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Americana Music Legend Tokyo Rosenthal Releases “Afterlife”

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Americana Music Legend Tokyo Rosenthal Releases “Afterlife”

Chapel Hill, NC – Rock & Sock Records announced today that their recording artist, Tokyo Rosenthal, will be releasing his sixth studio album on their label on August 1, 2015. The new album is entitled “Afterlife”. It’s Rosenthal’s first release in over two years and the disc contains 10 original compositions as well a new video for the single, “The Cold War”.

The new tunes cover subjects as diverse as the Deep South, child loss, illness, burials, war options, and two of Toke’s favorite performing venues. Joining Tokyo on this record are some of his regulars as well as some new contributors. Chris Stamey once again performs on bass as well as engineering the record and assisting in the production. Andrea Connolly returns to help on vocals. David DiGiuseppe takes a larger role in this Tex Mex leaning album with his great accordion playing. “Toke” of course plays both lead and rhythm guitar, piano, and harmonica. He authored all songs as well as handling lead vocals on each track.

The new collaborators bring some diversity and new sounds not heard before on a Tokyo Rosenthal project. Recent Rosenthal tour partner, Jick Wins-Low, handles the drum chores as well as mandolin. Dobro makes it’s Tokyo Rosenthal debut with the stellar picking and sliding of Dan Mahoney. Tom Ed White brings his viola to the party and Juanito Laguna lends his Mexican heritage to the album with his Charango. Rounding out the eclectic sound of “Afterlife” is Emily J. Farmer on French Horn.

“It was great to have the opportunity to record with such a variety of great players,” said Rosenthal. “It allowed me to take chances and put out a very different sounding album. I missed being in the studio and after many months I’m quite pleased with the results. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the great job by Brian West who produced the video for “The Cold War”. It really captured what I was trying to say on that track.” The video of “The Cold War” can be seen here. The brilliant album design was made possible thanks to the beautiful cover picture by Carrie Klein and on the back by Mike Green.

The album will be supported both by Domestic and Foreign touring. Most notable is an upcoming 3 week tour of Ireland, Scotland, and England in October. The album will be available through most sources including iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and Spotify.

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NC Americana Music Artist Tokyo Rosenthal To Host Syndicated Radio Show

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NC Americana Music Artist Tokyo Rosenthal To Host Syndicated Radio Show

Chapel Hill, NC – Rock & Sock Records recording artist, Tokyo Rosenthal, has been selected to host a weekly, syndicated radio show featuring live performances by Americana singer-songwriters. The show, aptly titled “The Tokyo Rosenthal Program”, will be recorded “live to disc” beginning June 5th. Distribution of the program will be worldwide.

The show will emanate from The Pittsboro Roadhouse in Pittsboro, North Carolina before a live audience. Pittsboro is situated adjacent to “The Triangle” of North Carolina which includes Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh.

The format will have “Toke” as the performing host as well as weekly guests from all over the country. Rosenthal likes to say that the program will be akin to the old “Johnny Cash Show” on TV. “I will be opening the show with a couple of tunes before bringing on the guests,” said Rosenthal. “And before the evening is over I’m sure there will be some jamming as well. The highlight of Johnny’s show for me was when he played with Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and his other guests. We’re gonna have some fun like that and we’re going to keep it organic and not over produced.” Tokyo’s touring partner, Daniele Cagnotto, known the world over as Manguss, will be accompanying Toke as well as the guests on occasion.

The Pittsboro Roadhouse has been a major player in North Carolina music for a while and was a natural choice to host the area’s first syndicated radio show.”We’re pleased that Tokyo singled out the Pittsboro Roadhouse as the ideal venue for his new Americana music show,” said owner Greg Lewis. “We’ve been impressed with Tokyo since he first performed on our stage and are pleased that we can partner with him. The show fits right in with Pittsboro’s growth as an exciting center for both the visual arts and live music.”

Stations and networks are signing up now for the one hour weekly broadcast. Those already on board include WCHL (the show’s flagship station in Chapel Hill), CMR Nashville, Wrecking Ball Radio, and The Wildman Steve Network. Over the next several weeks Rosenthal and company will announce the affiliates as well as the weekly schedule of guests. Plans are also in the works for a video version of the show.

