Fusion Legends BRAND X Reunion Tour Selling Out Shows in Advance!


For Immediate Release

Fusion Legends BRAND X Reunion Tour Selling Out Shows in Advance!

NYC – Legendary Jazz-Rock-Fusion band BRAND X has reunited and the response has been overwhelming. The initial tour runs October 19th through October 30th, and numerous shows are already Sold Out well in advance.

BRAND X are recognized as true musical pioneers who helped create an entire musical genre and influenced a broad spectrum of musicians and bands. From numerous fusion bands around the world, to even Phish and Dream Theater, their influence to the their peers and the next generation of musicians has been monumental. They are unrivaled in their creativity, originality and approach. The seeds were sown around 1975 when future members of Brand X were collaborating with Brian Eno on his well known “Another Green World” album. Robert Fripp and Phil Collins also played on it, and it got many people thinking. Their contemporaries include bands such as Weather Report, Headhunters, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jaco Pastorious and Chick Corea, all crafting a unique blend of Jazz, Rock, and Ethic influences now widely known by fans worldwide simply as “Fusion”.

HAVE TICKET, WILL TRAVEL: “Something unexpected has been happening…”, the band’s management explained. “People are coming out of the woodwork to come to these first shows. First we heard of a group driving from Texas all the way up to Chicago for a show. Then it’s a group from Denver. A few coming from Toronto, and now we’ve got confirmation of fans flying in from London and even Berlin!”

HUFFINGTON POST FEATURE: “You Tried The Rest, Now Rediscover Band X” by Roger Weisman (08/07/2016) article struck a chord with many when he stated: “Brand X have too much of a background in Rock to be whole-heartedly accepted by the Jazz Community… but similar to some of Jeff Beck’s fusion work, they’ve created masterpieces.”


* John Goodsall (Guitar): Original BRAND X guitarist says, “It’s a better version now. We’re all a lot more experienced – a lot more skilled… And that goes for every one of us.”

* Percy Jones (Bass): Original BRAND X bassist says, “This music takes us back to a certain space – which was really cool. I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel that feeling again – and yet here it is!”

* Kenwood Dennard (Drums): BRAND X drummer who’s also played with Sting and Jaco Pastorious says, “When we used to play this music, it felt eternal. We used to get into a zone where it felt so deep. Now that’s exactly how it felt again.”

* Chris Clark (Keyboards): Formerly of John Entwistle Band (The Who), and Richie Cannata’s Band (Billy Joel).

* Scott Weinberger (Percussionist): Sessions with Adrian Belew, and live with The Security Project (Jerry Marotta, formerly of Peter Gabriel and Trey Gunn formerly of King Crimson)

The reunited BRAND X will be performing material from their first three albums on these initial tours in October 2016.





“Unorthodox Behaviour” was a superb debut album. Members Percy Jones, Phil Collins, Morris Pert, John Goodsall and Robin Lumley had been doing sessions for Brian Eno, and banded together for this initial release.

“Moroccan Roll”: Surprises everyone by hitting #37 in the UK charts. Experimenting with some Eastern tonalities, including a shimmering Sitar played by Goodsall on “Sun In The Night”, BRAND X create an uncanny masterpiece – a fusion album with melodies. Percussionist Morris Pert now joins the band, and manages to bang on everything including a few kitchen sinks. Robin Lumley’s “Disco Suicide” is as catchy as it is clever. Percy Jones galloping “Malaga Virgen” races with furious Bass and Drums – and remains a show-stopper live.

“Livestock”: A true live album in every sense of the word. Recorded at gigs at Hammersmith Odeon and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, it shows that band at their most mature with finesse and macho chops rarely heard live. Robin Lumley has stated that the entire Livestock album was mixed in one day with absolutely no overdubs.

Oct 19: Milwaukee, WI at The Shank Hall
Oct 20: Edwardsville, IL at The Wildey Theatre
Oct 21: Chicago, IL at Reggie’s Live Progtober-Fest
Oct 22: Cleveland, OH at The Music Settlement/Bop-Stop
Oct 23: New Hope, PA at Havana Club
Oct 25: Arlington, MA at The Regent Theatre
Oct 27: New York City at Iridium Jazz Club (2 shows per night)
Oct 28: New York City at Iridium Jazz Club (2 shows per night)
Oct 29: Woodstock, NY at Bearsville Theatre
Oct 30: Newton, NJ at The Newton Theatre

For more information:

Norman Bedford
O: 305-754-4044
C: 786-216-4677

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com


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