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Paul Adams, Noted Award Winning Composer of New Age Eclectic Music Morphs Into PD Adams With the Release of “This Curious Wonder”

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Paul Adams, Noted Award Winning Composer of New Age Eclectic Music Morphs Into PD Adams With the Release of “This Curious Wonder”

A 12 Song Album of Americana/Folks Songs Painted With Lyrics and Poetry Centering on That Age Old Question of “Who Are We and What Am I Doing Here?”

For years Adams was a luthier building stringed instruments (An exotic 10 stringed Swedish Hummel for Daryl Hall is one example). But composing was his passion. In the 90’s inspired by college studies in Ethnomusicology, under his full name (Paul Adams) he released thirteen award winning genre blending instrumental albums with great success (Amassing over 118 million streams on Pandora). However, he held back his songwriter material. “Even though I had been writing poetry and lyric songs, fear of exposure stood in the way.”

The twelve songs within “This Curious Wonder” are stunning observances about this “place of amazing wonder” and were written over the course of the 35 years Adams also worked in mental health as well as lutherie and composing instrumental music who’s albums had a great impact in the new age genre. “I decided to release ‘This Curious Wonder’ under a slightly different name (PD Adams) to keep from confusing fans and those digital algorithms on streaming media platforms. I thought it might be too jarring for someone’s Paul Adams playlist on Spotify or Pandora all of a sudden presenting songwriter oriented tunes with lyrics like ‘monosodium glutamate’, ‘existential wonder’, and ‘lurking in the shadows’.

From an old curious mystic on the corner, the ironic source of a victim’s revenge, a simplistic voice pointing out truth from illusion, over existential analysis and the unconscious need to stumble the dusty cosmic road, “This Curious Wonder” is a vision of Adams curiosity in trying to define and explain this vast wonderment to himself – to find a way for all of this to make sense. “It’s all right here, from the heinous to the sublime. Like a carnival barker, I felt like I was screaming welcome to the great big circus of wonder!”

Playing most of the instruments (Guitar, dobro, harmonica, oud, dulcimer, mandolin, sitar), Adams approached the album – from writing, recording, production and artwork like a painter. “I would blend, tweak, step back and observe. I also had valuable feedback, vocal harmonies, flugelhorn and piano from Australian Elizabeth Geyer. I am in debt to my friend David Hoffman (13 years playing/arranging w/ Ray Charles) who added horn and encouragement. Then came national flatpicking champion Andy Hatfield on mandolin and UK steel guitar wizard Bradley Harper” (who I met on Instagram.). “Nature has a sharp and defining chisel. This album reflects the wonder of being shaped and molded by the unfolding mystery surrounding us.” The CD package includes all lyrics as well as bonus art, poetry and good dogs having an existential nature.

“This Curious Wonder” is to be released worldwide on all platforms 4/7/22

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“Sometimes I Feel”
“Man On 4th and Vine”

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New Age Artists Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer To Release DEEPER IMAGININGS on November 15, 2019

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New Age Artists Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer To Release DEEPER IMAGININGS on November 15, 2019

DEEPER IMAGININGS by Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer is a follow up to 2015’s IMAGININGS 

Bringing together some of the worlds most accomplished musicians, DEEPER IMAGININGS by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer is a follow up to 2015’s IMAGININGS which debuted #1 on the iTunes new age chart and was the Zone Music Reporter’s best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the year. It was a journey of happenstance, whimsy and the joy of sharing music and love between cultures. Elizabeth came all the way from Australia. Pravin Godkhindi played bansuri flute in India. Alp Akmaz who played the balaban (similar to duduk) is from Turkey. Former trumpet soloist and arranger David Hoffman is based in Illinois, and Gary Green of the legendary UK band Gentle Giant added gentle guitar.

