazz and R&B, the band did their part to help form the emerging rock ’n’ roll scene in the U.S. and the U.K. Through dedication to the craft of guitar harmony and melody, along with relentless touring, Wishbone Ash garnered a vast audience through public approval, critical praise and worldwide distribution of their extensive recording catalog.

In 2023 the band, led by founding member Andy Powell (guitarist, lead vocals), will mark the 50th anniversary of their biggest selling, multi-platinum album, “Live Dates,” with tours of Europe, North America and the United Kingdom. In the U.S., February and March will see the band traveling through the Northeast and Midwest, with an autumn tour through the South and West.

As the first live album released by the band, “Live Dates” features selections from Wishbone Ash’s first four albums performed in concert during the summer of 1973. Reviewers have consistently listed it among the finest live rock albums of all time.

“Live Dates” includes the cream of the early Wishbone Ash crop: “King Will Come,” “Warrior,” “Throw Down the Sword,” “Rock ‘N’ Roll Widow,” “Ballad of the Beacon,” “Baby What You Want Me to Do,” “Pilgrim,” “Blowin’ Free,” “Jailbait,” “Lady Whiskey” and “Phoenix.”

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, “Live Dates” was re-recorded in its entirety at Daryl Hall’s venue, Daryl’s House Club, in Pawling, New York on July 22, 2022.

Andy Powell trades licks with Yorkshire’s Mark Abrahams, who has been playing Wishbone Ash tunes since his youth. Longtime bassist Bob Skeat keeps the low-end rocking, working the grooves with newest band member, Mike Truscott on drums. Like his band mate Mark Abrahams, Mike also hails from Yorkshire, England.

As true warriors of the road, the band regularly covers around 30,000 miles a year, which is roughly equivalent to circumnavigating the world. The Ash is an undeniable force on today’s touring scene, performing on five continents and continuing to be discovered by new generations of music fans.

Over the years the band has embraced diverse musical genres, from folk, blues and jazz to pedal-to-the-metal rock and electronica. Regardless of the style, Wishbone Ash’s groundbreaking interplay of two lead guitars influenced bands such as Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, Umphree McGee and Opeth, among many others.

Wishbone Ash’s latest studio album (their 26th), “Coat of Arms,” was released in early 2020.

Tour Dates

February 2023

22 Pawling, NY – Daryl’s House
23 Shirley, MA – Bull Run
24 Norwalk, CT – Wall Street Theater
25 Jim Thorpe, PA – Mauch Chunk Opera House
26 Pittsburgh, PA – Club Cafe
28 Detroit, MI – Token Lounge

March 2023

01 Cincinnati, OH – Ludlows Garage
02 Fort Wayne, IN – Clyde Theater
03 St. Charles, IL – Arcada Theater
04 Edwardsville, IL – Wildey Theater
05 Edwardsville, IL – Wildey Theater
07 Davenport, IA – River Music Experience/Redstone Room
08 Minneapolis, MN – Palace Theatre
09 Milwaukee, WI – Colectivo on Prospect
11 Kent, OH – Kent Stage
12 Buffalo, NY – Sportsmens Tavern
13 Buffalo, NY – Sportsmens Tavern
16 Derry, NH – Tupelo Music Hall
18 Sellersville, PA – Sellersville Theater
19 Annapolis, MD – Ramshead Tavern

Exclusive Early Admission
Pre-Show Meet and Q&A with the Band
Mini Private Performance
VIP Laminate & Lanyard
Crowd-free merchandise shopping

For more information, visit or check out them out on social media:
Facebook @Wishbone.Ash.Official
Instagram @wishboneashofficial
Twitter @wishboneash_com

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OZARK TALENT – 34,000+ concerts on 5 continents – since 1989
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VANDERWOLF Continues Genre-Bending Journey With Electro-Infused Single “3/5ths in the Fire”

For Immediate Release

VANDERWOLF Continues Genre-Bending Journey With Electro-Infused Single “3/5ths in the Fire”

NEW SINGLE and VIDEO (directed by Alden Volney) RELEASED NOVEMBER 7, 2022 VIA PROPER.

As a follow-up to the widely-lauded LP, “12 Little Killers,” New York musician Max Vanderwolf will release the retro-futuristic single, “3/5ths in the Fire” 2022 via Proper. The song, which was recorded in Camberwell, London with producer Chris Wyles at the helm, has its origins in the raging rock excesses of Vanderwolf’s previous London band, Last Man Standing.

“This song was a staple in our set and was frequently played at festivals like Glastonbury, Lovebox and Bestival as well as clubs like 93 Feet East and Barfly. We recorded it much like we’d performed it but eventually I came around to the idea that I wanted to strip it down to its skeletal essence and re-dress it as something sonically anachronistic. Luckily, Chris immediately understood what I was going for…we listened to Vangelis’ ‘Bladerunner’ and Squarepusher’s ‘Hello Everything’ amongst other space-age references. We essentially reinvented the song.”

