Lords of Metal review – Anderson / Wakeman – The Living Tree Live In Concert Part One

Anderson / Wakeman – The Living Tree Live In Concert Part One
Gonzo Multimedia
file under prog / metal sympho
Winston : When Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman in 2010 finally came to it, without the usual bustle and fuss of their former lord Yes bread to record an album showed once again how special their musical talents match. In “The Living Tree ‘are nine songs, though with only keyboards and vocals, still quite varied. Some songs are a candidate for treatment Yes, others breathe an intimate and warm atmosphere in the form in which they are cast. One year after the tour that the two together under names in the UK, now with ‘The Living Tree In Concert Part One, “a live album. Obviously much work of that particular album, but also some Yes songs in an acoustic and stripped jacket just as charming maintained. For example the song “And You And I”, the legendary ‘Close To The Edge “album in 2012 will celebrate its 40th anniversary, it continues to stand as majestic. Anderson, now 67, has some wear on his voice, even through a recent illness, he still knows that feeling across. Like a Peter Gabriel that still can. Wakeman has lost none of his virtuosity and melodic provides a platform for Anderson, who makes good use of.You just hear this prog veterans together to read and write. It may sound harsh, but this combination gives me as a fan more than the current Yes formation able to produce. Anderson currently touring solo with bijtitel “The Voice of Yes’ and on this live album, he makes it again twice over that. Now it is hoped that a second part may hopefully come up with songs from the tour that Anderson and Wakeman recently in America. According to reports (see interview with Anderson elsewhere in this theater), Europe this two man project also live at work and I look very forward to it. This CD is a nice souvenir and hopefully a warm-up time.

Rating: 85/100



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