Jon Anderson (Citibank Hall, São Paulo, 13/12/11)

Birds chirping, a babbling tune squeaked easy to store, acoustic instruments, scented candles everywhere, lamps suspended in the half light … No, it will not deal with a store of esoteric products, dear reader, but the show’s British Jon Anderson, the eternal voice of YES, who came to our country for a brief tour in promotion of their album “Survival & Other Stories” . On Tuesday, 13, could give his presentation in the state capital, when the musician was in the pleasant Citibank Hall. The moment was very special and you follow the details in the next lines.

Text: Durr Campos / Photo: Leandro Anhelli ( )

Alone, at 21:30, Jon kicks in lavishing sympathy and heartfelt applause. Without ado, holds one of the guitars available there and gives the first chords of “Yours Is No Disgrace”, one of many classics of his former band played during his performance. The following three, all ofYESProved that centuries may pass, and even then, good music will remain timeless. Or you can say the opposite of hymns flawless level of “Sweet Dreams,” “Long Distance Runaround” (belíssima!) and “Time and a Word”, the second self-titled album, released in 1970? Also, on this record somewhat obscure in the discography of the English group, it is noteworthy musical quality in each of the eight tracks present. Far ahead of his time, Time and a Word, disk , and one of my favorites, is indeed a work extremely well finished and worth more attentive hearing, including the fact marking the departure of the great guitarist Peter Banks ( Editor’s note: that formed the great Flash after his resignation from YES, A group widely recognized in Europe on behalf of their three excellent albums released ).
After a brief joke interspersed with the previous song “She Loves You” by The Beatles , Jon explains that during the months he spent recovering from a surgery he had time to write enough material, much of having his wife Jane as inspiration. This season he chose “Under Heaven’s Door (Never Ever)” and “Everyday Love” actually good songs, but the reception only increased even when he announced “Find My Way Home”, probably the most famous partnership with the Greek musician Vangelis, present in the cult album The Friends on Mr. Cairo (1981). Anderson took the opportunity to recall a hilarious story of when they were invited to play the aforementioned music, which achieved excellent placement in the British charts, on TV. Vangelis initially refused because, according to Jon, did not support the “hype” of the industry of show business. However, it was just mentioning the word “black money” for the boy change his mind in the act!
The unfailing “Starship Trooper” came next, with coladinha “America”, cover of the famous work of Paul Simon and Garfunkel, was one of the most sung. The requests from fans, “Ritual (Nous Sommer Du Soleil)”, the controversial – and wonderful – Tales From Topographic Oceans (1973), the sixth studio album YES , was included in the repertoire. I wondered how great it would be if there were an accompanying band. The following need not be announced: “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” the biggest hit YES if you look at the world level. Performed briefly, but well arranged, that remained intact close relationship between performer and audience that has always promoted since his first introduced back in 1983, when the multi-platinum album 90,125 fell into the graces of the public.
Jon then goes to the keyboard and starts a delicious medley containing “Set Sail” perfect “Close To the Edge” (much shortened, unfortunately), “Heart of Sunrise” and “The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn) “. The last letter of this is very complex and difficult to follow, however, the attentive audience did not seem intimidated and sang every verse in unison. “Marry Me Again With” kept the intimate atmosphere, and then return to the humorous side to “The Light of Love” and brought their unique reggae. “And You And I” was one of the points high, but could, it is one of the most beautiful things ever forged in the UK. Jon asks if anyone knows “Show Me”, which is played after the positive response of the majority. In the case I do not admire him, even this is a bonus The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection, released in 2003.
Like most readers of this text may already know, in 1975 all the members of YES at the time decide to take a break from the band and releasing solo albums. Olias of Sunhillow what was left of the head of Jon Anderson after weeks locked inside a garage full of tools and many exotic megalomaniac ideas. From that classic album of the two most interesting were selected for this concert: “Flight of the Moorglade” and “To the Runner.” The regular part of the set even brought the obligatory “Your Move / I’ve Seen All Good People” and “Roundabout”, followed by standing for almost the entire house. A quick exit from the stage, and the encore was soon brought “State of Independence”, another partnership with Vangelis, the supernatural “Wonderous Stories” (another note from the Editor: Along with “Circus of Heaven”, my favorite YES) and sensational “Soon” section of the epic “The Gates of Delirium”, the insane and equally perfect Relayer, which featured Patrick Moraz on the keyboard after the rout of Rick Wakeman due to its dissatisfaction with the previous release, Tales From Topographic Oceans (more an editor’s note: Indian documentary YesYears for more details on the fact).
The “one-man show” ended after 90 minutes of beautiful songs, smiles and tears. I could see how dear Jon Anderson is, regardless of age. Even amid the controversy after leaving YES , both have been incredibly well received by the Brazilians. Whether solo or with the band who designed the world, the fact is that time does not seem to move to this gentleman. At the height of its 67 years his voice remains intact and full of vigor, as well as the legion of fans who follow him.
1. Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes)
2. Sweet Dreams (Yes)
3. Long Distance Runaround (Yes)
4. Time and a Word (Yes)
5. Under Heaven’s Door (Never Ever)
6. Everyday Love
7. Find My Way Home (Jon & Vangelis)
8. Starship Trooper (Yes)
9. America (Yes / original by Simon & Garfunkel)
10. Ritual (Nous Sommer Du Soleil) (Yes)
11. Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes)
12. Piano Medley (Set Sail, Close to the Edge, Heart of the Sunnis, Set Sail reprise, The Revealing Science of God)
13. With Marry Me Again
14. The Light of Love
15. And You And I (Yes)
16. Show Me
17. Flight of the Moorglade / To the Runner
18. Tony And Me (Yes)
19. Your Move / I’ve Seen All Good People (Yes)
20. Roundabout (Yes)
21. State of Independence
22. Wonderous Stories (Yes)
23. Soon (Yes)



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