Todd Rundgren – “Black & White” Video Premiere – Billboard Magazine


Watch Todd Rundgren’s ‘Black and White’ From ‘An Evening With Todd Rundgren — Live at the Ridgefield’: Exclusive Premiere
8/18/2016 by Gary Graff

Todd Rundgren plays in a lot of configurations, from technology-aided one-man shows to romps with Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band. But the performance represented on the upcoming An Evening With Todd Rundgren — Live at the Ridgefield album and video — check out an exclusive premiere of the track “Black and White” below — is a payoff for the faithful fans who like their Rundgren repertoire to sound familiar.

“It’s a collection of stuff that rarely gets played in the same context,” Rundgren tells Billboard about the 18-song set (25 on video). “One of the downsides of continuing to put out new material is I tend to want to go out and present that material in a proper context, and often that context is not one that allows me to dwell in the past and play such an array of oft-requested tunes — and even if I do play some of those older tunes they might be re-adapted to suit the kind of presentation I’m doing.

“So these are certainly songs people want to hear every night, like the ol’ ‘Hello It’s Me’ and stuff like that. A lot of people still want to hear the material the way they remember it, and this was an opportunity to recharge the audience after kind of wearing them out a bit, and a chance for me to revisit some material that I perhaps hadn’t played in quite a long time, or in some cases never.”

For the rest of the article and the premiere, please visit the Billboard Magazine website!

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