Music Tried and True Interview with Jean-Luc Ponty


By Ray Shasho
-Interviewed August 8th 2014
An Interview with Jean-Luc Ponty:

Prodigious violinist/composer/ Jean- Luc Ponty and legendary ‘YES’ lead vocalist/ songwriter/ Jon Anderson have united their musical mastery to originate the Anderson Ponty Band, and with the formation of a new musical venture enters a debut album soon to exhibit new music and classics re-imagined. Anderson & Ponty are also excited to include their fans in the experience. Music enthusiasts can pledge to their Kickstarter campaign (already in-progress) entitled the Jon Anderson & Jean-Luc Ponty Project. By contributing you can receive various items related to the project including an invite to the dress rehearsal in Aspen, Colorado where the CD will be recorded, VIP show tickets, and an invitation to the post show band party.
As of August 15th …$67,576 has been pledged, but a total of $95,000 is needed to hit goal with only 8 DAYS to go! (The minimum pledge is only $1.00) The project will only get funded if they hit goal by Sunday August 24th at 1:55 PM EDT. Join the ‘Jon Anderson & Jean-Luc Ponty Project’ and help these incredible legends reach their goal for recording a new album… Contribute and join in on the musical journey HERE

The musical blend of Jon Anderson’s angelic vocalizations of progressive rock virtue and Jean-Luc Ponty’s awe-inspiring instrumentation of jazz-fusion & classical essence… will undeniably be spectacular!

JEAN-LUC PONTY was taught by his classically trained parents who were also music teachers. He learned to read musical notes before he learned the alphabet. Ponty was taught the violin and piano, but at the age of eleven his father asked him to choose only one instrument so he would be proficient with a single instrument instead of mediocre at several.

After graduating from the Conservatoire de Paris, it appeared that Jean-Luc was on the way to a prodigious classical music career and eventually performed with a major symphony orchestra. But Ponty also began to establish a musical appetite for jazz music which led to Jean-Luc recording his debut “bebop” album entitled Jazz Long Playing in 1964.

For the rest of the bio and the interview, please visit the Music Tried and True website!

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