Space Rock Collective SPIRITS BURNING Launch A Unique Full-Length Collaboration With Famed Author MICHAEL MOORCOCK!

For Immediate Release

Space Rock Collective SPIRITS BURNING Launch A Unique Full-Length Collaboration With Famed Author MICHAEL MOORCOCK!

Features guest performances by members of Blue Öyster Cult, Hawkwind, Nektar, The Strawbs and more!

Los Angeles, CA – Fantasy writer/art rock visionary Michael Moorcock, who has been named by The Times as one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945 and has collaborated with bands such as Hawkwind and Blue Öyster Cult, has teamed up once again with Don Falcone’s space rock collective Spirits Burning for an epic new album! The Hollow Lands is a continuation of a trilogy of Moorcock’s stories, dubbed The Dancers At The Ends Of Time series, that began with An Alien Heat, released in 2018. For this second installment, Falcone has assembled a stellar cast of progressive rock luminaries including BÖC members Albert Bouchard, Eric Bloom, Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser and Joe Bouchard, Hawkwind associates Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Bemand, Bridget Wishart, Adrian Shaw and Dead Fred, PLUS Nektar’s Ron Howden, The Strawbs’ Chas Cronk, and many more!

Michael Moorcock writes: “The Hollow Lands is a beautiful piece of work, building on An Alien Heat with musical subtlety and intelligence. I am delighted by the interpretation and can’t wait to hear the resolution to this amazing project! They are a wonderful complement to what is one of my own favourite sequences and I could not hope for a better interpretation.”

Don Falcone writes “This album was another opportunity to work closely with Al (Bouchard) on Mike’s Dancers series. Al started 7 of the songs and played on 15. Together, we invited a special group of musicians, and they brought an amazing amount of enthusiasm and passion to this adventure. Plus, it was great to record Mike again. He provided vocals or harmonica to 16 of the 18 songs.”

The Hollow Lands is available now on digital, CD and a very special limited edition colored vinyl pressing with full color printed sleeve!

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Track List:
1. To Hollow Lands
2. Isn’t It Delicious?
3. Playing At Ships
4. Dance Through Time
5. Warm Snow Peaks
6. On The Hunt
7. A Haze Of Crimson Light
8. Conflict & Illusions
9. Robot Nurse & The Children Of The Pit
10. A Conversation With H.G. Wells
11. Awful Dilemma
12. Mr. Underwood’s Soliloquy
13. Time Machine Cabriolet
14. We May Yet Be Saved
15. Morphail Megaflow
16. Memorable Night At Café Royal
17. To The Time Machien, At Last
18. Make A Fire

1. To Hollow Lands
2. Playing At Ships
3. Dance Through Time
4. A Conversation With H.G. Wells

1. Awful Dilemma
2. We May Yet Be Saved
3. Memorable Night At Café Royal
4. To The Time Machine, At Last
5. Make A Fire

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