Tokyo Rosenthal is an award winning singer-songwriter from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His last album, “Tokyo’s Fifth”, placed high on all the Americana Charts, received critical acclaim, and earned him an honor in Ireland for the song, “Killaloe”. The video of the single, “What Did I Used To Be?’, went “mini viral”. Toke’s next studio release is scheduled for January 2015.

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Chapel Hill Singer/Songwriter Tokyo Rosenthal To Be Honored In Ireland

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Chapel Hill Singer/Songwriter Tokyo Rosenthal To Be Honored In Ireland

Chapel Hill, NC – Award winning singer/songwriter, Tokyo Rosenthal, will be honored by Ireland’s The Gathering Clare on May 10th in Killaloe, County Clare, for writing and recording “Killaloe”. Rosenthal wrote and recorded the tune about the town that his Aunt and Uncle called home in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Tokyo returned there this past September for a live performance and that inspired the song which appears on his latest CD, “Tokyo’s Fifth”.

“Killaloe” made its international radio debut on January 5th earlier this year on Clare FM Radio. The album subsequently hit number 4 on the Euro Americana Chart, Tokyo’s highest position to date on that chart. The ceremony will take place at The Anchor Inn in Killaloe at 4pm. Tokyo will also play a free solo concert immediately following the ceremony, also at The Anchor Inn. This will kick off a two week Ireland/UK tour for Rosenthal, his sixth such tour.

“My Aunt and Uncle could never have imagined that I’d be receiving this honor in 2013 or any time for that matter, I’m overwhelmed!”, said Rosenthal. “Killaloe and County Clare are some of my favorite parts of the world. I’m glad I could further immortalize this gem of people and land in a song. I thank everyone at The Gathering Clare, Clare FM, The Anchor Inn, and “the locals” for all the support and opening up their arms to me. Seeya all soon.”

Speaking of Tokyo’s upcoming visit to County Clare in May, Monica Meehan, The Gathering coordinator for County Clare said,”2013 is a special year for Ireland: it is the year of The Gathering and there is no better place to be than County Clare. The Gathering Clare 2013 Steering Group has undertaken a number of initiatives to promote The County and to support festival and event organizers throughout the year and extends a warm welcome to all. The Group is delighted to welcome back Tokyo Rosenthal to Killaloe. To mark his visit, the Mayor of Clare, Councillor Pat Daly, will pay tribute to Tokyo for his song
‘Killaloe’ at this upcoming civic event.”

On the recording, Tokyo sang, played guitar, and handled percussion. He was joined on the track by Chatham County Line’s John Teer on fiddle and Chris Stamey of the dB’s on bass. Rosenthal records on the Rock & Sock Records label.

Rosenthal will be performing two other concerts in Ireland(Galway and Kildare) before heading to Scotland and England. His full tour schedule is available at . Copies and downloads of “Killaloe”, “Tokyo’s Fifth”, or any of Tokyo Rosenthal’s recordings are available at CD Baby ( , iTunes(, and at CD Stores worldwide including FYE Stores.

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Tokyo Rosenthal Releases “Tokyo’s Fifth”


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Tokyo Rosenthal Releases “Tokyo’s Fifth”

Chapel Hill, NC – Rock & Sock Records announced today that they are releasing “Tokyo’s Fifth” by their recording artist, Tokyo Rosenthal. Appropriately titled, this is Rosenthal’s fifth album on the Rock & Sock label, and number five in only six years. The record includes 9 new original tunes penned by “Toke” and a rare cover of Lennon and McCartney’s “Helter Skelter”. Also included on the new CD is a video of the album’s first single, “What Did I Used To Be?”, which went “mini-viral”. This is Tokyo’s latest release since the critically acclaimed “Who Was That Man?” from 2011. That album made the Top 10 on most Americana Charts.

Tokyo is joined once again by a stellar cast of musicians including himself on lead and rhythm guitar, piano, organ, and vocals. Chris Stamey (dB’s) returns on bass, Will Rigby (Steve Earle and dB’s) and Logan Matheny on drums, Toke’s constant touring partner Charlie Chamberlain on mandolin and lead guitar, John Teer (Chatham County Line) on fiddle, Allyn Love (Pedal Steel), and Matthew Douglas and David DiGiuseppe round out the players on clarinet and accordion respectively. In addition, Tokyo is accompanied on vocals by the amazing talent of Andrea Connolly.

