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2 Questions 2 Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson has one of the very best and most well-known voices in progressive rock, being the creative force behind the rock band, YES. His early career saw him joining The Warriors in 1962 where along with his brother he shared the title of lead vocalist. He also sang with bands including The Gun and The Open Mind. The debut album for the group YES was released in 1969 and Jon remained with them until 1980. In 1983 the band reformed and released one of their most commercially successful albums, 90125. Jon has performed on many soundtracks for movies, including Cage of Freedom, St. Elmos Fire and Scream For Help. During 2010 Jon TOURED Europe and the USA as a solo artist and with Rick Wakeman, releasing The Living Tree in 2010.

It is a pleasure to publish his replies to our 2 questions.

What Brings You Happiness?

Being able to meditate and connect with my spiritual teacher and feeling surrounded by that Divine energy, seeing children having fun, watching old movies, walking with my Janee around towns and cities of the world, seeing my children grow to be wonderful adults spreading love and light, hearing a favourite song on the radio, relaxing and watching birds in the garden, hearing a funny joke, watching Man United playing great, cooking my favourite food, being with friends and listening to stories, reading Pat Conroy books, reading good honest reviews of my work, finding just the right ‘lyric’ and wondering where the songs come from, waking up and seeing my wife Janee and realizing how wonderful and beautiful she is, listening to Jean Sibelius symphonies, being thankful for the great events in my life, watching the 49rs win. Painting, remembering my humble beginnings, my family, those in heaven, and those on this amazing earth mother.

What Would You Change (If You Could) To Make Our World A Better Place?

Seeing the world deliver the promise of a good life to everyone, the end of all wars, living beyond war, the end of corruption, and slavery, a sharing of the bounty of the earth, using our talents to expand our dreams, to travel in space, meet beings from other worlds, join the enlightened ones, live in perfect harmony and good will to all men and women and children, to hear the new music, and see the new stories unfold……and most of all, a blessing on all beings ……for we are all truly one….



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