Listen to the single here:

The only things remaining on this released version of the song is Vanderwolf call & response vocals which are split between a distressed sound and a vocoded voice.

Wyles explains, “All drums were replaced with samples and programmed – main beats held back until the 2nd verse with a view to making the 7/8 and 4/4 transitions as smooth as possible. So, the quarter-note accents on the hi-hat for instance are always shifting from on to offbeat. Bass was replaced with a combination of Moog and Oberheim. There were multiple patches dependent on the parts and sections and in places were reinforced with synth.”

Wyles programmed the chords and then arpeggio’d them with 2 different arpeggios using a synth combination but mostly an Oberheim SEM synth which brought up interesting things especially in the 7/8 sections. Synth pads were filtered to add movement and momentum.

“It was written in both 7/8 and 4/4 and the end section combines both,” adds Vanderwolf. “The whole thing was designed to ‘float’ along and despite the complexity.”

The lyrics by Vanderwolf point toward the degradation of human experience in which consensual reality becomes increasingly out of reach and thus one’s relationship to oneself in turn, also, disintegrates. “I must’ve written these words in 2016 before our current epoch of internet conspiracies, false narrative and the plague of technology that silos us became so prevalent. It was this kind of alienation I sought to capture in the song.”

As well as being a musician with a long and storied history – most notably as vocalist of the aforementioned cultish band, Last Man Standing, whose 2007 debut album “False Starts & Broken Promises” received plaudits from Mojo and Uncut among others – Max Vanderwolf has a hugely successful career as a music programmer and concert producer, working for some of the worlds’ most celebrated clubs and concert venues. These include New York’s legendary Knitting Factory and London’s internationally renowned Royal Festival Hall, where for 9 years he produced the Meltdown Festival working closely with David Bowie, Patti Smith, Jarvis Cocker, Massive Attack and Ornette Coleman.

In May 2022 Vanderwolf released the single, “When the Fire Grows Cold” which featured the legendary vocalist, Robert Wyatt. The sprawling psychedelic B-side, “Extinction” featured a “glissando” guitar solo from Daevid Allen.

In July 2022 Vanderwolf released the LP, “12 Little Killers” of which Mojo Magazine wrote, “There is a sophisticated musicality at play” and Rolling Stone France wrote, “The musician has concocted a rock record classic in form and devilishly accomplished in content.”

Vanderwolf will release his first album of songs recorded entirely in Los Angeles in March 2023.

Stream at or contact: for an audio download

Watch video directed by Alden Volney:




Rockabilly Legend ROBERT GORDON Lives On Through New Release Of Vintage Studio Recordings With CHRIS SPEDDING!

For Immediate Release

Rockabilly Legend ROBERT GORDON Lives On Through New Release Of Vintage Studio Recordings With CHRIS SPEDDING!

Los Angeles, CA – When news came that legendary rockabilly crooner Robert Gordon had passed away, tributes came pouring in from all around the globe. Stories appeared in every outlet from Billboard to Variety to Deadline to NME. Former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock called Gordon “a fabulous singer [who] will be sorely missed” while Gordon’s close friend, Blue Öyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard, says “He was a soulful man with an unnaturally powerful voice. He had perfect pitch up until the day he died. He was still doing his vocal warm ups in the hospital when almost every other thing in his body was failing. I will never forget him.” Many others weighed in with their own stories, both personal and professional, of Gordon’s vivacious personality and incredible talent.

And though he will truly be missed, we can still celebrate Gordon’s spirit through his music. The final album that Gordon worked on was a collection of recordings from 1998, an album crafted in collaboration with Gordon’s longtime partner, British guitar heavyweight Chris Spedding, Entitled Hellafied, this 14 track collection of both original songs and cover versions was nearly lost forever until Gordon rescued it from the vault. He worked tirelessly in his last days to finalize the project and get it ready for release. Now, the entire project is set to be shared with the world on all formats on November 25 but today you can stream the lead off track, a song Gordon wrote himself, about living life to its fullest every day because “there’s only one day left until forever.” It’s exactly how Gordon lived his life, and the most fitting way to remember him.

Stream the single:

Pre-order the CD/vinyl:

Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

1. One Day Left
2. Please Don’t
3. Have I The Right
4. Middle Of The Night
5. Signs Of Love
6. I’ll Make It Right
7. Why (Don’t You Love Me)
8. I Saw A Smile
9. Don’t Let Go
10. Girl Like You
11. Please Don’t Touch
12. Tell Him No
13. You Don’t Know What You Got
14. Believe What You Say

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One of the Most Sought-After Krautrock Albums, Twogether’s ‘A Couple of Times,’ Has Been Re-Released on CD and Digital Platforms – OUT NOW!

For Immediate Release

One of the Most Sought-After Krautrock Albums, Twogether’s A Couple of Times, Has Been Re-Released on CD and Digital Platforms – OUT NOW!

