Zoiks! Online – Anderson-Wakeman “The Living Tree: In Concert” – Album Review

Anderson-Wakeman “The Living Tree: In Concert” – Album Review
One of my favorite all time bands is Yes, that said by Yes fan standards, I’m a casual fan. Albums like “Tales from Topographic Oceans” are just too challenging for me. So die hard Yes fans, if I get something wrong during this review, please forgive me. Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman are not in the current incarnation of Yes, so they’ve been hitting the road as a duo and released the live album “The Living Tree: In Concert.”

There are so many genres of music. You have folky, sing songy simple music like Simon and Garfunkel and Crosby Stills and Nash then on the complete other end of the spectrum you have really technical progressive music like Yes and Rush. Jon Anderson has the vocal range to play both folk music and progressive music and it’s never been more apparent than on “The Living Tree: In Concert.”

Rick Wakeman is a God when it comes to the keyboards. With Anderson’s story telling voice mixed with Wakeman’s technical skills you get one beautiful picture painted. Wakemen is such an amazing composer. He’s playing the musical score to the story that Jon Anderson is telling. The score is so complex and interesting and when Anderson sings on top of the score everything seems so simple and peaceful.

While they play Yes songs, it’s different than Yes. The songs take on a whole new light when it’s just Anderson and Wakeman. I think all Yes fans should experience “The Living Tree: In Concert.” Yes is the total sum of it’s parts, but with this you’re pulling two parts out and shining the spot light on them and it really makes for an enjoyable listening experience. It’s like hearing some of these songs for the first time all over again. I highly recommend Anderson and Wakeman’s “The Living Tree: In Concert.”

Bob Zerull is the Managing Editor of Zoiks! Online. He writes pop culture commentary, does interviews with bands, and reviews music and stand-up concerts. He also administers Zoiks! Online’s Facebook page. Follow Bob on twitter atbzerull. Email Bob at bob@zoiksonline.com.



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