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German Music Legends Guru Guru Celebrate 50 Years With New CD “Rotate!”

For Immediate Release

German Music Legends Guru Guru Celebrate 50 Years With New CD “Rotate!”

50 years of Guru Guru – that’s 50 years of Krautrock!

Dudenhofen, Germany – If you hadn’t believed possible that Mani Neumeier and his Guru Guru still rank among Germany’s most active and prolific rock bands, well, then you’d be proven wrong!

Founded in 1968, the year of the student’s revolt in Germany, Guru Guru has reached their 50th anniversary and still maintains their innovative spirit. Where many a musician made it big as a one-hit-wonder just to fade into oblivion soon after, Guru Guru carved their way outside the mainstream and short lived trends by blending experimental rock, avant-garde, jazz and world music into an unique, original form of rock ‘n’ roll.

No one will deny that there were ups and downs, but nowadays, Mani (Drums/Percussion/Vocals) shares the stage with two long-standing companions. Roland Schaeffler (Guitar/Saxophone/Vocals) and Peter Kuhmstedt (Bass/Vocals) have been with Guru Guru for more than 40 years. The passing of Hans Reffert, aged 69 (Feb. 21, 2016), was a severe blow, but with newly recruited guitar player Jan Lindqvist they overcame this tragedy and proved that they are not in the least tired of creating music. Those four “Krautrockers” are living legends and next to the Rolling Stones among the longest-serving rock bands on this planet. Mani and Mick are in fact standing next to each other in the Tokyo House of Wax! Mani Neumeier and his Gurus are the epitome of a band that defies musical trends and fads and transcends limitations and genres even on their newest CD called “Rotate!”

After more than 40 releases (LP, CD & DVD), Guru Guru demonstrates that the “overhauled Flagship of German rock” – as they have been called by the German magazine Musikexpress – have not lost their ability to entrance and provide an extraordinary spectacle. Songs like “Ooga Booga Special” span the decades, from the early days of “Magic Tree” to their latest studio album “Rotate!” which has been released to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary in 2018. Never to be missed of course is the immortal “Elektroluch”: The underground hit that has written “Krautrock” history and is, to this day, an intregal part in the band’s live performance.

Whoever thought that Guru Guru would slow down or that Mani would retire to a quiet life in the countryside couldn’t be more wrong. After 50 years they continue to go their own way because they’ve always been – and still are unique!

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A 6CD Supernova Box Set Of The Universe’s Finest SPACE ROCK Set To Launch In November!


For Immediate Release

A 6CD Supernova Box Set Of The Universe’s Finest SPACE ROCK Set To Launch In November!

Featuring Can, GONG, Hawkwind, Popol Vuh, Nektar, Guru Guru, Tangerine Dream and many others!

Los Angeles, CA – An intergalactic roadmap to the most mind-blowing sounds in the Universe will be landing in record stores everywhere starting November 18 courtesy of Purple Pyramid Records. Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide is a brand new collection of 6CDs of the best Space Rock from the outer reaches of the galaxy including tracks by such legendary acts as Hawkwind, Amon Düül II, Gong, Can, Guru Guru, Tangerine Dream, Ozric Tentacles, Popol Vuh, Alice Cooper, Nektar, Chrome, and more! Joining these mythic figures is a broad assortment of spectacular bands from all over the great Planet Earth including bands from Germany, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, France, Hungary, Finland, Italy, and elsewhere! This one-of-a-kind set also includes a never before released track by Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner from his forthcoming new album. Each CD comes in its own individually designed jacket and all are housed in a deluxe 7″x7″ box with oversized booklet featuring liner notes by music journalist Dave Thompson, band biographies, photos, and out of this world artwork!

Track List:
1. Can – All Gates Open
2. Hedersleben – Gulf Of Lost Souls
3. Øresund Space Collective – The Trichophantic Spire
4. Popol Vuh – Steh Auf, Zieh Mich Dir Nach
5. Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Sign From Space
6. Ozric Tentacles – Space Out
7. Secret Saucer – Lift Off
8. An Emerald City – Seizuretron
9. Nik Turner – Out Of Control
10. Melting Euphoria – Flying Eyes Like Saucers
11. Guru Guru Groove Band – UFOlove
12. Maat Lander – The Comet Rider
13. Gong – Fohat Digs Holes In Space (Live Paris 1972)

1. Tangerine Dream – Ultima Thule Part 1
2. Brainticket – Watchin’ You
3. Faust – Parasiten
4. Pyramidal – Black Land
5. Shawn Lee – Low Riders In Space
6. Hydravion – Passadena Airport
7. Pressurehed – Altitude
8. Het Droste Effect – You Know That I Knew
9. German Oak – Shadows Of War (A. Rain Of Destruction / B. B1 To London)
10. Daevid Allen Weird Quartet – The Cold Stuffings Of November
11. Omega – Don’t Keep On Me Waitin’
12. Kalutaliksuak – What Are Your Feet Eating?
13. Oranssi Pazuzu – Reikä Maisemassa

