Punk Metal Pranksters GREEN JELLŸ Return With Their Fifth Studio Album Featuring A Slew Of Special Friends, Guests & Enemies!

For Immediate Release

Punk Metal Pranksters GREEN JELLŸ Return With Their Fifth Studio Album Featuring A Slew Of Special Friends, Guests & Enemies!

Includes performances by TRAILER PARK BOYS, Louichi Mayorga of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES/LUICIDAL, Angelo Moore of FISHBONE, Marc Diamond of THE DWARVES, Gord Kirchin of PILEDRIVER & many more plus special messages from “WEIRD AL” YANKOVICH and WINK MARTINDALE!

Los Angeles, CA – Hilarious musical pranksters, Green Jellÿ (formerly Green Jellö) – best known for their 1993 hit “Three Little Pigs” – are back to blow your house down with this brand-new studio album, Garbage Band Kids! For this outing, their first since 2009, band founder and lead vocalist Bill Manspeaker has recruited a slew of special guests who give the project a bit of extra potency including musical performances by members of Trailer Park Boys, Suicidal Tendencies, Fishbone, The Dwarves, Piledriver, Hacksaw Jim Duggin, Kittie and others. In addition, the album includes humorous cameos from the one and only “Weird Al” Yankovic as well as game show icon Wink Martindale. In addition to the more well-known guests, Garbage Band Kids brought together Green Jellÿ fans from around the globe, over a 100 songwriters, musicians and artists, who made the record possible. Indeed as Manspeaker proclaims, “This is the first album in music history to be recorded by the fans, for the fans!”

Manspeaker also brought in one of the creators of the subversive ‘80s trading card phenomenon Garbage Pail Kids to provide the album’s mind-blowing artwork, which include individual full-color illustrations for each song and an insanely detailed cover image that comes to life in 3D animation using the augmented reality app Artvive (available for free on the app store)!

All together, this unruly mob have crafted one of the most creative and defiant albums in the great Green Jellÿ oeuvre. Check out the album’s first single “Punk Rock Pope,” released today to all digital platforms, for what’s in store on this epic adventure!

Stream the single: https://orcd.co/green_jelly_punk_rock_pope

Garbage Band Kids will be available everywhere on both CD and COLORED vinyl with full-color printed sleeves starting June 11!

Order the album: https://orcd.co/green_jelly_garbage_band_kids

Track List
1. Pukebox
2. Silence Of The Squarepants
3. Punk Rock Pope
4. Fuxk It
5. Boy Who Cried Wolf
6. Drinking Song
7. Back Alley Dentist
8. Champion
9. 333
10. Hey Hey Hey
11. Beat My Meat
12. Weirdo [CD ONLY]
13. Freetoe Feet [CD ONLY]
14. Ballad Of Green Jellÿ [CD ONLY]
15. Three Little Pigs
16. Mægnus Ærena
17. Holyman Back [CD ONLY]

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