Music Legends Magma To Release Iconic 1975 Live Album “Magma Live Hhaï” on Limited Edition Vinyl!

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For Immediate Release

Music Legends Magma To Release Iconic 1975 Live Album “Magma Live Hhaï” on Limited Edition Vinyl!

Paris, France – Completing the series of vinyl reissues, French music legends Magma will be issuing their iconic 1975 live album Magma Live Hhaï on limited edition vinyl. This double LP will be released by Jazz Village Records on October 2, 2015.

Magma has joined up with Jazz Village to celebrate its 45th anniversary with an impressive series of new and classic releases. A series of new and classic Magma titles has been scheduled for release every month from September 2014 to November 2015. A legendary French group if ever there was one, Magma has continued to influence the course of contemporary music since their debut in 1969.

After the departure in autumn of 1974 of Jannick TOP and most of the other members of the band, MAGMA rose phoenix-like from the ashes with a new, hot, line-up which saw the musical opportunity lying before it. After long rehearsals Christian VANDER realized that he had yet another exceptional groupand the decision was taken to record the first MAGMA live album. The recording, made in June 1975 at the Taverne de l’Olympia, perfectly demonstrates the incredible impact made by MAGMA. Absolutely dedicated to the music of Christian VANDER, who by that time had reached the summit of his art, the band plays as if it were one man and sweeps all before it in its triumphant passage. Whether it was a new arrangement of any of the old pieces (KOHNTARK, KOBAIA, MEKANIK) or a previously-unheard piece (HHAI, LIHNS), the sound of MAGMA has never been heard more powerfully as on this incredible recording. Although it remains difficult to point to any one performance as being outstanding, it would nevertheless be difficult not to react to the mind-blowing performance by Didier Lockwood, whose violin playing contributes so greatly to the profound originality of this magnificent double-album.

Christian VANDER drums, vocals – Klaus BLASQUIZ vocals – Stella VANDER vocals – Bernard PAGANOTTI bass – Gabriel FEDEROW guitar – Didier LOCKWOOD violin – Benoit WIDEMANN keyboards – Jean-Pol ASSELINE keyboards

1 – KOHNTARK part 1
2 – KOHNTARK part 2

1 – HHAI

Recorded live between June 1 & 5, 1975 at la TAVERNE DE L’OLYMPIA, Paris by Frank OWENS. Mixed at studio Le Chateau by George Chkiantz

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