Grande Rock E-Zine Review of New York Connection – The Sweet

New York Connection
A Scott Free Production
Ten years after “Sweetlife”, Andy Scott (Sweet’s original guitarist) is back with a new “cover” album and his current line-up, which consists of: Pete Lincoln (lead vocals & bass guitar), Tony O’Hora (guitar, keyboards & vocals) and Bruce Bisland (drums & vocals). Sweet is a legendary band that was formed in 1968… and in a way, they determined the glam rock movement back in the seventies.

“New York Connection” contains songs that were originally written by other artists apart from Sweet’s own “New York Connection” which was the b-side of “Wig Wam Bam” single. Analytically, the songs the guys are covering are: “New York Groove”, which was originally written by Russ Ballard and first recorded by Hello in 1975 and later by Ace Frehley in 1978. “Gold on The Ceilings” was included in the album “El Camino” (2011) by the Black Keys… it’s surely an honor that their song was covered by Sweet that obviously have influenced them. “It’s All Moving Faster” was initially included in “Conquers The World” (1996) by Electric Frankenstein. “Shapes Of Things” was firstly recorded by The Yardbirds and released as a single in March 1966. “You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)” was written by Dead or Alive and was included in “Youthquake” (1985). Sweet’s cover is truly heavy and wonderful… you will forget of the original pop/disco song at once. “Because The Night” was originally written by Bruce Springsteen for his album “Darkness on the Edge of Town” (1978) but he wasn’t happy at the time and gave it to the Patti Smith Group which were recording their album “Easter” in a studio next door to Bruce. Patti has co-written the song as she also appears on the credits. Tony O’Hora is singing the song here. “Sweet Jane” was written by Lou Reed and was included in the album “Loaded” (1970) by The Velvet Underground… Andy Scott has taken care of the lead vocals. “Blitzkrieg Bop” was included on Ramones self-titled debut (1976) and the vocals are by Bruce Bisland. “On Broadway” was originally recorded by The Crystals, after a while by The Cookies & later by The Drifters. Sweet’s edition is very rockin’ and you will like it very much. Finally, “Join Together” was originally released as a single in 1972 by The Who.

“New York Connection” is a very tasteful rockin’ album from start to finish. You will get to know some significant songs of the past if you are a younger listener or you will remember some good oldies if you’re an older fan of rock music generally. Sweet are giving some excellent performances on the album and their covers have something of their own touch. Moreover, the production is great and crunchy and was done by Andy Scott. If you miss the good old rockin’ days… then do not miss this album… let’s hope the guys will also release a new studio album (with new material) soon… till then, enjoy “New York Connection”.


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