ROCKTIMES Review – Anderson/Wakeman – The Living Tree In Concert

Steve Braun-

Almost to the day of the year after was “The Living Tree” appeared, Gonzo Multimedia has now produced the first part of the subsequent tour “Project 360″ as a CD on the market.”The Living Tree In Concert, Part One” was recorded in late autumn 2010 in the UK.According to rumors, “… Part Two,” the subsequent concert tour of the U.S. record in the spring of last year.
“The Living Tree,” the two ex-Yes Man presented only with its two ‘instruments’, voice and keyboards – there was definitely something! The basics were developed on a joint tour in 2006. The shooting began in early August 2010 for a CD that originally exclusively at the merchandising stand above Tour should be available. (It is thought better of it …) The images sent electronically to the two across the Atlantic back and forth. It speaks for its compositional and studio technical skills that so was in such a short time an album.
Arranged with piano, synths and acoustic guitar, the songs on “The Living Tree In Concert, Part One” small, mostly balladic art become. Jon Anderson’s unique voice floats over Rick Wakeman atmospheric, never to close more advisable sound architecture. This reduction comes mainly benefited the Yes-four songs that are seeded from any ballast, presenting a completely new appearance. This works even better as “South Side Of The Sea” [Note: here “Southside” titled!], Sometimes worse, as with the somewhat messed up, interpreted as a reggae “Time And A Word” – sometimes even grandiose: “And You And I “and” Long Distance Runaround run “the other songs loose from the rank.
The two parts of “The Living Tree” exude musical New Age feel-good atmosphere.Lyrically shines through again and again Anderson’s tendency for esoteric. The rest of the songs I like much better in person. “Morning Star”, “23/24/11” and especially “House of Freedom” are full of atmosphere-density high-caliber, which produce just by a more penetrating feeling thrifty instrumentation. In the booklet, the two musicians describe each other as soulmates who would complement each other compositionally ‘blind’. This is unusual when listening to this live album perfectly understandable. They merge into a Totaltiät that takes the attentive listener captive.
Understandable, the decision appears to bring out any double-CD, but instead split up “The Living Tree In Concert” appearing in two separate discs. After barely an hour is one thing but not killed by the easily digestible musical fare
An equally unusual and fascinating album is “The Living Tree In Concert, Part One” has become. No music for the rapid consumption ‘in between’ – who would have expected such a thing seriously by Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman.
If one of the esoteric stuff sometimes benevolently hides, one has – to suit the momentary season – the ‘soundtrack’ for a relaxing evening by the fireplace in the player.



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