Together in search of the truth, the key to happiness and the meaning of our existence, no simple sounding task, but when two hearts beat as you stand very far. This is certainly the case with the brilliant musical duo Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman. Already at the world famous prog-rock band Yes were alchemists as they left their words and sounds coalesce into songs such crawling under your skin like a cloud floated into another cosmos.Published in 2009 on their album “The Living Tree” you heard all that wear anything but sit on their formula. Today, they plunge us into a live edition of the tour accompanying the album, recorded under the name “The Living Tree In Concert Part One”. With only the unique timbre voice of Jon Anderson, a warm-sounding classical guitar and the master keys of Rick Wakeman, this sounds totally stripped down versions of old and recent songs very subtle. It’s a wonderful album full justice to in this Christmas period and puts more emphasis on inner strength that emanates from each song.

Since 1971, the masterpiece “Fragile” from Yes, strings together the duo Anderson / Wakeman successes together with gems like “Close To The Edge”, “Tales From Tropografic Oceans” and “Going For The One”. Despite the huge success it was not always Peis and quiet inside Yes and walked them so many times their own artistic paths, but the link was forged between the duo and united them in 2006 as a tour in which both his own work as Yes classics covered were. The crowning glory was put together with the release of their “The Living Tree” album, this live album actually and the unfulfilled promises that were made then. When the duo assured us some old Yes classics recast and placing on the album, but eventually it was decided to only new songs. Today, however, the fans of “The Living Tree in Concert Part One” to indulge a series of successful operations of their known work, without calling into the new songs, because there are again some highlights from that ensure highlights of the album. However, if you Jon Anderson’s delightful series of ascending guitar “And You And I” from their smash hit “Close To The Edge” is heard, and by the subtle play of Rick Wakeman synth, you are like old fan immediately sold. Almost seamlessly connect, new songs like “Living Tree” or the absolute top romantic waltzing “The Garden”, combined with piano and synth work, with the old classics. Surprises holds, the two also in store for us as a summer reggae adaptation of “Time And A Word”, a more subdued version of the otherwise strong “South Side Of The Sky”, where crackling voice of Jon Anderson some wear shows in the higher echelons voice, while in “Long Distance Runaround”, another classic of the same successful album “Fragile”, opt for a more sensitive, baroque editing.

Do you want something unique in your home to this peaceful Christmas day then you should look no further than “The Living Tree Live Part One” of the illustrious duo Anderson / Wakeman. Their timeless music brings you into this subtle musical framework immediately in the right atmosphere and many guest will be amazed at the Christmas table, overloaded and serenity. We look forward to the second part of this series.



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