Paul Adams, Noted Award Winning Composer of New Age Eclectic Music Morphs Into PD Adams With the Release of “This Curious Wonder”

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Paul Adams, Noted Award Winning Composer of New Age Eclectic Music Morphs Into PD Adams With the Release of “This Curious Wonder”

A 12 Song Album of Americana/Folks Songs Painted With Lyrics and Poetry Centering on That Age Old Question of “Who Are We and What Am I Doing Here?”

For years Adams was a luthier building stringed instruments (An exotic 10 stringed Swedish Hummel for Daryl Hall is one example). But composing was his passion. In the 90’s inspired by college studies in Ethnomusicology, under his full name (Paul Adams) he released thirteen award winning genre blending instrumental albums with great success (Amassing over 118 million streams on Pandora). However, he held back his songwriter material. “Even though I had been writing poetry and lyric songs, fear of exposure stood in the way.”

The twelve songs within “This Curious Wonder” are stunning observances about this “place of amazing wonder” and were written over the course of the 35 years Adams also worked in mental health as well as lutherie and composing instrumental music who’s albums had a great impact in the new age genre. “I decided to release ‘This Curious Wonder’ under a slightly different name (PD Adams) to keep from confusing fans and those digital algorithms on streaming media platforms. I thought it might be too jarring for someone’s Paul Adams playlist on Spotify or Pandora all of a sudden presenting songwriter oriented tunes with lyrics like ‘monosodium glutamate’, ‘existential wonder’, and ‘lurking in the shadows’.

From an old curious mystic on the corner, the ironic source of a victim’s revenge, a simplistic voice pointing out truth from illusion, over existential analysis and the unconscious need to stumble the dusty cosmic road, “This Curious Wonder” is a vision of Adams curiosity in trying to define and explain this vast wonderment to himself – to find a way for all of this to make sense. “It’s all right here, from the heinous to the sublime. Like a carnival barker, I felt like I was screaming welcome to the great big circus of wonder!”

Playing most of the instruments (Guitar, dobro, harmonica, oud, dulcimer, mandolin, sitar), Adams approached the album – from writing, recording, production and artwork like a painter. “I would blend, tweak, step back and observe. I also had valuable feedback, vocal harmonies, flugelhorn and piano from Australian Elizabeth Geyer. I am in debt to my friend David Hoffman (13 years playing/arranging w/ Ray Charles) who added horn and encouragement. Then came national flatpicking champion Andy Hatfield on mandolin and UK steel guitar wizard Bradley Harper” (who I met on Instagram.). “Nature has a sharp and defining chisel. This album reflects the wonder of being shaped and molded by the unfolding mystery surrounding us.” The CD package includes all lyrics as well as bonus art, poetry and good dogs having an existential nature.

“This Curious Wonder” is to be released worldwide on all platforms 4/7/22

For more information:
PD Adams website:,

“Sometimes I Feel”
“Man On 4th and Vine”

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),


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