Guitarist Jamie Glaser Sets Out to Change the Way Social Media Management Has Been Done with JG Social Media Solutions

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Guitarist Jamie Glaser Sets Out to Change the Way Social Media Management Has Been Done with JG Social Media Solutions

Social Media Management that makes a difference!

Jamie Glaser is best known as the guitarist for multi-Grammy award winners Jean Luc Ponty, Bryan Adams, Chick Corea, and many more. His guitar is what you hear on TV shows like Seinfeld, Married with Children, and Saved by The Bell. As a composer, more than 80 compositions are presently used on Network TV as well as the Discovery Network on cable. Jamie’s guitar can be heard on Disney, Spielberg, and major motion pictures worldwide.

Jamie set out to change the way social media management has been done.

JG social media solutions in business since 2013 is Jamie’s company run by 2 people. Retail giant Don Zickefoose and Jamie and specialize in getting clients the best engagement, traffic, likes, and sales. JG social media solutions work in all niches.

“When I was a student at Berklee College of Music I looked around at 623 other musicians who were on a line to get their degree and decided all these people have the same knowledge I had, they all had the same experience so I decided to do things that they didn’t do, that they didn’t want to do.

“I began studying marketing and business. Musicians wanted to play, wanted to be famous, wanted to have adulation, and had very little interest in ‘business’. I found it fun and interesting and knew that I could propel my own career in ways the others couldn’t or wouldn’t do.”

In the years that followed Jamie became marketing director in Los Angeles for entertainment companies that booked everything from décor to orchestras, named acts, bands, for corporate parties and also weddings and other events. These companies’ profits were in the multi-millions and Jamie learned the art of the sale always realizing that the way to success was to help others with their challenges, and desires.

In 2013 Jamie got a call from a musician’s wife who was distraught. She cried “My husband spent all his money on Facebook ads. There is no return and now I have to take a job to feed our family and pay the mortgage.” She continued “I see how busy your social media pages are and that you are making sales, have loyal customers, and are always making a profit. Can you please help us, Jamie?”

Jamie went to work to create a page for them that was not a billboard (like traditional advertising) to create an environment that was social and to finesse ads that cut their advertising budget by more than 50 percent, with a return of 200 percent.

“The success was clearly a sign that I needed to do this for others,” said Jamie Glaser.

“I went online to find the social media management companies that were at the top of Google Search and hired 3 of these companies to see what they could do for me. They all had big fancy web pages, they all had amazing software to give me a detailed analysis of my performance on social media and they all were HORRIBLE at being social, getting engagement, traffic, likes, and sales.

“I spent between 1000 and 2000 dollars (the going rate for social media management per month) to test these companies and they all failed, and the price was completely way too much for my peers in the music business and for small business owners in general. I decided to offer affordable service that could not be matched by anyone at any price. For the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks per day, clients receive personalized, professional marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.”

JG social media solutions were soon doing the management for social media for an artist with 2 billion views on YouTube, followed by intense work for Jean Luc Ponty, hall of Famer Jon Anderson, Prog musician greats like Andrew Colyer and Robert Berry. JG social media solutions grew fast and did the work for the no 1 skin spa in New York, a hearing aid company in California, a bar in Manhattan, and represented chart-toppers, smooth jazz artists, like the Jazz Holdouts and Eric Byak.

“The secret is simple, social media needs to be social, people want to know the businesses and feel important. Social media is a place where people do not buy unless they know the company, the musician, the whoever. Social media takes expertise, business know-how and lots of quality time and we provide this all.

“Small businesses and large businesses should not be spending their time responding to customers all day, creating posts, resizing pictures, making sales videos or trying to do the intense work it takes to make a successful ad and advertising campaign JG social media solutions does it all for every client.”

Jamie mentions “The work was so time-consuming as the client base expanded and I was at a breaking point. I had to find someone who was special, who was great at social media, and who really had expertise in marketing and business.

“I put up a post on Facebook saying I needed someone that I could trust and rely on who could work 7 days a week for my company. There were hundreds of responses to my post and I chose over 60 people to check out. Don Zickefoose was someone I had responded to on Facebook and enjoyed the way his pages looked and his incredible relationships with the people who responded to him. I came to know Don while I was guitarist with the Anderson Ponty Band and the group page we had on Facebook.

“Choosing Don Zickefoose was the best thing that I ever did in my life. Don is not only a business and retail genius but he also fulfilled a great desire of mine to have a best friend. We are so close and I believe our friendship is one of the reasons why our success is off the hook.”

Don Zickefoose grew up in the Boston area but has resided in Upstate South Carolina since 1993. Always looking to be creative, he learned custom photographic darkroom techniques in the United States Air Force, followed by 8 years in the M.I.T. Graphic Arts Department. Raising 3 children led to a 20-year career change to manufacturing in leadership roles. A part-time job led to a retail management career path. having managed 3 different areas of a 100 million dollar per year gross sales store. He uses his talents to drive people to the client’s sales links and encourages them to interact with the business pages.

JG social media solutions are about ¼ the price of the competitors and are on a mission to give the best service anywhere to people in any niche. Social Media Management that makes a difference.

In 2021 we are planning to do more work for schools, colleges, and universities as well as small and large businesses.


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Contact Jamie at: or call 801 310 4240


“I’ve been working with Jamie and Don at JG Social Media Solutions for a couple of years, with my rock band Circuline, and in my solo career as a musician, composer, and performer. Jamie and Don have been invaluable at increasing my online presence, helping me to increase my Facebook Page Likes and engagement, my Instagram followers and engagement, and my Twitter followers. These guys really know what they’re doing, they are great to work with, and most importantly, you will not get a better return on your  investment with any social media company on the planet. I sincerely mean that. Jamie and Don are constantly learning and growing, keeping up with all of the changes that happen, and coming up with new ideas and strategies to help me grow my social media channels, and my online businesses. Whether it’s online or offline, I highly recommend JG Social Media Solutions!” – Andrew Colyer, New York

“I have worked with Jamie and Don for a while. They really care about helping artists and Businesses reach their goals. I am a musician and I didn’t have anything on Facebook until I worked with them. They really understand what you want and do whatever they can to accommodate your specific needs. I recently had an artist development company contact me because of my Facebook page. And very excited and grateful for their help. Great people, very efficient and honest!” – Renee Casanova

“As an artist that spends every day creating and producing music for my own career, and clients of my studio, I don’t have the time or interest in learning the intricacies of Social Media. Yet without it my career would come to a standstill. Thank you, Jamie and Don, for working for me at a very high level and keeping my music on the forefront of the ever-changing social media landscape.” – Robert Berry

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),

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