Local Band for Hire Interview with Terry Bozzio

terrybozzio poster 2014_final med res

Terry Bozzio Interview 2014: Rhythm & Sketch

Iconic drummer Terry Bozzio took time during his hugely successful world tour to talk to Local Band about his new music and his new art. Bozzio incorporates his new interpretive art which is appropriately named: [RHYTHM] + [SKETCH] into the visuals of his world” tour de force” to create electrifying and highly personalized impressions of sound and art. Terry is probably best know for his work with Frank Zappa, Missing Persons and the progressive rock revival group, UK. However, the artists credits extend much further than that. Starting in the early 70′s the ambitious drummer made appearances with some of the most well known and respected artists in the industry and is perhaps one of the most sought after percussionist around. For tour dates, artist information and some great video promos visit Terry’s site: TerryBozzioArt .com & Terry Bozzio.com.

Please enjoy a conversation with Terry!

LBFH: Terry, Your rig has grown into what has to be one of the most sophisticated in use today. Is this a self creation or have you collaborated with others to bring this “sound sculpture” to life?
TB: It’s my ideas and a lot of personal labor! But of course it’s possible because of the generous support of DW Drums, Sabian Cymbals & my other sponsors.

LBFH: Your performances now incorporate a lot of electronic, computer and visual technologies, Is this tricky to work with live?
TB: It’s all pretty fail safe. I spend a lot of time making things easy for me & my techs who set up and move it. Any ambient music loops are in an iPod & the Roland midi system w/ Pintech triggers is probably the most complex signal chain. But it’s very reliable.

For the rest of the interview, please visit the Local Band for Hire website!

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