Twogether were a German drums and keyboards rock duo from Düsseldorf, formed in 1973 out of musicians previously in The Crew and Blue Squad. They never did many gigs and only existed for a short while after completing their sole self-produced album.

A Couple of Times is a much sought-after rarity among collectors and was released in 1973 and has been unavailable on CD for over a decade.

This 2022 remaster features new liner notes by surviving member Reinhard Fischer and has also been approved by the Klaus Bangert Estate. Two bonus tracks from a non-album single (their only other release) have also been included.

Surviving Twogether member Reinhard Fischer said “We didn’t play together long enough for something to develop from it but from the mixture of our individual ideas about music this album came into being, a bit of everything and many opposites.”

Available now:
Amazon CD:
Apple Music:

The album is also available to order here:

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Stanley Clarke, Stewart Copeland, and Deborah Holland Reunite as Animal Logic After 31 Years

For Immediate Release

Stanley Clarke, Stewart Copeland, and Deborah Holland Reunite as Animal Logic After 31 Years

Revered expansive pop trio releases brand new singles “Can You Tell Me” and “Ordinary” across all DSPs on November 18

In 1987, legendary jazz bassist Stanley Clarke, ex-Police drummer Stewart Copeland, and singer-songwriter Deborah Holland surprised the world when they emerged as Animal Logic. Was it going to be a jazz-rock or punk-pop project? It turned out to be neither. Instead, they released two albums, 1989’s “Animal Logic” and 1991’s “Animal Logic II,” focused on smart, confident pop, deep grooves, and Holland’s soaring vocals.

The group was inextricably linked to Copeland’s Police history, having originally signed to his brother and Police manager Miles Copeland’s revered I.R.S. Records. In fact, Animal Logic’s first album cover was originally conceived for a Police greatest hits album.

The debut record resulted in a hit single in the US, Canada, and UK titled “Spy in the House of Love.” Further key singles included “As Soon As the Sun Goes Down” and “Rose Colored Glasses.” The group went on a single world tour in 1989, in addition to performing on Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show, and on MTV.

The group broke up shortly after the release of “Animal Logic II” due to Clarke and Copeland’s prolific soundtrack and solo work commitments. Copeland and Clarke would also go on to reform their most famous groups, with Police and Return to Forever reunions in subsequent years. Holland transitioned into a successful solo career, resulting in six solo albums, including 2020’s “Fine, Thank You!” which featured Copeland on four tracks.

All three stayed in touch across the decades. The trio first rekindled their working relationship in 2013 when they joined forces to perform as part of Copeland’s Sacred Grove YouTube series, which can be viewed here:

Between 2013 and 2022, the band shared ideas and files, resulting in the two new tracks, “Can You Tell Me” and “Ordinary,” which capture the quintessential, timeless Animal Logic approach.

“Can You Tell Me” combines classic West Coast songwriting, American folk-rock influences, and Clarke and Copeland’s rhythmic signatures. It explores the need for people to move on instead of wallowing in misery when faced with untenable circumstances. The track also features Howard Levy on harmonica, from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

“Ordinary” is a kinetic, upbeat rocker with lyrics focusing on the myriad upheavals the world is facing and trying to keep one’s head together despite it all. It includes sophisticated vocal harmonies, addictive hooks, and would have been very much at home on Animal Logic’s debut record.

The songs will be released digitally on November 18 and will be available on all streaming platforms. They can also be purchased via Bandcamp at:

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Lodestone’s Sole Album, ‘Time Flies’ from 1971, has been Released on CD and Digitally for the First Time, Taking its Place as a Founder of the Progressive Rock Concept Album Genre – OUT NOW!

For Immediate Release

Lodestone’s Sole Album, Time Flies from 1971, has been Released on CD and Digitally for the First Time, Taking its Place as a Founder of the Progressive Rock Concept Album Genre – OUT NOW!

Lodestone’s eponymous and sole studio album, Time Flies, has been released on CD and Digitally for the first time. The album was one of the earliest progressive rock concept albums of the genre.

It originally came out on Philips Germany in 1971, but it was only released in three European countries at the time.

The CD comes with a booklet featuring new liner notes on the making of the album, along with a science fiction short story. The premise of the album’s story is: “The astronauts’ flight to a new star took 300 years. The four space adventurers finally awake to discover how time flies… and how it can play some very cruel tricks…”

The band features ex-members of The Cymbaline, In- Sect, The Flies and Infinity. The release has been re-mastered by band member Gerry Morris and approved by original producer Tony Atkins.

Lodestone’s guitarist Gerry Morris said: “The Lodestone album’s re-release is such wonderful news. The album is already popular with avid collectors, but this is the first time is been on CD or available digitally. We welcome it back after 50 years. It’s amazing how time flies!”

The album’s producer Tony Atkins added: “The Lodestone album Time Flies was one of my first productions. I am very proud of how, in 1971, it broke boundaries in the then-new progressive rock genre. It’s great to have it available again in new formats.”

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