Review – The Living Tree In Concert Part One

Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman of Yes Branch Out
with The Living Tree In Concert Part One!!
In 2009, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman released The Living Tree. The stark yet stunning CD received rave reviews and the two former Yes bandmates toured in support of the album. The recorded concerts featured tracks from The Living Tree and reworked Yes classics. The Living Tree In Concert Part One was compiled and overseen by Jon and Rick with the two choosing highlights from their highly successful tour of 2010.

The end result was a dozen delicate yet dynamic songs that showcased Jon’s expressive vocals and Rick’s varied and vivid keys. had the pleasure of seeing the pair in November of 2011 and The Living Tree In Concert Part One captured much of the magic and melody that we experienced at our show.

The CD starts with Anderson strumming an acoustic as Wakeman added atmospheric keys and sounds to “And You And I”. The piece was elegant and expansive and sets the tone for the rest of the chosen material. “Living Tree (Part 1)” was a vibrant and visionary tune filled with lyrics about love that meandered into the reflective “Morning Star”. The rearranged “Long Distance Runaround” was intriguing with Rick filling in the space and sound with intricate keys. “The Garden” and “Living Tree (Part 2)” were glowing and graceful.

The classic “Time And A Word” was a catchy combination of animated acoustic guitars and crafty keys countered by the stark and singular “Just One Man”. “23/24/11” was a serious song questioning war. “Southside” was mystical in its new form followed by the slower “House of Freedom” and closing with a memorizing “The Meeting”.

The Living Tree In Concert Part One is a warm live recording demonstrating that as Jon and Rick continue to branch out they still have a lot to offer fans from both their contemporary and classic catalogues. And, as the title part one implies, more may be forthcoming!
1. And You And I
2. Living Tree (Part 1)
3. Morning Star
4. Long Distance Runaround
5. Garden
6. Living Tree (Part 2)
7. Time And A Word
8. Just One Man
9. 23/24/11
10. Southside
11. House Of Freedom
12. The Meeting
• Info: — USA CA/2011: (Laura Turner Lynch/



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