Hit Channel Interview with Carmine Appice


Interview:Carmine Appice (Cactus,Vanilla Fudge,Beck Bogert & Appice)
Δημοσιεύθηκε 8 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014 | Από thodoris | In English

HIT CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: September 2014. We had the great honour to talk with a legendary drummer: Carmine Appice. He is best known as a member of Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck, Bogert & Appice and Rod Stewart’s backing band. He has also played with Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, Pat Travers, Michael Schenker, Ted Nugent, Blue Murder, Rick Derringer, Paul Stanley, Marty Friedman, Sly Stone and many others. Read below the very interesting things he told us:

Cleopatra Records is releasing rare live and studio recordings by Cactus, Bogert & Appice and Travers & Appice. Are you happy with the release of this stuff?
Yes, I am. I mean, considering what they are, the object was to get out what were lying around and were not really released. The Bogert & Appice stuff was basically stuff that I had lying around and we had recorded it in the early 2000s and never released. And we decided to put a label together to get out a lot of stuff that I had and that my friends had, that we never released. So, basically what we did was: the Bogert & Appice one (ed: “Friends”) was an EP which had 7 songs laying around and the Cactus lives: “Live in Japan” and “Live in the USA”. We recorded “Live in Japan” in Japan and we decided to actually do it and release it. And “Live in the USA” was something that another company in Europe released and they didn’t have license to do it. So, we decided that we release that also. As far as I am happy, I’m pretty happy with that all, but you know, there are not like big budget items. We didn’t spend $100.000, but I’m very happy with the playing, the sound is really good and the performances are awesome.

You just finished a summer tour with Vanilla Fudge. What are you future plans?
Next week, we are going to finish a new Vanilla Fudge album, called “The Spirit of ‘67” and we did all those songs from 1967. My brother Vinny (ed: Black Sabbath –drums) and I, we played a show in New York City, called “Drum Wars”. We are going to release “Drum Wars” live CD also. We don’t have any “Drum Wars” product out there and it was a really cool show that we recorded and we decided to get the tapes and work on it. The sound is really good, we have mixed everything and we are releasing that. Then, the next thing I do is I have a show called “The Rod Experience”, which is basically three members of the Rod Stewart group. We did the 1979 “Blondes Have More Fun” tour and we play pretty much all the songs that we did in 1979. We have a guy who looks and sounds like Rod. So, it’s a kind of historical tribute show featuring an all star group and members of the Rod Steward group. I’m going to take that to China in November and that’s fun. I believe we are coming to Greece with the Metal All Stars tour. I am gonna featuring in this tour along with Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society), Joey Belladona (Anthrax) and Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne). I believe this December we will come to Greece. I don’t have the dates in front of me, that should be fun. I have a lot of cool stuff to do until the rest of the year.

How important was the cover of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” (The Supremes) to the career of Vanilla Fudge?
I think that was historical. That was very important. I don’t think we would have done it without having that song as a hit.

For the rest of the interview, please visit the Hit Channel website!

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