As eclectic as ever, “Tokyo’s Fifth” opens with a clarinet lick and continues to demonstrate his versatility in writing and arranging throughout the entire album. As always the subject matter is controversial, political, and personal. Never a stranger to controversy, Toke covers unemployment, suicide, and out sourcing on the album’s first single, “What Did I Used To Be?”, and the immigration situation in Arizona on “The Immigrant”. Tokyo revisits songs dedicated to cities and neighborhoods with “Killaloe” and “Mulberry Place”, and euthanasia on “We Put You Down”. Rarely recording material by other writers, Rosenthal, along with the screaming violin of Chatham County Line’s John Teer, take on “Helter Skelter”, in a very creative and unique arrangement of The Beatle’s classic. Andrea Connolly’s vocal harmonies were born to be on Tokyo’s ode to his father, “Waste Of A Heart”, the reggae styled, “Smoke and Mirrors”, and she will bring a tears to your eyes on her heartfelt duet with Tokyo on “We Put You Down”.

“I can’t believe it’s only been six years since my first record. Seems like we’ve been doing this forever, and here we are at number five, said Rosenthal.” “I certainly couldn’t have done it without the support of my wife Carrie Klein and our daughters, Americana radio, my accompanists, especially my touring partner Charlie Chamberlain, my guru Chris Stamey, and the folks who buy my music and come to our shows. I hope this album will make you think, cry, and feel it to be unique, both musically and philosophically. A lot of great players took part in this project in order to deliver my vision of how these songs should be presented to my listeners. I trust we won’t disappoint them and any new friends we pick up along the way.”

As of this writing, Clare FM Radio in Ireland, will be giving “Killaloe” its radio debut on their station, and Toke has been asked to come there to be honored and perform in concert early in 2013. Rosenthal will begin touring world wide and visiting radio stations to support the “The Fifth” and will announce dates, times, and locations shortly.

The video of “What Did I Used To Be?” was produced and directed by Emmy Award winner Nic Beery from Carrboro, North Carolina. It features not only Tokyo but has classic footage from earlier times contrasting footage of contemporary hardships and situations. The response to the video and the song in the U.S. and abroad has been overwhelming. To view the video log on to

For more information please visit “Tokyo’s Fifth” and other Tokyo Rosenthal CDs and downloads are available at CD Baby, iTunes,, FYE Stores, and most music outlets.

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Americana Singer/Songwriter Tokyo Rosenthal Pens Anthem For Job Loss, Outsourcing, and Desperation

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Americana Singer/Songwriter Tokyo Rosenthal Pens Anthem For Job Loss, Outsourcing, and Desperation

March 7, 2012 – Chapel Hill, NC – Rock & Sock Records recording artist, Tokyo Rosenthal, has released a new single entitled, “What Did I Used To Be?” It’s a song that captures the frustrations and shattered illusions of workers all over the globe. Outsourcing, reinvention, natural resources, and desperation are all covered by award winning singer-songwriter Rosenthal.

The single, available only by download, is accompanied by a video produced by acclaimed director, Nic Beery. The video can be seen on You Tube ( and on Rosenthal’s web site (

Tokyo is joined once again on the track by Chris Stamey on bass, Will Rigby on drums, and Allyn Love on pedal steel guitar. “Toke” plays lead and rhythm guitar as well as piano. He also handles the vocals.

“It didn’t take much to inspire me to write this song”, said Rosenthal. “All you have to do is turn on TV and the stories are all there. These are tough times and hopefully the tune and the video capture some of the frustration and misery that’s all over the world. If it gets people to stop, think, and react, then I’ll be happy. I don’t expect to change things with a song, just stir things up a bit and document our present history.”

Rosenthal has begun performing “What Did I Used To Be?” in concert to great reactions. He will perform it live on Music Fog from South By Southwest in Austin, Texas as part of their video stream from the world famous festival on March 16th. He will be joined there by his touring partner Charlie Chamberlain on mandolin and lead guitar.

Among other sites, the single is available from CD Baby at and from iTunes at

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Tokyo, along with Charlie Chamberlain, will be performing at SXSW in Austin, Texas, March 16-18

Toke and Charlie will embark on a three week Northeast tour beginning May 3rd in Hampton, Virginia, which will include a return to The Bitter End in NYC on May 8th

Toke will reprise his appearance at Earth Action Day in Chapel Hill, NC on April 14th,

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