French-Brazilian Guitar Virtuoso Marcelo Paganini Recording With Eumir Deodato, Gary Husband and Billy Sherwood

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French-Brazilian Guitar Virtuoso Marcelo Paganini Recording With Eumir Deodato, Gary Husband and Billy Sherwood

4/23/2012 – Paris, France – One of the most intriguing guitarists to emerge from South America, Marcelo Paganini, a French/Brazilian guitarist/composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist/actor/journalist, who is best known for his hit song “Blues de Ninguem” with Brazilian rock band Kamikaze, has resided in Paris since 1984, and through the years has garnered a number of impressive accomplishments to his credit. Marcelo, whose YouTube channel has had over 33,000 views, most recently created a new video for his 2007 single “Technodream”, which is now available for viewing on YouTube.

“Marcelo Paganini always reminds me of Glauber Rocha: ‘A guitar in hand and an idea in your head’.” Arrigo Barnabe (Brazilian avant garde composer of “Clara Crocodilo”)

“Marcelo Paganini is a truly unique musician. His style and vision are one of a kind and it is written into the DNA of his music. In a world of pastiche and imitation, Marcelo actually has something original to say which we should all sit up and take notice of.” – Guy Michelmore (Award-Winning film composer, Marvel Films)

Marcelo Paganini first started performing back in 1975, and has worked with the likes of renowned guitarist Tiberio Nascimento, as well as legendary Belo Horizonte ensemble Tribo de Solos. In 1985 Marcelo made a guest appearance on the album ‘Four French Forms’ released on Luc Mariani’s Delphes Records, which has become a cult classic amongst progressive rock fans. His one-man Midi band show ‘Marcelo Paganini is the Band’ was one of the first Brazilian live electronic acts back in 1986 and had influenced countless musicians and bands. He has his own studio on the countryside close to Le Mans, in Normandy, and leads the only Brazilian funk/rock band in France. Over the past 30 years Marcelo has written over 300 songs, and in 2004 he composed his first symphony titled ‘Belo Horizonte’. From 2003 to the present Marcelo has been active in film making and has won the Oddball TV 69 Hours Film Challenge at the Portobello Film Festival in London in September 2011. In recent years Marcelo has formed the Marcelo Paganini Hendrix Tribute and has performed in France and the US; most recently at Billy Bob’s Disneyland Paris in November 2011. “There is ‘before’ and ‘after’ Jimi Hendrix,” says Marcelo. “He changed music forever. I felt that I had to pay tribute to him in a special way 40 years after his tragic death. To understand him better I bought a white left-handed Strat and turned it upside down, bought almost the same gear he had. The first gig ever of The Jimi Hendrix Experience was in Evreux in 1966, close to where I live in France. We played our first gig 50 miles from there one day after his birthday in November 2010, celebrating his life instead of his death. I also went to London and NYC, played at Cafe WHA and visited Electric LadyStudios. We are looking forward to playing more gigs to celebrate Jimi’s 70th anniversary this year.”

Marcelo Paganini is busy in his studio now recording an album for his friend Michael Molenda to be released later this year on the new label Guitar Player Magazine Records. Eumir Deodato, Gary Husband and Billy Sherwood kindly accepted Marcelo Paganini’s invitation to join the project. Expect some more surprise guests among the best musicians in the industry. Marcelo’s single from 2007 “Technodream”, described as an intense, frantic, intricate piece of music with virtuosic guitar playing throughout, is about hit 30,000 plays on MySpace, creating a major buzz among the worldwide guitar community. “Every time I buy a new piece of gear I write a new song to celebrate,” explains Marcelo. “ ‘Technodream’ was made the day I bought my iMac and tried out Logic on it for the very first time. Then I uploaded it to MySpace and it became an instant hit there. To celebrate 5 years since it all begun, I uploaded an experimental video I made for ‘Technodream’ on YouTube, it will be screened at Portobello Film Festival next September.”

Here’s what is being said about Marcelo Paganini’s “Technodream”:

“Marcelo Paganini represents what’s coming in music. And by that I mean the future!! His guitar concepts are out of this world! Check out his ‘Technodream’ concept.” – Eumir Deodato (legendary Jazz artist)

“Really good, so crazy and interesting.” – Dinho Leme (drummer from legendary Brazilian psychedelic rock band Os Mutantes)

“Marcelo Paganini, a guy with conceptions that smokes!” – Jan Dumee (former guitarist with Focus)

“Check out this cool track from my good friend Marcelo!” – Jack Hotop, Korg

Lastly Marcelo has this to impart to his fans and listeners, “Great music and musicians helped me get through the hard times in my life and inspired me to become who I am today. I hope someday young people who listen to my music will be inspired to express themselves in an original way too.”

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