Adams, with over 102 million streams on Pandora has shown that walking the road less traveled can work. “We all love to create much like a painter. The choice of color and hue is from the artist’s whim and is independent from corporate dictate. I was thrilled to be able to use some of the instruments I built in my earlier years as a luthier. Guitars, dulcimer and electric sitar was blended with the natural genius of Elizabeth Geyer’s piano, flugelhorn and voice, used in a textural and ambient way. Her ear is stunning and her musical intuition and training in jazz blended well with my rather improvised gentle folk approach, as well as training in ethnomusicology”

For Adams and Geyer, meeting Pravin Godkhindi on YouTube and Alp Akmaz on Instagram seems appropriate given today’s ease of technology. The fact that the musical co-operation was so natural shows what a tool it is to embrace and grow as the world shrinks around us. Adams comments that “there was an intuitive vibe in connecting with these musicians. A lot of freedom was encouraged. We had faith that each knew the best way to fill their role, and they really did.”  

DEEPER IMAGININGS can be found on the web and all digital sites like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify and Pandora

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Award Winning World Music Artist Paul Adams To Release Tenth Album “Imaginings”

Paul Adams Imaginings cover med res

For Immediate Release

Award Winning World Music Artist Paul Adams To Release Tenth Album “Imaginings”

Chicago, IL – Paul Adams has never been easy to pigeonhole. But, with over 42 million streams on Pandora, there seems to be something that is getting through to the people despite lack of label affiliation. His music is widely scoped and pushes beyond the usual boundaries. Besides music and poetry, he is also a luthier and has made instruments for a number of acclaimed musicians including Daryl Hall, members of Stevie Wonder’s band and others.

“There is genre-bending, and then there is Imaginings. On the latter, the genre isn’t bent, it’s intertwined and intermixed and spun out into a glorious multi-hued comforting quilt of musical goodness. It may sound cliché but music is the universal language and Paul Adams is one of its great speakers.” – Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

In September 2015 Adams releases his tenth album IMAGININGS, a unique eclectic blend of New Age and World music with ex Ray Charles arranger/ trumpet soloist David Hoffman, bansuri player Pravin Godkhindi from India, and Australia’s Elizabeth Geyer. The album was recorded when Elizabeth was here completing her 4th album The Bridge which he was co- producing. “The goal was to focus on feeling.”. The result is completely beyond what I expected. With Paul’s collection of exotic instruments, some of which he made himself – there is a sense of cool and movement, established and rooted in a slight sense of mysticism and humor that reflects his varied musical interests.

Says Paul, “Magic was the prime vibe here. Finding Pravin on You Tube, a fascination with each other’s music, and of course having David Hoffman involved. There were just so many special moments. It felt so obvious that there was this ‘meant to be’ vibe going on throughout. Direction was secondary and improvising what came naturally was the order of the day. When Elizabeth sat at the piano and played along with my collection of exotic instruments, it was a natural blending that just worked. It was a flow. Connection. Well … magic I guess.”

In meeting Pravin, each expressed an interest in working with the other. It was somewhat of a risk as they met under circumstances that of course seem significant in this digital age. “I knew he had the chops, he was amazing. His playing was so beautiful and fluid. I sent him tracks and he recorded between his touring with his fusion band,” Paul explains. Upon receiving his contribution, it turned out to be beyond perfect with what Elizabeth and Paul had already done. “David Hoffman was invited over and given direction only of mood. This fusion of ideas and instruments from a wide variety of cultures worked miraculously. Dave added a slow essence of cool to the exotic direction of the album.” These elements of jazz (interestingly, although primarily a pianist here, in Australia Elizabeth was trained as a Jazz trumpet player), eastern and western Indian cultures, and influences from Paul’s background in Ethnomusicology lead to this incredible blend.

Says Paul, “It’s a wonderful and difficult world and I would like to think that the variety of musical cultures expressed here can metaphorically represent what is needed in the world today – a coming together of ideas and beliefs that can work together harmoniously. This was a prime life experience for me. The fact that this happened, with this result, seems no accident. There is order to the universe.”

