Bassist John Ferrara of Prog Ensemble Consider The Source Announces June 13th Album Release, Summer Tour of New Duo Project

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Bassist John Ferrara of Prog Ensemble Consider The Source Announces June 13th Album Release, Summer Tour of New Duo Project

John Ferrara, bassist for globetrotting psych-fusion stalwarts Consider the Source, brings his powerful solo compositions to life with the aid of virtuoso percussionist Seth Moutal in their debut album “Frail Things in Sharp Places” to be released on June 13, 2018.

“We wanted our debut to be an honest representation of ourselves,” John says. “While there’s a lot of shredding, Indian rhythms, looping and tapping, each song has immense emotional significance. We took our time to make sure nothing was gratuitous. This album is who we are. I play a 5-string bass and loop chords and melodies while playing basslines on my homemade Taurus pedals. Seth plays drum set, tablas, and a variety of hand percussion instruments. We play everything you hear on the album, and we try not to record it if we can’t do it live.” Moutal’s plethora of percussive timbres blends with Ferrara’s trademark cascading loops and growling hand-built synths to create an immersive tapestry of sound and groove.

In support of their debut album, The John Ferrara & Seth Moutal Duo will bring their visionary blend of progressive rock, jazz, minimalism and world music to select shows in the northeast. Take a listen to some tracks from “Frail Thing in Sharp Places” for a taste of the album’s vibrant world of hypnotic percussion and soaring melody.

“Jackie Chan” by John Ferrara and Seth Moutal:
“Song for Ramida” by John Ferrara:
“30 Tyrants” by John Ferrara and Seth Moutal:

Summer Tour Dates:
6/14-6/16 – Hammonton, NJ Beardfest
6/22 – Downsville, NY JetLАG Festival 6/30 – Boston, MA – Cafe Luna
7/1 – NYC, NY – Rockwood Music Hall
7/6 – Charlotte, NC – Rock University (Master Class)
7/6 – Charlotte, NC – The Rabbit Hole
7/7 – Raleigh, NC – The Pour House Music Hall
7/8 – Florence, SC – Private event
7/12 – Baltimore, MD – 8X10
7/14 – Reading, PA – Private Event

To pre-order John Ferrara and Seth Moutal’s “Frail Things in Sharp Places”:

Visit John at his website and on social media:

John Ferrara’s Youtube Channel:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

One response to “Bassist John Ferrara of Prog Ensemble Consider The Source Announces June 13th Album Release, Summer Tour of New Duo Project

  • bjr

    Hi Billy,

    Thanks for putting me on your press list. That’s great. If a link to a digital download of the album also comes that is even better, thanks.

    The business has changed so much since I started writing – actually a photographer at first – back then I dealt with the record company reps and the office of the promoter.

    In ’78 I started photographing shows and running a small radio station at the university I went too. I had the security chief, a friend, sneak me backstage at a Tull concert for the first time in ’78 and I asked the manager if I could do an interview for the radio station, I was doing a 4 hour special the following Monday, it being Friday night and I met both Ian and Martin that night and the manager said to come back the next day for 1PM and I did my first interview ever, so all weekend long I edited a show from that interview and music so I had my first 4 hour big band interview show. I did a specialization BA in communication studies, honours in audio production, so it went well and the university paper asked me to do a piece for them including a review of the new album, Stormwatch.

    My point about the rec reps is they didn’t want me to be there, but instead they wasted time with people who were going to slam the concert album and anything Tull, so since I was a fan from day one, bought a flute to learn to play along with the records and already being a musician, I tried to start a Tull band as well.

    So once I got an assignment from a rec rep I was in the door and began writing for the largest Canadian music magazine we’ve ever had up here and I did my own photography, so that precipitated being taken seriously as well as finding more and more magazines, but slowly, this is why I asked if it were possible to get a list of the markets you deal with as well as the clients you have as that list on the web site is just not possible it’s huge.

    I made a decision, that because I was a musician and worked hard on writing my own music as well as with a writing partner, I would never write a bad review. It takes blood sweat and so on to create, so who am I to rip someone’s art, so I said if it’s good whether I liked it or not I would write a positive review, but no review if I didn’t think it any good and the best example was Thriller. I would not be caught dead listening to MJ for fun, but when I put Thriller on the turn table it was obvious it was going to be huge, so I gave it a rave review pretty much saying all but one song could be a hit and I never played it again, but that’s how I treat music – if good write what’s good about it. If not, don’t write anything.

    So that’s why at first I asked for your media list to get through that whole process of finding all the magazines, papers and net sites that took freelance, it took years the first time I did it, but the more I wrote for the easier it was to get through other doors and I developed a course for Concordia University’s journalism program called The Business of being a writer and having about 35 markets by then they put my course in the next year’s catalogue and offered me a job teaching that course, but the union got in the way and screwed it up for me. That happened with a dozen places I developed courses for theatre and writing and radio operation and announcing – flippin unions.

    So, are you also not able to furnish a list of the artists you represent. That list on the web site is huge and kind of unbelievable, but at the point when the net came in and caused mags to begin to close, I started trying different stuff from radio programs to books and when I did a large piece for Jazziz on Prog in the ‘70s the editors both loved the outline and told me to do a book, so I started pitching and Billboard said we already have someone doing a book on prog but would you write 4 individual bios for us on prog bands, so we decided on King Crimson, Tull, ELP and YES, so I contacted all 4 groups and ELP said yes, YES said yes, Tull said yes and King Crimson had Robert ask me to a 3 hour lunch which I think I told you I couldn’t make as my sister had just died, so he gave it to Sid Smith, so I went ahead on Tull, but I also told you that they were scamming and I was offered a book on YES by the same publisher who put the Tull book out, but after what happened with no royalties and their new level of pay, a shit poor advance of 600 advance, 600 delivery I declined so they gave it to another guy.

    Sorry, I figure since John did contact me to say the first 5.1 column was in the next issue, I had better start combing for 5.1 material and that’s got a lot to do with trying to find lists of markets and clients, it makes finding 5.1 easier if I can cut through stuff I would not use for that and so on.

    I am moving to a quieter place on July 1st in order to be able to write more effectively. The Tull book was completely redone in 9 months when it was quiet here, but things changed, so I found a top floor to live in and work in, a full room for the studio and another for writing and broadcasting from.

    Thanks, Billy,


    BJR Media

    2237A Westgate,

    Longueuil, Quebec




    As of July 1st

    367 Hubert, # 7

    Greenfield park, Quebec



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