Something Else! Exclusive Stream of “I See You Messenger” by the AndersonPonty Band!

Jon Anderson & Jean-Luc Ponty Cathy Miller approved photo 2 cropped med res

AndersonPonty Band, “I See You Messenger” (2015): Something Else! Exclusive Stream
SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

The formation of a superband fronted by classic rock icon ex-Yes frontman Jon Anderson with jazz rock icon violinist Jean-Luc Ponty created some buzz ever since Anderson first publicly broached the idea back in early 2014.

The AndersonPonty Band concept led a memorable live engagement in Aspen in September 2014, captured both audibly and visually. The resulting CD/DVD Better Late Than Never will be available on September 25, 2015 via Liaison Records. Something Else! offers a sneak peak of a track from AndersonPonty Band’s CD, “I See You Messenger,” which you can stream above.

For the full article and the stream, please visit the Something Else! website!

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