Inspired By The Universe And Tempted By the Sci-Fi Culture, Experimental Musician Billy Yfantis Releases The Album “Noises from the Outer Space”

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Inspired By The Universe And Tempted By the Sci-Fi Culture, Experimental Musician Billy Yfantis Releases The Album “Noises from the Outer Space”

6 evolving soundscapes with a duration over 60 minutes in the music style of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno

Athens, Greece – Experimental musician and author Billy Yfantis, releases his 3rd Sci-Fi/Space album entitled “Noises from the Outer Space”. The album features 6 instrumental tracks composed by having in mind the atmosphere of Sci-Fi movies and the science of Astronomy. The Spaced Out vibes of the album mix perfectly with the evolving tonality of the music and create an Avant-garde trip to the universe. The album was composed and recorded in Athens, Greece by Billy Yfantis who explored musically several virtual synthesizers mainly used for cinematic Sound Design. Each track represents the aesthetic and sonic perception of Space from the composer’s point of view, consequently the final result sounds as close as possible to the soundtrack of a classic Sci-Fi movie.

The cinematic atmosphere of Billy’s music has created positive feedback from important professionals of the music industry. Steve Whitfield (Producer and engineer of The Cure, The Mission UK) commented upon listening to the music of Billy Yfantis for the first time: “This music is crying out to be used in films but at the same time it’s great to just sit back listen and immerse yourself in them without any moving images and let your imagination run wild!”

Noises from the Outer Space Track list:
1. Astral Noise
2. Cosmic Noise
3. Galactic Noise
4. Interstellar Noise
5. New Moon Noise
6. Planetary Noise

Listen to the new album here:
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Billy Yfantis, except his solo recording career, has a very busy schedule with other related activities. On Jan. 27, 2021 he participated as a guest presenter at the   Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) by presenting the nominees/winners of the “Best World Music” and “Best Lyrics/Lyricist” awards. You can watch the whole event here: Moreover, later in 2021 he remixed a track from the Desert rockers Sons of Alpha Centauri which was included as a bonus 3-inch CD on the vinyl format of the recent album “Sky Island” by the Yawning Sons (project by members of the Yawning Man and Sons of Alpha Centauri). For the rest of 2021, Billy Yfantis plans to experiment with new instruments and technologies for the recording of his 4th full album with a release schedule in early 2022. Stay tuned for more information!

About Billy Yfantis
Vasileios (Billy) Yfantis holds 2 Master Degrees in Information Technology and is a Ph.D. candidate in the University of West Attica by conducting research on e-government. Billy has been working on music since the late 1990s by experimenting with tape mixing and sound design. Billy is playing digital keyboards, but prefers to express his artistic dream through the electronic sounds that come from unusual machines. He has experimented with the recording of vacuum cleaners, electric blenders and other strange sounds that have resulted in musical releases. Moreover, Billy has authored books on music, business and science while from times to times he speaks about the electronic governance at scientific conferences all over Europe.

Famous Quotes
Krautrock legend Harald Grosskopf (Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, Cosmic Jokers): “I always like electronic music made by younger musicians who consequently follow their personal instinct, rather than trying to copy what’s already been made in the past, in the spirit of: Whenever you meet Buddha kill him. Keep on tracking Billy!”

Tom McLoughlin (Director of the movie “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives”): “I really dug his music!! VERY cool stuff!!”

Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep): “I like the track ‘Waiting for the battle.’ Great riff. I can see this as soundtracks to Psycho – punk movies and the like.”

1. Noises from the Outer Space (Full album, 2021)
2. Entering the Solar System (Full album, 2020)
3. The Noisy Whispers Compilation (Full album, 2019)
4. The Mysterious Trip (Digital single, 2018)
5. Dust Not Found (Digital single 2017)
6. Crossing The Line (Digital single 2016)
7. The Electric Blender Session (Digital single, 2016)
8. The Missing Link (Digital single, 2015)

Check out music by Billy Yfantis here:

1. Power Ballads And The Stories Behind (2021)
2. Is Prog Rock Really Progressive? (2020)
3. Hip Hop Goes Science: Volume I – Extended Version (2020)
4. Hip Hop Goes Science: Volume I (2019)
5. Metal Goes Science: The Academic Metal Bibliography (2017)
6. Disadvantaged Populations And Technology In Music (2017)
7. City Streets Of Europe (2017)
8. Punk Goes Science: The Academic Bibliography Of Punk (2015)
9. The Lost Lyrics (2013)
10. The Commercial Exploitation Of Color As A Consumer Stimulus (2013)

Find Books by Billy Yfantis here:

Contact details:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),


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