Lunden Reign’s Debut Album “American Stranger” Receives Multiple “Best Album/Songs of the Year” Awards for 2015!

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Lunden Reign’s Debut Album “American Stranger” Receives Multiple “Best Album/Songs of the Year” Awards for 2015!

“A bunch of top-notch rock songs that feel both fresh and timeless.” – Chris C.,​

Los Angeles – Alternative rock ensemble Lunden Reign’s debut album “American Stranger” was released in March 2015 to critical acclaim across the globe. Along with a multitude of positive reviews worldwide, the album received multiple “Best Album/Song of the Year” Awards in 2015!

“We are truly appreciative and flattered by all the incredible interviews, reviews and airplay we’ve received for our debut album, ‘American Stranger’,” says band leaders Nikki Lunden & Laura Espinoza-Lunden.​ “Now ​we are so humbled and appreciative that ‘American Stranger’ is ​making multiple music magazines year-end top album and song lists​! THANK YOU to those that are helping to support and showcase Lunden Reign’s music and messages to the world!”

Bloody Good Music​’s​​ ​Top Ten Albums of the Year – New York
“Not many bands begin their career with a concept album, but that’s what Lunden Reign did here, and the result is an album that brings the classic Heart sound to a new generation. This is a tightly-wound album of classic rock that features some glorious guitar tones, and well-crafted songs all around. Concept album can also get bogged down in the gimmick, but that doesn’t happen here, as the album can be taken on face value as a bunch of top-notch rock songs that feel both fresh and timeless. It’s the kind of record that’s easy to overlook, but well worth the effort to give it a try. The only thing I can’t speak to is the story of the record, as I was only sent a download without any of the lyrics or liner notes.”

Bloody Good Music​’s​ Top 12 Songs of the Year “Mary” – New York
“This is classic rock done the right way. It sounds like the love child of Heart and Led Zeppelin, and rocks just as much. The way the vocal strains just enough in the chorus drives home the emotion of the song, while the hook has a way of sticking with you more than you’d expect.”

Highwire Daze Magazine #9 Top Albums of 2015 – Hollywood, CA
The band has an interview in the 25th Anniversary print version which includes the top 10 listing and features photos by rock photographer Jack Lue.

AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARDS “Best Alt Rock Album” – Hollywood, CA
In July, 2015, “American Stranger” was Voted “Best Alt Rock Album” by AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARDS (Hollywood, CA). “Lunden Reign’s album ‘American Stranger’ has all the compositional invention and production competence required for radio greatness – and a frayed emotional filament that travels deep in the hinterlands of true art, as well.”

Also, Lunden Reign’s “Hear Me” will be the first entry in Warren Kurtz “Fabulous 2015 Songs” feature for Goldmine Magazine (Wisconsin), covering 20 songs from 2015.

Says Nikki and Laura, “We believe 2016 for Lunden Reign is going to be an even more incredible year! We are already back in the studio creating our 2nd album ‘Confessions’ and once-again teaming with platinum-selling producer co-writer Luis Maldonado (producer and co-writer of ‘American Stranger’. We also hope to be performing in more festivals around the country this summer and crossing our fingers for increased airplay of our songs. FYI, watch for us as we will be in the audience of the 58th Annual Grammy Awards! Next year we hope we will be on the stage as well! Thank you all for you support!”

The band will be headlining at the legendary Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on Saturday February 6th! ( Already some of rock’s legends have joined Lunden Reign on stage including TERRI NUNN of BERLIN, PRESCOTT NILES of THE KNACK and DALE BOZZIO of MISSING PERSONS. Some of these performances are available on YouTube.

Lunden Reign is composed of two core members: Nikki Lunden (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Composer) and Laura Espinoza-Lunden (Guitar/Composer). Producer Luis Maldonado joins as guitarist on select shows and the duo tours with some of LA’s top musicians including: Matt Denis (bass) & Matt Lucich (drums). Lunden Reign’s music is described as ‘Big Beat Alternative Rock’ or ‘Modern Classic Rock’. Some say it’s the signature album for “ROCK’s REBIRTH”. The band’s debut concept album “American Stranger” was released on Cleopatra Records March 17, 2015 and began receiving world-wide critical acclaim almost immediately. The 10 original songs are scored with layers of haunting melodies, uplifting guitar riffs blended with a sharp edge and a massive beat.

Here’s what’s being said about Lunden Reign:

Dale Bozzio (Frank Zappa, Missing Persons): “’American Stranger’ is a masterpiece! Every song is great!”

Terri Nunn (lead singer of Berlin): “Laura is a great songwriter and musician. I listened to (American Stranger) a couple of times. My favorites are ‘LOVE IN FREE FALL,’ ‘HEAR ME’ and ‘THE LIGHT.’ I loved the passion of ‘HEAR ME’ …that’s my most favorite one.”

Prescott Niles (The Knack): “Every so many years an album comes out that redefines modern music. ‘AMERICAN STRANGER’ is that next album. Today the cycle goes full with a long-awaited return to music that touches the soul and embraces the test of time.”

Candice Marshall (BongoBoy TV 6-15) “This is the kind of (video) I would wait up all night for as a young girl with shows like ‘Saturday Night Videos’ and eventually, ‘MTV’. They are quickly becoming a favorite in my collection!”

Ray Shasho (Classic Rock Music Review 3.5.15) “(American Stranger) is an extraordinary-high-energy- esoteric rock gem, integrated with profound lyrical content, that I felt compelled to applause this exciting new progressive-rock powerhouse.”

Gary Brown ( “…For a modern rock band publicly described as being, big beat / alternative rock, I decided what we have here is a new rock band with an appreciation for the rock and roll before them. Touching on old school vibes, yet emitting their own fresh, and unique sound.”

Luc Ghyselen (Keys & Chords Magazine/Web Belgium 2.14.15): “’American Stranger’ is one complete story. Lunden Reign brings melodic rock that also fans of mainstream rock and even pop should appeal to.”

Chris C. (Bloody Good Music NY 3.18.15) “’American Stranger’ is a strong outing for a debut album, and a needed statement to redefine the ways we see women in rock music…. Lunden Reign defies expectations, and they’ve made a strong case for themselves. ‘American Stranger’ is a fantastic example of modern classic rock.”

More Information/Social Sites About Lunden Reign:

Laura Espinoza- Legends International Agency, LLC Beverly Hills 310-746-9106

Press inquiries: Billy James – Glass Onyon PR 828-350-8158

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