UK Prog Ensemble Landmarq Releases Highly Anticipated New Studio Album ‘Entertaining Angels’

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UK Prog Ensemble Landmarq Releases Highly Anticipated New Studio Album ‘Entertaining Angels’

December 4, 2012 – London, UK – The progressive rock music community worldwide is buzzing with excitement about the new release by celebrated UK prog ensemble Landmarq. Pushing their songwriting skills to new heights and crossing previously unexplored musical boundaries, Landmarq’s ‘Entertaining Angels’ is being held as the band’s finest album to date! Vocalist Tracy Hitchings has pulled out all the stops to deliver some truly dazzling performances and has taken a more hands-on role with some stunning vocal arrangements. Multi-talented keyboardist Mike Varty has also brought his production and mixing skills to the band and along with excellent performances from guitarist Uwe D’Rose, drummer Dave Wagstaffe and bassist Steve Gee, Landmarq’s new CD is rapidly becoming one of the top prog releases of the year!

Says Tracy, “All of the lyrics I have written for this album, starting with ‘Entertaining Angels’, were born of my spiritual beliefs. Other lyrics I penned had that same concept, just different stories that got reshaped as I was overcoming Cancer with a very unconventional method as part of the belief in reshaping my life and helping me rid my nemesis. In particular, ‘Glowing – Part 1 & 2′ is a testament to that and was an amazing and cathartic experience. Writing lyrics and vocal arranging on this album has been an amazing journey and healing process in my life, which has completely changed from the one I once lived.”

“’Entertaining Angels’ is a triumph…full of power and passion…” – Geoff Barton, Classic Rock Magazine

Since it’s formation in London in 1990, London-based prog-rock band Landmaq has so far released eight albums, two of which have been recorded live at various concerts in the UK and Europe and a third live CD taken from the DVD ‘Turbulence – Live In Poland’. Initially signing to a Dutch record company (SI Records) then forming their own label, Synergy Records, the band soon firmly established itself within the world of progressive rock, though their appeal extended beyond these boundaries to a more mainstream audience. After three well-received albums, original lead singer Damian Wilson left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by award-winning vocalist Tracy Hitchings. Landmarq has played concerts around the world and has worked with artists such as Marillion, John Wetton, Steve Hackett, Nik Turner, Annie Haslam, Suzi Quatro and many others.

Now with Landmarq’s fifth studio album, ‘Entertaining Angels’, the band has reached a watershed in it’s career with a CD guaranteed to please old and new fans alike. The band is also proud to include guest appearances from, among others, cellist Hugh McDowell (ELO, Wizzard) and saxophonist Laurent Hunziker (Logicaltramp, Tiptop, Gino Sitson). Aside from brand new compositions, the album also includes new studio recordings of material first released on Landmarq’s critically acclaimed DVD and CD ‘Turbulence – Live In Poland’. All in all, ‘Entertaining Angels’ will be a worthy addition to all discerning lovers of not just prog-rock, but simply good music!

Says Tracy, “’Entertaining Angels’ is rich in backing vocals, the arrangements of which were so important in order to give the warmth and brightness that was not quite as present in our previous work. I so loved arranging to the backdrop of Steve’s and Uwe’s music, which overall has been given the life-force of Mike Varty’s production work. This has created a more accessible and maturer sound without losing the concept flavor. Both the cello work of ELO’s Hugh McDowell and the sultry saxophone of Laurent Hunziker has provided the icing on the cake!”

“…without a doubt, ‘Entertaining Angels’ is the strongest album of their career…” – Nick Shilton, PROG magazine

In closing Tracy has this to impart to the band’s longtime followers, “I simply say to everyone – crank up the volume, fasten your seat-belts, and enjoy the Landmarq ride of your life. This album oozes atmosphere – hot and sexy!!!”

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