Former Dressed To Kill Member, KISS Tribute Drummer, Ian Danter Releases Debut Hard Rock CD ‘Prove You Wrong’

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Former Dressed To Kill Member, KISS Tribute Drummer, Ian Danter Releases Debut Hard Rock CD ‘Prove You Wrong’

London, UK – Muli-instrumentalist and former drummer with the longest running KISS tribute act Dressed To Kill, Ian Danter has released his debut hard rock CD ‘Prove You Wrong’ on Cherry Red Records. Ian Danter, a well-respected musician in his own right,can proficiently play several instruments, which he displays on his new CD. Ian plays drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and sings background vocals and lead on the three tracks. Lee Small, lead vocalist from the UK hard rock outfit SHY, lends his powerful Dio-esque vocals to 12 of the 15 tracks on the CD. Upon first listening to ‘Prove You Wrong’ classic rock artists like Rainbow and Dio immediately spring to mind. Ian explains, “I loved the music I grew up on because it made me stop and listen. It also made me appreciate good melody and how to construct a song. That is what ‘Prove You Wrong’ set out to do – to recreate the era of the song, the riff, the FEEL rather than following a trend.”

Some say sports and rock and roll don’t mix.. yet in the case of Ian Danter, this notion has been proven wrong. As well as his fame in the music industry, Ian is also known for his highly successful and fanatical fan-supported Saturday evening show ‘Football First’ on talkSPORT Radio, as well as presenting both local and national radio programmes in a wide variety of formats for well over a decade. Some may find it peculiar that a renowned sportscaster with a immense fan following would be able to deliver a hard rocking, well written and produced album, yet the CD title says it all. Ian explains, “As for the title, ‘Prove You Wrong’…well that is all about my desire to show that sports broadcasting and rock music are not mutually exclusive career choices! You can be credible as both, despite conventional wisdom, and I want to ‘prove’ that with this album.”

Because of Ian’s fame and work schedule as sports presenter, recording his new CD was not something that happened overnight. Says Ian, “I’ve been meaning to record my original stuff for over a decade now. The spark to actually get me into the studio was a little unfortunate – a couple of local musicians and friends passed away recently, including SHY guitarist/songwriter Steve Harris. At Steve’s funeral, I started talking to a producer friend and the subject came around to my stuff… Steve had been able to complete recording SHY’s best album just before his passing, and it suddenly occurred to me that I had to record my songs as soon as I could…you never know what the future might bring, after all.”

Ian’s musical influences can be heard loud and clear on his new CD, in particular his earliest musical loves Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy and Rainbow. Ian recalls, “My older brothers owned ‘Machine Head’ by Deep Purple, ‘Live & Dangerous’ by Thin Lizzy and ‘Rising’ by Rainbow. Rainbow and Ronnie Dio’s voice were a huge influence on me. ‘Rising’ especially really captivated me…the riffs, the vocals, the sheer scale of it all just blew me away. Then one day at my cousin’s place I saw a couple of KISS albums in his collection and asked to borrow one – that was ‘Alive!’ and it was a total life-changer and had a profound effect on me. Before long I was buying everything I could find in their back catalogue – which wasn’t an easy task in 1970’s England! I’ve remained a staunch foot soldier in the KISS Army ever since.” Ian played drums with the longest running KISS tribute band Dressed To Kill for 5 years. Other musical influences include Dio, Rush, Foo Fighters, Wildhearts, Cheap Trick, Jellyfish, Pantera, Journey and Aerosmith, to name a few.

In closing, Ian has this to impart to his fans and listeners, “I hope you get as much out of listening to these songs as I did putting them together. It was a real labor of love…and hard work should always pay off!”

Ian Danter’s CD release party will be held on Friday March 22, 2013 at Birmingham City FC’s Jasper Carrott Suite.

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