Sixties Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Tommy Roe Releases New CD ‘Devil’s Soul Pile’

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Sixties Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Tommy Roe Releases New CD ‘Devil’s Soul Pile’

6/28/2012 – Hollywood, CA – International ’60s music legend and pop pioneer Tommy Roe is back and better than ever with his first new CD release in many years! Titled ‘Devil’s Soul Pile’, Tommy Roe delivers a new album that not only contains the rock ‘n’ roll music we grew up with but songs with important messages for today’s times! “I called the new CD ‘Devils Soul Pile’, after a song I have written and included in the line up,” explains Tommy. “The song is a departure from my normal and expected style, and one that tells the story of dysfunctional families, and the effect it has on our youth and our neighborhoods. Lyrically, this song is a bit serious, and was inspired by the everyday news of violence in our neighborhoods and cities. But a song that ends with a message of hope.” Other new songs include “Memphis Me”, “Remember”, “It’s For You I’m Me”, “Without Her” and “Water Underneath My Burning Bridge”.

“For me, songwriting comes in waves and I will write as many new songs as possible during these short periods of creativity,” says Tommy. “This collection contains some of my latest efforts and although I never know when the next rush of new ideas will come, if ever. I am always hopeful for just one more song to write. It’s just something I love to do and I hope you enjoy.”

“Get Ready to party…Tommy Roe sounds better than ever!” LARRY KLEIN-Executive Producer: Dick Clark Productions

In support of his new album Tommy has been performing several select dates in the US and Canada. Tommy and the band are also looking at offers from the UK and Europe for the upcoming year. A bona fide international star, Tommy Roe wrote and recorded 6 “Top 10” hits between 1962-69, more than any other solo American artist. To his credits he has 11 US Top 40 hits, 6 Top 10s, 4 Certified Gold singles, and 2 #1 Hits. He is a member of the Hit Parade Hall of Fame, The Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. On September 2, 2012 Tommy Roe will be inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Association (IRRMA) Hall of Fame. ( Born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Tommy began writing songs at the age of fourteen, and his first recording effort yielded the international #1 hit..SHEILA. In 1963, Tommy Roe headlined the now famous UK tour, in which a rising band called The Beatles were the opening act!!

AN EVENING WITH TOMMY ROE is a new show featuring all his hits, plus less familiar tunes,
and new material as well. The show features full band, unplugged and solo segments.The band is led by veteran guitarist/music director Rick Levy. Rick plays Epiphone guitars exclusively on tour with Tommy Roe. “I am really excited about my new show,” says Tommy. “I will be featuring some of the new songs I have written, along with some obscure material I have recorded through the years, and get many requests to do. Of course I will highlight the hits, like ‘Sheila’, ‘Everybody’, ‘Hooray For Hazel’, ‘Sweet Pea’, ‘Jam Up and Jelly Tight’ and ‘Dizzy’, along with some of my favorite covers. I will also do a Q&A session in the middle of the show while the stage is being set for my acoustic set with band leader and lead guitarist Rick Levy. This is a new addition to our show, and something I really enjoy. It gives me a chance to get up close and intimate with our audience, kind of like I do at home with family and friends.”

Tommy Roe will be performing on these dates:
June 16 – Fountain of Life Fair – Gray, TN
June 18 – The Villages – FL
August 31 – DiamondJo Casino – Dubuque, IA
September 1 – Winnavegas Casino – Sloan, IA
September 2 – Hall of Fame Induction – Arnolds Park, IA

Tommy Roe promo video:

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Contact: Rick Levy Management (904) 806 0817

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

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