Rock Guitar Daily Interview with Greg Lake

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Greg Lake – The Rock Guitar Daily Interview
Tony Conley

“Songs of a Lifetime is a celebration of the age of shared music. That’s what it is. I spent a long time preparing the show, I recorded all the music from scratch to build the show into what it is. I was determined that it should not be one of those, ‘legend in his own lunchtimes,’ sitting on a stool boring everyone rigid. I wanted it to be entertaining, and I wanted it to be emotional.” ~ Greg Lake

Well, he certainly made it that – if you’ve not yet seen, or heard Songs of a Lifetime, it is a tremendously well done overview of the musical journey of Greg Lake. He covers his life from an early adoration of Elvis and The Beatles to the high flying private jet days of ELP to what he considers the necessity of reconnecting with his fans in a return to the ‘shared music’ experience, and he’s done it in an extremely entertaining and emotional package.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my time with Greg, but whatever I hoped for was greatly exceeded by the man’s generous and charming demeanor. We managed to keep the ball afloat for over an hour, and ended with an agreement to get together soon for more talk, and a glass of wine – this conversation definitely primed my desire to read his soon to be published autobiography, which he expects will be out by summer’s end. What you’ll find here is that Greg Lake is a great storyteller.

Our conversation, unfortunately, started with my informing Greg of the passing of guitar legend Alvin Lee. I asked Greg if he had yet heard the news:

Greg Lake: “No idea, no….no I didn’t. Good lord. Very sad, very sad. Thank you for letting me know – I wasn’t close to him as a friend, but obviously he was there as I was growing up, and a big part of the rock scene in England during my formative years.
“It just makes you realize that we have to be grateful for every day we’ve got. Because you never know. I suppose everybody, when you get older, you start to value your time more. When you’re a young man, you just don’t think about it, do ya?”

For the rest of the interview, please visit the Rock Guitar Daily website!


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