Tone Deaf Review of Jon Anderson Concert



Jon Anderson
April 10th 2013 @ Corner Hotel
Reviewed by Neil Evans on 12 April 2013

Solo acoustic blues guitarist Harry Healy greeted the arriving sold-out crowd, consisting primarily of diehard Yes fans, the band of which headliner Jon Anderson was the frontman back in the 70s.
While a decent enough player and singer, Healy was somewhat repetitive with his music, and the banter onstage felt a bit forced and affected. There seems to be something of a saturation of solo artists, both male and female, with acoustic guitars similar to Harry at the moment. A decent but undistinguished opener.
After a fun game of ‘spot the under 40-year-old in the crowd’, it was time for Jon Anderson to take to the stage.
Performing solo, switching between guitar, piano, and dulcimer, tonight was a massive surprise. As much as the music of Yes has compelled and enthralled listeners throughout the past four decades, the band are also held up as one of the reasons why punk, or something like it, had to happen.

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