Skylight Interview with Roye Albrighton of Nektar


1. How did you decide to record this album full of covers?

The idea originated from Cleopatra who thought that Nektar doing a covers album might be of interest to their fanbase.

2. Many famous musicians participate in this album, did you or the label contact the musicians?

The label were the instigators of this..they had the contacts accumalated over the years and conacted them with the offer to do it.

3. Did you meet any of the guest musicians or they had already recorded their own parts before you enter the studios?

Apart from Joel and John Wetton I have never met any of the other musicians..the whole album was recorded remotely via internet. This has it’s advantages in such a scenario, however, recording an album of new music would need a different approach.

4. There a few risky numbers in this album such as covers of non progressive tracks such as “Africa” by Toto. Were you worried about the reactions from your oldschool fans?

Not at all..our fanbase know that we try something different all the time and a covers album wouldn’t be that different, after all when Nektar were in it’s infancy we aso did a couple of covers.

5. What is the scope of this album, to extend your fanbase or satisfy your artistic will?

Bassically just to show that we are human and not a progressive rock machine.

6. Did you ever share the stage with any of the artists that you decided to cover?


7. Who was the artist of the cover artwork?

Pease ask Cleopatra

8. Do you have any plans for an album with new music?

Yes we have a new Nektar studio album called “Time Machine” that appears early 2013.

9. Do you have plans to tour for the Spoonful Of Time album?

Not really but we may put a track or two into the set over the next shows.

10. Are there any other covers that were recorded for a new cover album?




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