“Imaginings” is available 9/1/15 at all digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby as well as various retail outlets and of course, from Paul’s website at Phone 309 688 0267

1.Just Such Beauty
2.Giggles and Grooves
4.Panda Bears at Breakfast
6.Like Blue and Velvet
7.For Two Lovers
8.The Mysteries of Mood
9.Upon Early Rising
12.Conch Shell by the Sea

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Paul Adams album ‘SLEEP The Dreaming Flute’ Chosen “Native Flute Album of the Year” by the Zone Music Reporter

paul adams sleep

For Immediate Release

Paul Adams album ‘SLEEP The Dreaming Flute’ Chosen “Native Flute Album of the Year” by the Zone Music Reporter

Asheville, NC – Paul Adams album SLEEP The Dreaming Flute was voted Native Flute album of the year at the Zone Music Awards show in New Orleans on May 11th. He has made a career building instruments for some very well known musicians, and composed 10 critically acclaimed albums as a guitarist, Flute Player, and Multi Instrumentalist. SLEEP was recorded for gentle spirited man dealing with Parkinson’s Disease, and sleepless nights. “I created slow dreamy songs using Native American Flutes and the sounds of Nature. I then sent them to my friend with Parkinson’s who offered feedback on each tune. He and his wife really had a good feel for what was right.”

Michael Foster of AMBIENT VISIONS writes “Adams masterful playing and his ability to communicate very deep feelings of tranquility via his flute, create for the listener an atmosphere permeated with spirit that is calm and relaxing!”

Bill Binkleman of The Zone Music Report says “Adams once again proves he deserves to be listed among the finest wooden flute players recording today. Sleep – The Dreaming Flute is a sumptuously relaxing album. This CD will reward the listener time and time again. Paul Adams is a true master of his instrument and I highly recommend this album.”

“Music has so much to offer,” says Adams. The mind is very powerful, and with music can be an influential force on the path toward health”. More and more the medical professionals are embracing the magic involved in music. Oliver Sacks, the Neurologist and Author of the movie ‘Awakenings’ staring Robert De Niro, and Robin Williams, authored a book entitled ‘Musicophilia’, in which he describes the miraculous power of music on Neuropathways in the brain (The Alzheimer patient not recognizing loved ones, yet their ability to play the first song ever learned on the piano. The stutterer’s difficulty communicating, yet singing lyrics without error. The patient with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder using the soothing effects of music to learn calm, clarity, and safety. The examples are endless.)

Throughout his career, Paul’s albums have gathered international acclaim in many different areas such as World Fusion, New Age, Ambient, Jazz, and Native American. Adams music can be heard world wide on Satellite Networks like Sirius, Music Choice, Muzak and DMX, Pandora,as well as Terrestrial and Internet Radio.

Some music professionals were dubious about Adams title ‘SLEEP’. They felt Radio might be afraid to use it. However other albums of his in a similar vein such as ‘HEAVENS’, and ‘FLUTE MEDITATIONS FOR DREAMING CLOUDS’, have been getting heavy rotation on Satellite networks Like Sirius/XM, Music Choice, Muzak, and DMX throughout the world. “SLEEP is something I hope will be helpful for people in need. However, I didn’t want the albums to be purely clinical. I tried to keep the them artistically interesting as well. We’ve heard a few albums in this genre that didn’t scratch the artistic itch. It was important to create a marriage of artistic depth and safe Serenity and healing.”

Along with this new album, Adams created a website called A PLACE OF PEACE ( where people can go to listen to beautiful healing and enrapturing music, video’s, and read various articles and poems specifically written for those seeking accompaniment down the path of peace and health.

Besides his experience in music and the arts, Adams has worked in the Mental Health Field 30 years and teaches professionals how to use music in the therapeutic practice. “I’ve always wished there was a place to go where one can just sit down and be soothed, reassured, rested, and content. The use of nature in Video and Music is a very organic way to align ones self with the earth, and receive a sense of “Connection” that is needed to feel alive, safe, and rested. ‘SLEEP The Dreaming Flute’ is available worldwide through his website as well as Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, eMusic, AIMCMC, Rhapsody, etc

Discography for Paul Adams
THE NEURONS (With David Hoffman) Dance

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