1. Steve Hillage & William Shatner – Rocket Man (Alternate Mix)
2. Black Rainbows – Hawkdope
3. Guru Freakout – Notre Dame (Mothership) [Edit]
4. XYNN – Lost In Space (English Version)
5. The Spacelords – Pyroclastic Monster
6. Aqua Nebula Oscillator – Human Toad (Live)
7. Magic Wands – Jupiter
8. Atomic Simao – Descending
9. White Manna – We Pretend Space Isn’t There
10. Yuri Gagarin – At The Center Of All Infinity
11. Federico Farnè – What Illuminates The Night

1. Guru Guru – Spaceship (Edit)
2. Hawkwind – Seeing It As You Really Are
3. It’s Not Night: It’s Space – Vibration Eater
4. Earthling Society – EA1729
5. Robert Calvert – Lemmy & I Swallowed Massive Amounts Of Drugs
6. Gilli Smyth – What Do You Really Want (Live)
7. The Re-Stoned – Faces Of Earth
8. The Dunes – Badlands
9. Exxasens – Helios
10. Oranjjoolius – Tiki Sleep Cycle
11. Equations – SSSUUUNNN
12. Secret Symbol Society – Canes Venatici
13. Lord Fuzz – The Freak

1. Amon Düül II – Archangels Thunderbird
2. Naxatra – Space Tunnel
3. Celestial Bums – Child of the Moon
4. Dark Buddha Rising – L
5. My Education / Theta Naught Sound Mass – End Masse
6. Sun Araw – Deep Temple
7. Hidria Spacefolk – Kaneh Bosm
8. Dasputnik – Orbitary Volcano
9. Ava Cherry – Highway Blues
10. Orlando Monday – Moonchild
11. MKM – Retorn Al Planeta Imaginari
12. Sons Of Hippies – Spaceship Ride

1. Nektar – Astronaut’s Nightmare
2. Chrome – Eyes In The Center
3. Space Debris – Phonomorph
4. Leroy Powell And The Messengers – Weightlessness
5. Electric Orange – Meals Of Confusion
6. Floorian – Overruled
7. Alice Cooper – B.B. On Mars (Live 1969)
8. Gdeva – Autobahn
9. Vespero – Vision 7. Kidish Hail
10. ST 37 – The ‘In’ Crowd
11. Nik Turner – 1975 Interview

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Rare Release Feat. Legendary Guru Guru Founding Members Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte “Guru Guru Groove Band – The Birth of Krautrock 1969” Now Available!

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For Immediate Release

Rare Release Feat. Legendary Guru Guru Founding Members Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte
“Guru Guru Groove Band – The Birth of Krautrock 1969” Now Available!

Los Angeles – A newly discovered gem finally sees the light of day courtesy of Guru Guru founding member of Mani Neumeier! Titled “Guru Guru Groove Band – The Birth of Krautrock 1969”, this historically important release was recorded in a small studio in Heidelberg Germany 1969 with Neumeier and future Guru Guru member Uli Trepte, as well as a host of guest musicians, performing a collective free style modal improvisation that would form the foundation of many Krautrock bands to come!

“It was the year 1967, when Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte left the Free Jazz Trio Irene Schweizer Group. It was the time of a musical revolution, and a sense of change was in the air. When they first heard Jimi Hendrix on the radio, they were so turned on by his tripped out sound that they decided they wanted to create something radical that hadn’t been heard or done before. Drawing more musical inspirations from the likes of The Mothers of Invention, Karl Heinz Stockhausen, Indian music, Albert Ayer, and Pink Floyd, Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte developed the concept of collective free style modal improvisation. Each musician and instrument was supposed to play an equally important role. They had a huge sound, which was dominated by the use of two full Marshall stacks and Mani Neumeier’s fluent and inventive drum style. In the first half of 1968, they formed their own sound. The first studio session took place in Heidelberg, Germany. It was a sound expedition recorded on LSD, with several guests on sax, voice and guitar. The band told the engineer that they wanted to play all night. The music was fed through an echo machine to add to the spaced out feel. Now forty years later, Mani Neumeier discovered these very recordings, which can be heard on this album for the very first time! All tracks were recorded two years prior to the first GURU GURU album UFO, which came out in 1970. They were also recorded five years before anyone used the term Krautrock. So here it is, the birth of Krautrock! You better believe it!” – Jurgen Engler

“Guru Guru Groove Band – The Birth of Krautrock 1969” is available on both CD and a special 200 gram white label, hand stamped vinyl pressing!

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