Transatlantic – More Is Never Enough

If you thought Transatlantic – Whirld Tour 2010: Live In London was the ultimate TA experience for a live DVD, well you are going to find out different if you pick up this immense 3 CD/2 DVD set More Never Is Enough.

Neal Morse (keys, acoustic guitar, vocals), Roine Stolt (guitars, vocals), Pete Trewavas (bass, vocals), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals) and Daniel Gildenlow (keys, guitars, vocals and percussion) are the band that went on tour and consequently captured some of their best moments on stage at one of their favorite venues in Tilberg, Norway.

Transatlantic was in their finest form at these gigs. They climbed the mountain and made it to the absolute peak with this release. As these gods of prog look down upon us mere mortals they planted their flag in the fertile earth of progressive rock, forever leaving their mark upon our senses and souls. No, that is implying something other worldly and being too over the top, this was indeed an epic and beautiful set. This collection serves as a definitive piece of evidence, a literal foundation from which everyone else that creates music like this should endeavor to create and capture for their fans on CD and DVD. It is a treasure trove of archetypical prog rock that you quite simply cannot miss and if you do get it you can then claim to be amongst the prog lovers in the circle of knowing, that collective consciousness in the music universe that we all tap into. If not, as they say over in England, you are a punter. The timing for this release just fuels the fire that is now burning out of control for this prog rock renaissance we have become immersed in.

The two DVDs are in the stratosphere on a performance level, and that is at every position in the band. The extended jams are things that dreams are made of and any aspiring musician or enthusiastic prog fan will be salivating while all this takes place before their eyes. And if all that is not enough you can step away from the visual experience and listen to every performance on the 3 CDs. When you listen to some of the runs guitarist Roine Stolt goes on its not hard to see how each member inspires the other to reach for the stars with their given instrument with each composition. And that is exactly what they do consistently throughout these performances.

Every band member is so inspired, you can see it, feel it, and hear it each performance. This collaboration called Transatlantic has proved time and again that is it magical and their innate abilities to deliver spot on improvisation is their ace in the hole.

Their second encore in Tilberg was the legendary Genesis track “Return Of The Giant Hogweed.” This was the first time the band performed it live (without Steve Hackett) and it turns out very well. In fact, in the intro to the set from Neal Morse he states that the fans at the show were singing all the words and that they are real prog fans.

“The Whirlwind” is an epic track custom built for these talented musicians and believe me they take every opportunity to find their own niche in songs like this, to their credit, without stealing the show from anyone else. Their chemistry and brotherhood within the band is clearly on display at all times. There is a bountiful amount of music and concert experiences to enjoy here if you are fan of the band or prog rock. This one is going to be nearly impossible to top but for all us prog rock freaks it is so true, More Never Is Enough.

Key Tracks: “Whirlwind,” “Return Of The Giant Hogweed,” “Bridge Across Forever”

Also released via Metal Blade (14938) and InsideOut (Century Media/EMI) (0505678)


Disc One: The Whirlwind (79:45): Overture/ Whirlwind / Wind Blew Them All Away / On The Prowl / Man Can Feel / Out Of The Night / Rose Colored Glasses / Evermore / Set Us Free / Lay Down Your Life / Pieces Of Heaven / Is It Really Happening? / Dancing With Eternal Glory/Whirlwind (Reprise)

Disc Two: All Of The Above (31:57) / We All Need Some Light (10:22) / Duel With The Devil (28:48)
br> Disc Three: Bridge Across Forever (6:02) / Stranger In Your Soul (33:17)

DVD One: Transatlantic Live In Tilburg: The Whirlwind

DVD Two: Transatlantic Live In Tilburg: All Of The Above / We All Need Some Light / Duel With The Devil / Bridge Across Forever / Stranger In Your Soul / 2nd Encore: Return Of The Giant Hogweed (Genesis)

Neal Morse – vocals, keyboards and acoustic guitars
Roine Stolt – vocals and guitars
Mike Portnoy – drums and vocals
Pete Trewavas – bass and vocals


Daniel Gildenlöw – acoustic and electric guitars, keyboard and backing vocals

SMPTe (2000)
Live In America (2001)
Bridge Across Forever (2001)
Bridge Across Forever – Special Edition (2001)
Live In Europe (2003)
The Whirlwind (2009)
More Is Never Enough (CD/DVD) (2011)
Live In America (DVD) (2001)
Live In Europe (DVD) (2003)
Building The Bridge Across Forever/Live In America (DVD) (2006)
Whirld Tour 2010 – Live From Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London (DVD) (2010)
More Is Never Enough (DVD/CD) (2011)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin VA

Added: December 10th 2011
Reviewer: Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck
Score: *****
Artist website:
Hits: 32
Language: english


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