Bop-N-Jazz Review of Getting the Holy Ghost Across by Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson Getting the Holy Ghost Across

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bill Nelson Getting The Holy Ghost Across Esoteric 2014

Bill Nelson was and continues to remain a lyrical visionary just slightly ahead of his time.
Brent Black /

In the late 1970’s Bill Nelson was heralded as one of the finest guitarists in England. A member of the legendary British art rock pioneers Be Bop Deluxe, Nelson was unknowingly charting a lyrical course of influence for progressive rock with his technical precision on the fret board and a lyrically inventive course of imagery that continues to inspire today. Quirky, eclectic, at times experimental all fall short in attempting to place this proverbial musical square peg in a round hole. The 1986 release Getting The Holy Ghost Across” has been a rare and coveted gem among collectors and is now getting a second chance at life as a stellar reissue.

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